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Studio apartment design - modern and stylish solutions

Such an ultra-modern planning solution will help create coziness, comfort and functionality even in the smallest living space. It is quite feasible to design a studio apartment on your own if you follow the basic rules.

Studio apartment interior design

An apartment with a studio layout is usually a small space, and the decision to remove interior walls and partitions will help to gain additional square meters and make the room more spacious. The interior of the studio apartment is important to design, guided by the basic principles:

  • comfort;
  • functionality;
  • minimalism;
  • stylish decor.

Studio apartment interior design

Studio apartment — ideas

More often, a studio apartment is housing for a bachelor or an unmarried girl, but there are exceptions when in an initially two- or three-room apartment in which the family lives, only one separate room is left, and the rest of the space is combined. Be that as it may, zoning remains the main technique, with which the design of the studio apartment will be more successful. You can zone a room in the following ways:

  • installation of curly partitions;
  • with furniture;
  • wallpaper;
  • using floor coverings;
  • ceiling trim.

If the room is very small, up to 30 squares, it is worth considering options for zoning the space using finishing materials. More spacious rooms allow the installation of various shelving, bar counters or other furniture structures for the functional division of the combined room into functional areas.

Studio apartment ideasStudio apartment ideas

Design of a small studio apartment

A small studio apartment is often housing for a young man or girl without a family, and decorating it with taste and comfort is not at all difficult. There should not be much furniture, but the models should be chosen as functional as possible, transforming furniture is welcome. The interior of a small studio apartment will look beautiful and harmonious if the main functional areas are clearly identified — a recreation area, a kitchen and a hallway.

Design of a small studio apartmentDesign of a small studio apartment

Kitchen design in a studio apartment

The design of the kitchen area in the studio apartment can be decorated for every taste, but a lot depends on the area of ​​​​the room. In a small kitchen-studio there will definitely not be a place for a large dining table, and either it will need to be placed in a recreation area, or a bar counter can act as a table. A good option for a very small kitchen area is a folding console table, which, when folded, takes up a minimum of space along the wall.

Kitchen design in a studio apartmentKitchen design in a studio apartment

If the room is large, the design of the studio apartment can meet any of your requests. So, for the kitchen area in the apartment there is a lot of space, at least 12 square meters, where there are lockers around the perimeter, and in the center or along the free wall there is a full-size dining table that can comfortably accommodate a large family.

Kitchen design in a studio apartmentKitchen design in a studio apartment

Bathroom design in a studio apartment

A bathroom in a studio apartment is essentially no different from a room in any other apartment; its feature can only be a very small area. This problem is easily solved — if you put a good modern shower cabin instead of a bathroom, choose a narrow washbasin, place a wall cabinet above it, and install a washing machine in the kitchen, the room will be very comfortable.

Bathroom design in a studio apartmentBathroom design in a studio apartment

Bed on the podium in the interior of the studio apartment

A studio apartment with a bed is more of a need for couples, bachelors often prefer a sofa. The bed should be located in the sleeping area, which should be brightly expressed. One of the ways of zoning a studio into a recreation area and a sleeping area is a bed on the podium. In addition to dividing the space, this solution is also practical — boxes can be mounted on the podium, in which it is easy to place a lot of necessary things that clutter up the space, making the design of the studio apartment easier.

In order for the podium to fit beautifully and easily into the interior, it is not enough just to raise the bed to a hill, you should think about its design. How can you put an emphasis on the podium in the interior?

  1. Highlight with flooring — finish the floor on the podium with a different color.
  2. Install a barrier.
  3. Accentuate with lighting.
  4. Separate the area with furniture.

Bed on the podium in the interior of a studio apartmentBed on the podium in the interior of a studio apartment

Studio apartment decor styles

The first thing to decide before starting repairs is the stylistic direction. The design options for a studio apartment are varied — it can be decorated both in a luxurious classic style, subject to a rather large area, and in a loft style or minimalism. When choosing a direction, it is important to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, proportions, the amount of natural light, and the size of windows.

Studio apartment design in classic style

The classic design of a studio apartment implies a lot of space, comfortable furniture with luxury elements (gilding, patina, carved decor), large chandeliers. It is almost impossible to decorate such an interior in a small area. Zoning remains the most important point — it is best to separate the kitchen area from the living room with a large soft sofa, it is important to place a full-sized dining table with chairs in the kitchen area. No transformers, maximum — a table that folds out in length. The decoration is dominated by light wood and high-quality textiles.

Studio apartment design in classic styleStudio apartment design in classic style

Provence style studio apartment design

Provence style in the interior of a studio apartment is a universal solution for those who strive for lightness, coziness and comfort. In a large room, you can perform zoning using a soft sofa, and if the area is small, the sofa can be placed in the dining area by placing a table next to it. Characteristic features of the Provence style:

  • light pastel colors;
  • abundance of sunlight;
  • comfortable furniture in light colors;
  • a large amount of textiles;
  • floral prints.

Provence style studio apartment designProvence style studio apartment design

Scandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartment

Scandinavian style is a real space for fantasies in the interior of a studio apartment. Its characteristic feature is the abundance of white. Often the walls are painted white, and the furniture is made of materials of its shades. The windows remain open, the maximum is a roller blind to hide from bright rays, so such a room will always be bright and sunny. The bright interior of the studio apartment in the Scandinavian style is appropriate both in a large room and in a small one.

The design of a large studio apartment is easy to design, especially if there is inspiration and creativity. You can put a large and comfortable sofa of any color, it is better to avoid shades of white and too bright colors. The ideal solution would be a gray or blue sofa. It is better to choose kitchen furniture in light colors, but without glossy facades, bleached wood or its imitation will look beautiful. A discreet and unusual decor is appropriate on the walls — various paintings, photo frames, interior clocks.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartmentScandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartment

The design of a small studio apartment is also easy to design in the Scandinavian style, but in this case, the kitchen area and the relaxation area will have to be combined. A full-size comfortable sofa is unlikely to be appropriate, but a compact sofa located near the dining table will fit nicely. Otherwise, the principle remains the same — an abundance of white, open windows and beautiful wall decor.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartmentScandinavian style in the interior of the studio apartment

Loft style studio apartment design

Loft-style studio apartment interior design is the most popular solution for the home of an unmarried young man or an unmarried girl. With all the rigid specifics of this stylistic direction, it is very simple to design a loft-style studio. Double beds, boudoir tables and so on are inappropriate here — a minimum of functional furniture and maximum attention to the original decor.

The main point in the design of a loft-style apartment is the decoration. Preference is given to natural brick, bare plastered walls, stone, alternative options are no less popular — imitation of these materials in the form of wallpaper or wall panels. The ceiling should be as simple as possible, no virtuoso plasterboard structures. For decoration, it can be decorated with wooden beams or metal pipes.

Loft style studio apartment designLoft style studio apartment design

Kitchen furniture should be simple and concise, no carved decor and photo printing on the facades. Restrained cold colors and directional lighting will help create an interesting loft atmosphere. The sofa can be anything, the main thing is not a luxurious classic and without bright patterns. It is better to choose solid dark furniture — gray, brown, blue.

Loft style studio apartment designLoft style studio apartment design

Particular attention should be paid to lighting sources — they create a special interesting atmosphere of this style. In this design, you can use the following options:

  • round light bulbs of low power with a bright filament;
  • wall spotlights pointing down;
  • domed suspended metal chandeliers.

Loft style studio apartment designLoft style studio apartment design

Studio apartment, high-tech design

High-tech style is a world of progress and new technologies, and you can’t think of anything better than creating an original studio apartment design in this direction. It harmoniously combines home comfort with the latest advances in technology. Cold tones prevail in the design, metal and glass are preferred in decoration, bright accents are welcomed in small quantities.

When decorating the kitchen area, it is worth choosing metallic-colored built-in household appliances; colors such as white, gray and black are preferred for furniture. The living area is made in the same color scheme, it is better to give preference to gray. Sofas and other furniture should be strict and concise, but at the same time ultra-modern, as comfortable as possible. Light sources should be strict and restrained — round shades, rectangular, spotlights.

High-tech design studio apartment

High-tech design studio apartment


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