Shower cabin with bathtub — with acrylic and cast iron tray, with sauna and hydromassage


Shower cabin with bathtub - pros and cons of combined boxes In the interior, a shower cabin with a bathtub looks stylish, has advanced functionality and takes up relatively little space. With such a practical purchase, the owners of even a small apartment receive a lot of additional amenities and more comfortable ways to take beneficial water treatments.

Shower cabin with bathtub tray

Modern hydroboxes are equipped with pallets of various sizes and shapes. The depth of this element varies over a relatively wide range, amounting to approximately 4-45 cm. This parameter means the distance from the bottom on the inside of the container to its upper rim. A product with dimensions of more than 15 cm in the catalogs is rightly called a shower box with a bathtub, because with such dimensions it can be used for washing, washing household items, comfortable bathing.

What are the advantages of a shower cabin with a bathtub:

  1. Increased tightness and sound insulation compared to a standard bath.
  2. The shower block with a bath provides a wide range of functions — massage, contrast shower, aromatherapy and others.
  3. Economical consumption of water and energy.
  4. Stylish look in the interior.
  5. Less moisture settles on the walls of the room.
  6. Narrow shower cabins with a bathtub are easier to install in small rooms than a bulky container.

Cons of deep showers with a bathtub:

  1. Large dimensions compared to products with a small pallet.
  2. High price.
  3. It is more difficult for elderly or sick people to step over a high side.
  4. Increased installation complexity.

Shower cubicle with acrylic bathtub

The main advantages of this material are acceptable strength, light weight, high ductility and heat capacity. Even a huge bathtub/shower combo will put less stress on the floor and floors than medium-sized cast iron examples. There are relatively few drawbacks to this product, but it must be mentioned that acrylic scratches more easily and can soften at temperatures above 90 ℃. If you follow the operating rules prescribed by the manufacturers, then the listed disadvantages will not cause trouble.

Shower cabin with acrylic bathtub is available in different versions:

  1. Combined model with a full bath and shower in a one-piece molded body.
  2. combined model with bath and shower

  3. Acrylic bathtub with curtain and shower column.
  4. acrylic bathroom with curtain

  5. Hydrobox with a deep tray.
  6. deep pan hydro box

Cast iron bathtub with shower

Despite the heavy weight and high cost, metal products are famous for their significant advantages. Cast iron pallets are silent, have powerful walls, are durable and perfectly retain heat. Acrylic is easier to manufacture, which affects the range of modern products. Finding a factory cabin with a deep cast-iron bowl is extremely difficult. You can purchase a shower tray made of this practical material and equip your shower enclosure yourself. As an alternative, many use curtains around a large bathtub. Consider the most successful options:

  1. Bathroom with a shower screen around a cast-iron bath.
  2. bathroom with shower screen

  3. Exclusive cabin with a cast-iron voluminous pallet in a retro interior.
  4. exclusive cab with cast-iron sump

Shower cabins with mini bath

The size of a standard volume bath from the back to the front side ranges from 1.5-1.7 m, bowls with dimensions of 1-1.2 m are considered shortened models. The latter option is suitable for apartment owners with a small bathroom or who want to have a separate compact device for children . A short bowl creates less load on the ceiling when installed in an attic room. A budget shower with a small bathtub is often purchased by owners who are on a budget as a temporary option until a more expensive and superior model is purchased.

shower cabin with mini bathtub

Corner shower with bathtub

Non-standard models help to smooth out planning flaws and save living space. Thanks to the shortened shower tray, the corner cabin consumes comparatively less water. Depending on the configuration of the room, you can purchase equilateral, asymmetric left-hand and right-hand samples of this type of plumbing fixtures from different materials.

Examples of corner cabinets with a deep shower tray:

  1. Asymmetrical model of a shower cabin with a high tray.
  2. asymmetric shower cabin

  3. Compact symmetrical hydrobox model.
  4. compact symmetrical hydrobox model

  5. Corner deep shower with open-type bathtub.
  6. corner deep shower with bathtub

Shower cubicle with bath rectangular

It is believed that in terms of compactness, these models are slightly inferior to corner samples, but they are cheaper and much more comfortable to use. Those wishing to save a little space are advised to purchase rectangular baths with one beveled outer corner. There are many varieties of direct shower enclosures for the bathroom, which differ in design and functionality:

  1. Rectangular deep hydrobox.
  2. rectangular deep hydrobox

  3. Shower cubicle with bath straight without roof.
  4. shower cubicle with tub straight without roof

  5. Two-sided model of a rectangular shower with a deep tray. When installed in a corner, the two sides of such a product perfectly replace the walls of the room.
  6. rectangular shower head

Shower cabin with bathtub and hydromassage

A fully-fledged hydrobox is a hermetically sealed shower equipment with additional nozzles for massage. Water procedures improve well-being, normalize blood circulation, and help to recover faster after injuries. Configuration and control in such devices is carried out electronically. There is an overhead rain shower, lighting and other additional options. It should be borne in mind that a hot tub with a shower cabin functions normally with a water pressure of 1.5 bar or more.

shower cabin with bathtub and hydromassage

Shower box with bathtub and Turkish bath

The ancient famous hamams were invented in the East through the gradual improvement of Roman terms. A distinctive feature of the Turkish steam room is that the air temperature inside does not exceed 55 ℃ with a humidity of up to 100%, so it has practically no contraindications. Not every shower cabin with a bathtub and a steam generator is capable of reproducing the realistic effect of a Turkish bath. The design of the simplest system has the following features:

  1. Robust housing with heat-resistant sealing elements.
  2. Steam generator equipped with remote control for temperature and humidity control.
  3. There are fans to remove condensate and dry the cabin.
  4. shower box with bathtub and Turkish bath

Shower cabins black mirrored with bathtub

When designing a bathroom, for a variety of interiors, it is recommended to dilute the sterile whiteness with colored inclusions. Stylish black hydro box against the background of light tiled walls will make the room modern and elegant. In a small room, it is better to use plumbing in black and white, when dark elements are present in limited quantities on the inner surface of the booth, fittings or control devices. In a limited space, it is beneficial to use mirror or glossy panels, the reflective surface visually expands the space.

Mirror and black plumbing in the interior of the bath:

  1. Large shower with bathtub in black cabinet.
  2. large shower cabin with bathtub in black cabinet

  3. The inner panel of the cabin is black and the body of the tub is white.
  4. the inner panel of the cabin is black and the body of the bathtub is white

  5. Open shower with mirrored railing.
  6. open shower with mirrored railing

Shower cabins with Jacuzzi tub

Functional devices with massage nozzles in the bowl allow you to enjoy almost the entire range of hydromassage services in a lying and standing position. The disadvantage of such models is the high cost, but a shower cabin with a jacuzzi bath combines all the advantages of a standard bath and a shower cabin. Depending on the layout of the room and the tasks set, you can purchase open or closed type plumbing fixtures with different body configurations.

Types of shower cabins with a hot tub:

  1. Closed hydrobox with jacuzzi.
  2. indoor hydrobox with jacuzzi

  3. An outdoor hot tub with a shower screen covering half the length of the tub.
  4. outdoor hot tub with shower screen


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