Rain shower for the bathroom — pros and cons, how to choose a set with massage, retro style and backlight


Rain shower for the bathroom - how to choose a good set?

If previously a healing rain shower for a bathroom was found mainly in sanatoriums, now you can relax under tight jets of water in your own apartment. The innovative device is structurally different from a simple watering can, but many models are easy to install without major alteration in a standard room.

How to choose a rain shower?

High-quality imitation of an equatorial shower requires special equipment. Unlike a standard shower, much larger watering cans are used here, installed vertically above the head. The device has an aerator to saturate the water with air. Thanks to its special design, it does not produce continuous jets, but a soft stream consisting of tiny droplets. Consider the criteria for choosing a plumbing fixture to get a pleasant shower, tactile sensations as close as possible to natural rain:

  1. The highest quality and most realistic rain shower for the bathroom provides a ceiling panel with several operating modes. Budget choice — a device on a rack, the installation of which does not require redevelopment in the bathroom.
  2. Even when buying an inexpensive rain shower, the dimensions of the watering can need to be selected from 20-25 cm or more.
  3. It is desirable to have adjustable height and angle of inclination of the nozzle.
  4. The presence of a spout in the kit increases the functionality of the plumbing device.
  5. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of cartridges and switches.
  6. A rain shower for a home bathroom is best purchased with a thermostat to protect yourself from changes in water temperature.
  7. how to choose a rain shower

Rain shower — pros and cons

Buying an innovative and expensive device at home, a person wants to get new sensations and greater comfort. When deciding for yourself the task of buying a rain shower or a regular shower for a bathroom, you need to understand all the benefits of such an acquisition. Consider the main advantages of this plumbing fixture:

  1. The use of a rain shower for the bath improves blood circulation, provides a massage effect.
  2. Water procedure helps to relax faster, relieve accumulated stress.
  3. The bath faucet with rain shower looks great in a modern interior.
  4. Thanks to the design of a huge watering can, water jets better flow around the human body.
  5. Ease of use and hygiene.

A rain shower for a bathroom has the following disadvantages:

  1. higher cost.
  2. When installing the ceiling panel, you need to re-equip the water supply system.
  3. Increase in water consumption.

How to connect a rain shower to a conventional faucet?

All systems of this type can be divided into two types — hidden or open connection devices. In the first case, the installation is more complicated and requires preliminary piping around the room. Volumetric repairs are more expensive, but communications are not visible in the interior. A budget option is to install a rain shower with an open connection. With this choice, the device can be mounted in the bathroom at no additional cost.

A shower system with a rain shower is relatively easy to connect:

  1. Turn off the water and unscrew the plugs.
  2. Screw in the eccentrics using sealing material, leveling them.
  3. Install mixer.
  4. Collect the bar.
  5. Screw the tube onto the mixer and set the stand vertically in level.
  6. Mark the places for fasteners on the wall.
  7. Drill holes.
  8. Screw fasteners.
  9. Collect the watering can and attach to the bar.
  10. Set the rack completely level and fix it with screw clamps.
  11. Screw spout with flexible hose.
  12. Check all units of the rain shower in operation.

Shower column with rain shower

The most durable structures are made of pure metal, metallized plastic looks presentable at first, but it is less durable. Exclusive models made of glass, stainless steel and stone are many times more expensive. A shower panel with a rain shower is considered a more advanced product, simple tubular racks are not equipped with side massage jets. The wall-mounted installation in the bathroom is considered the most reliable; due to the high height of the watering can, floor models are rarely used.

Rack mounted rain shower options:

  1. Shower installation on a tubular column in the bathroom with wall mounting.
  2. shower installation on a tubular column

  3. Rain shower on a golden counter in the corner cabin.
  4. rain shower on a golden stand in the cabin

  5. An example of using a floor shower column in a bathroom.
  6. an example of using a floor shower column

Rain shower for bathroom with faucet

Any bathing device is now equipped with a device for adjusting the temperature of the liquid at the outlet. Distribution taps can be connected to the watering can using a flexible hose, a fixed pipeline or a rigid stand. A shower system with a rain shower and a faucet is supplied in one set, but in case of breakdown or redevelopment, all elements of the system can be purchased separately. Lever devices are considered more convenient to use than valve designs. Convenient faucets with touch buttons are gaining popularity.

Varieties of rain shower mixers:

  1. Mixer with valve control.
  2. valve operated mixer

  3. Lever-operated bathroom faucet.
  4. lever operated mixer

  5. Touch control faucet.
  6. touch control mixers

Illuminated rain shower

The quality of lighting plays a huge role in meditation. When planning to use a tropical rain shower for relaxation in the bathroom, it is advisable to purchase an installation with colored lighting. Experts note that the red color of the jets stimulates the flow of energy, the yellow color has a positive effect on the immune system, and the green and blue color promotes rapid relaxation. You can use an interesting trick with setting the light depending on the temperature of the pouring liquid.

Examples of a tropical shower with original lighting:

  1. The multi-colored lighting of the built-in rain shower is integrated into the ceiling panel.
  2. multi-colored lighting of the built-in rain shower

  3. An example of gradation of backlight color depending on temperature.
  4. Example of color gradation depending on temperature

  5. Lighting is built into the cabin ceiling.
  6. lighting built into the cabin ceiling

Built-in rain shower

Concealed installation is the most expensive option. The watering can can be supplied with the cabin, mounted on a side bracket or in the ceiling of the bathroom. The built-in rain shower has more nozzles and several modes of operation. The disadvantage of this product is the relatively high price and additional costs for installing a hidden pipeline, but the functionality of the device in many respects exceeds budget samples. The absence of a rack and piping enhances the design, increases comfort in the shower area.

Beautiful built-in rain shower models:

  1. The shower panel is built into the ceiling of the room.
  2. shower panel built into the ceiling

  3. Cabin to bathroom with built-in rain shower.
  4. cabin to the bathroom with built-in rain shower

Rain shower with thermostat

Fluctuations in the temperature of the liquid in the line often reach tens of degrees, which increases the risk of burns and significantly reduces the comfort of use. It is desirable that the bathtub with a rain shower is equipped with a thermostatic mixer that will maintain the set mode. The following types of thermostats are available:

  1. Mechanical thermostats.
  2. mechanical thermostats

  3. Electronic thermostatic mixers.
  4. electronic thermostatic mixers

Rain shower built into the wall

If the ceilings are too high, and it was decided to abandon the rack, then the watering can for a home equatorial shower can be attached to a short bracket in the wall. In the presence of a rotary mechanism, it is easy to adjust the angle of incidence of water. Consider a few examples of such installation:

  1. Hidden piping layout for flush-mounted shower in the bathroom.
  2. piping layout diagram for concealed shower installation

  3. Wall fastening of a dimensional watering can and lateral nozzles in a cabin.
  4. wall mounting of a clear watering can and side nozzles in the cab

  5. Concealed rain shower with chrome watering can on the wall.
  6. concealed rain shower with chrome head

Square rain shower

Rectangular nozzles are not inferior in functionality to oval or round samples and look better in a modern interior. A chrome-plated stylish faucet with a rain shower set and a square watering can is perfect for a high-tech bathroom or a minimalist room. We offer a few examples of how such devices look in the environment:

  1. Stylish square equatorial shower on a chrome rack.
  2. Stylish square equatorial pedestal shower

  3. Square shower panel with ceiling mounting type.
  4. square shower panel with ceiling fixing

  5. Shower cubicle with square shower in the bathroom.
  6. shower cubicle with square shower

Rain shower bronze

Plumbing from this material is adored by lovers of retro design, admirers of classic or antique interiors. A bathtub faucet with a bronze bronze rain shower is often covered with an artificial green coating to emphasize the “old times”. The most durable are specimens made of real bronze. Often sellers offer cheap plumbing made of plastic or brittle coated alloys, so you need to carefully study the characteristics of the model you like.

Examples of a shower installation with a bronze finish:

  1. Retro rain shower on a rod with a valve mixer.
  2. retro rain shower on bar

  3. Built-in bronze equatorial shower.
  4. built-in bronze equatorial shower

Black shower faucet with rain shower

Traditionally, the interior of the bathroom was dominated by light colors of tiles, sanitary ware and furniture facades. Gradually, trends change, designers begin to resort to the use of unusual color combinations. To create accents and in the main design, black is more often used. It looks great paired with white trim, wood, stone. So that the situation does not look depressing, it is recommended to use a limited number of black elements.

Black rain shower in the bathroom interior:

  1. Built-in shower unit in black against beige walls.
  2. recessed shower unit black

  3. Ceiling black shower panel with backlight.
  4. ceiling black shower panel with backlight

  5. Black shower column with rain shower.
  6. black shower column


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