Provence living room — how to choose the right curtains, wallpaper, furniture?

Provence living room - the main rules for creating a cozy and light design

Provence living room can be bright and elegant, cozy and warm or spacious and light. It all depends on the chosen pattern for textiles and wallpaper, colors and the amount of decor on the cabinet shelves. All possible design options are romantic and light.

Provence style living room interior

To create the comfort of a French country in a house or a city apartment, as many designers call Provence, is within the power of a simple layman. Characteristic colors, floral and floral ornaments, textiles and decor — all this conveys the atmosphere and character of the interior. However, the design of a Provence-style living room is not just a set of typical furniture in the right color, it is important to correctly position each element and beat it correctly.

Living room with fireplace Provence

A living room with a Provence-style fireplace will be elegant and even modern if you use different approaches to the design of the portal and its location.

  1. In a house with high ceilings and panoramic windows, Provence is laconic, because there is a lot of space for furniture and textiles, but the window on the entire wall remains the highlight. It can be supplemented with a glass fireplace.
  2. bone provence fireplace glass

  3. For a spacious living room in a city apartment, you can create the comfort of a country house by imitating brickwork, light colors from natural gray, white and brown shades. A white fireplace will look elegant and not bulky.
  4. Provence living room with white fireplace

  5. Provence is not always done in monochrome colors or pastel colors. You can try to play in contrast and pick up a dark portal and furniture, place them on a light background.
  6. Provence Contrast living room

  7. The fireplace portal does not have to be used for its intended purpose. It looks good on decorative dishes, frames with family photos and nice trinkets.
  8. living room Provence flower

  9. Provence living room with modern elements is created by combining the latest materials and traditional natural materials. This technique is rare, but designers use it in apartment living rooms.
  10. living room provence fireplace with mirror

  11. In a house where there is a real fireplace, all interior elements will be located around it. A ceiling with ceilings, a tiled floor and furniture with aged doors will be a good addition.
  12. living room provence old fireplace

Small living room in Provence style

Provence appeared not in city apartments, but in country houses. The design of a Provence-style living room is not designed for modest rooms in Khrushchev, but even under such conditions, designers manage to create the atmosphere of a provincial house.

  1. Provence does not tolerate modern technology, its features, although simple, are not without grace. Televisions and similar technologies are hidden or disguised as paintings.
  2. small living room provence console

  3. To use every centimeter of the area, it is worth taking a window seat to work.
  4. small living room Provence table by the window

  5. In narrow, elongated rooms, there is always the problem of distant unused walls. There will be a fireplace portal and an armchair in the corner, which will make the room not so elongated.
  6. small living room provence long

  7. Low ceilings will visually appear higher if you use a technique with a wide eaves.
  8. small living room provence low ceilings

  9. The simplest solution to radically expand the space is to combine the living room with the dining room or kitchen.
  10. small living room Provence combined

  11. Wall murals are rarely used in country and Provence, but a modern look at these styles allows for such innovations.
  12. small living room Provence photo wallpaper

Living room in a wooden house in Provence style

Wooden walls and ceilings greatly expand the possibilities of designers, because the natural texture and the painted array look different.

  1. Provence living room can be warm and cozy if you use dark colors for it: olive, brown-beige, coffee
  2. Provence living room in a house with wooden walls

  3. The natural texture of wood and its natural color will shade white. Against a light background, the wood reveals its texture, the interior is warm.
  4. Provence living room in the house white walls

  5. Wood floors on the ceiling look much more advantageous when they are emphasized. For the Provence style, such a ceiling decor is appropriate if the ceilings are high.
  6. Provence living room in the house tree on the ceiling

  7. A living room in Provence country style turns out to be warm and cozy, if natural wood is the decoration of the ceiling and walls at the same time
  8. provence living room green

Kitchen combined with living room in Provence style

The combination of two rooms is a radical, but effective solution to the issue of expanding space. For the Provence style, it will be successful if you correctly beat each zone and pick up furniture.

  1. The Provence living room kitchen will look harmonious and resemble a country house if you use an artificial or electric fireplace.
  2. kitchen living room Provence in the apartment

  3. If you use a light palette and more elegant lines of furniture, Provence will turn out to be elegant and modern. Instead of a regular table to save space, you can install an elongated island.
  4. living room kitchen Provence bright

  5. An original and always successful reception is the location of the table behind the back of the sofa. Furniture becomes a partition.
  6. living room kitchen provence with sofa

Living room decoration in Provence style

French country has one feature — the simplicity of the furniture and the conciseness of the design is offset by the decor and color palette. Checks, stripes, floral prints or polka dots dilute the interior and fill it with comfort. The Provence living room interior can look simple, elegant or elegant, cute and cozy. It all depends on the chosen color scheme, pattern and the intensity of its use.

Wallpaper in Provence style for the living room

One of the secrets of harmonious design is the correct proportions of colors. For Provence, a single shade is chosen, which becomes the main one and is present on wallpaper and textiles. Neutral gray, beige, vanilla or olive are chosen as the main one.

  1. Modern Provence in the interior of the living room is dynamic, instead of a floral theme, stripes are preferred. The combination of wallpaper of two types will place accents and divide the room into zones.
  2. living room provence wallpaper strip

  3. In urban conditions, horizontal combination will help to relax and leave the room spacious, when the upper part of the wall smoothly passes into the ceiling.
  4. living room provence wallpaper combination

  5. Floral pattern is a good solution for wallpaper. But we are not talking about a modern image or chic exotic plants, but simple flowers.
  6. living room provence flowers

  7. If the furniture and floor finishes are chosen to be plain and laconic, then wallpaper and textiles do all the work. A good solution is similar or identical images of flowers.
  8. living room provence wallpaper and curtains with flowers

Curtains in the living room in Provence style

The charm and lightness of Provence is largely achieved by the textile design of the room. Natural fabrics, a simple and natural palette of shades — all this is the calling card of the style. However, the curtains in the Provence living room do not look simple and boring at all.

  1. If a monochrome color palette is chosen for the Provence living room, the curtains can be striped, two main shades are chosen in the interior.
  2. curtains in the living room Provence strip

  3. Eyelets and a cage are a classic for Provence textiles. The pattern will be repeated on pillows or tablecloths, photo frames and even lampshades.
  4. curtains in the living room Provence cage

  5. For an interior where the furniture is already a decor in itself, wall decoration and textiles will be plain.
  6. curtains in the living room Provence plain

  7. For combined rooms, the division of space with textiles will be a good and simple way out. Colorful light curtains for the kitchen area and dense textured curtains for the living room.
  8. curtains in the living room Provence combined

Provence style chandelier for the living room

In modern trends, the lighting solution is concise and built into multi-level ceilings. For Provence, a ceiling lamp is an interior decoration.

  1. A luxurious Provence-style ceiling chandelier in the living room can be made of transparent glass elements.
  2. chandelier for living room Provence glass

  3. To add dynamics to the interior, you can hang a contrasting dark chandelier with hanging beads.
  4. chandelier for the living room Provence dark

  5. The solemnity of the interior will be emphasized by a complex design of small lampshades and a forged base. The pattern on the lampshade with a floral theme can echo the textiles in the living room.
  6. chandelier in the living room Provence drawing

  7. Provence is famous for its love for cozy textile and metal forged products. A chandelier with such decor to match the furniture and walls will decorate the interior.
  8. chandelier for the living room Provence textiles

  9. Ceiling lamp in white tones looks harmonious and elegant. So that the chandelier does not look boring, the shades on it can be made accent bright.
  10. chandelier for the living room Provence perstraya

Provence style living room decor

A living room in a Provence-style house is impossible without eye-pleasing little things, all kinds of decorative ornaments on tables and shelves.

  1. Live or artificial bouquets will decorate large transparent vases. Suitable hydrangeas, lilacs, lavender, some varieties of roses.
  2. living room provence decor flowers

  3. Lanterns, candlesticks, elegant bird cages in white and brown.
  4. living room provence decor lanterns

  5. Original photo frames, watches or lamps made of white metal with carved elements.
  6. living room Provence frame decor

  7. A coffee table or a fireplace portal will decorate boxes, jugs with the effect of aging.
  8. living room Provence decor pitcher

  9. Porcelain will also complement the composition. Decorative watches or figurines can be white with gold accents or in color.
  10. living room Provence decor blue

Provence style living room furniture

The furniture that fills the room is laconic and simple in its form, cozy and soft, necessarily decorated with textiles and made of natural materials. Often upholstered furniture for the Provence living room is covered with covers and decorated with a huge number of decorative pillows. Of the frame furniture, there are sideboards, chests of drawers, open windows and many small coffee tables with whatnots.

Sofa in the living room in Provence style

Upholstered furniture in the Provence style is conducive to relaxation not only with its appearance, but also with the softness of the pillows. For the interior, straight and angular structures are equally often used.

  1. A non-standard solution is upholstered furniture for the living room in the Provence style from a rigid frame-bench and soft seat cushions. The back is also replaced with cushions decorated with a floral print.
  2. living room Provence hard sofa

  3. A sofa can become an accent element in the interior if it is made in a contrasting color. On a white-gray background, a delicate lilac or lavender color attracts the eye.
  4. living room Provence lilac sofa

  5. Provence living room combines several pieces of upholstered furniture with different designs.
  6. living room Provence sofa white

  7. The simplest solution to choose upholstered furniture in the living room under the Provence style is to find a concise model and put a cover on it, decorate it with floral pillows.
  8. living room Provasne sofa with cushions lavender

Wall in the living room in Provence style

Frame furniture in the Provence interior is always laconic, the wall in the Provence living room is made of natural wood in light colors, on graceful legs and with simple handles.

  1. Provence rarely involves the arrangement of all wall elements in one row, cabinets and showcases are placed in pairs near each wall.
  2. living room Provence wall white

  3. It is permissible to supplement the execution style with modern technologies and use sliding mechanisms instead of swing mechanisms.
  4. living room Provence sliding furniture

  5. Shelves look original like stairs instead of traditional wall shelves.
  6. living room provasne shelves

  7. Provence is an open style, therefore a lot of light and glass is its calling card. Glass doors instead of deaf ones look unusual, and the wall becomes a decoration of the room.
  8. living room provence wall glass

Cabinets in the living room in Provence style

Instead of a wall, the Provence living room will be decorated with a low console for a TV and pleasant little things, a closed wardrobe for things and an open one for books. Chests of drawers and showcases will complement the composition.

  1. For books and other little things, an open cabinet with shelves and drawers with elegant carved decorations is suitable.
  2. living room Provasne bookcase

  3. For clothes, a closed deaf wardrobe with hinged doors is better suited.
  4. living room provence wardrobe

  5. Natural wood will complement the Provence living room design if the floor is lined with parquet or the furniture has wooden inserts.
  6. living room Provence wardrobe wood

  7. Floral theme may well decorate not only textiles, but also the doors of frame furniture.
  8. living room Provasn wardrobe color

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