Provence in the interior of an apartment and a house

Provence in the interior - important rules of home comfort

Using Provence in the interior of your home, you can perfectly combine simple luxury with the charm of good and cozy antiquity. The airy provincial atmosphere, decorated in natural pastel colors inherent in this style, evokes thoughts even in winter about summer holidays in the countryside on the coast of the southern seas.

Provence style room interior

Having chosen Provence interior design for your home, you should thoroughly study how to arrange the main accents to obtain the desired type of living space. Otherwise, you can get a bad fake for a provincial life, which is a heap of old furniture and accessories. In many cases, expensive repairs are not even required, you can only add a few distinctive details to the decor and stick to the right color schemes in the design of home rooms.

Distinctive features of Provence in the interior:

  1. Predominantly light color of facades and wall decoration.
  2. Provence in the interior is distinguished by the use of retro furniture and accessories in a setting.
  3. The pieces of furniture have simple features and are made from natural materials.
  4. The presence of forged household items and decor in the rustic interior.
  5. Rough plaster, fabric and wood are widely used in the design of the walls.
  6. Interior doors in the Provence style are decorated in the interior mainly in white; decoupage technique and intricate carving are often used in their design.
  7. Light plaster, wooden planks and exposed beams are used in the decoration of the ceilings.

Provence style living room interior

Exquisite French charm is manifested in the presence of light fabrics with floral prints, vases with dried flowers and fresh flowers, elegant furniture. The interior of the Provence-style living room kitchen attracts with pastel colors, beautiful finishes, made with rustic simple elegance. The presence of a fireplace in the setting is optional, but if this heater is present in the room, then it will be more comfortable.

Provence living room furniture:

  1. The sofa and chairs in the living room should be upholstered in fabric with a flower or stripe pattern. An aged sideboard with ceramic services will complement the rustic interior.
  2. Beautiful armchairs with curved legs.
  3. Small coffee table in retro style.
  4. Whatnot.
  5. Console tables semicircular shape.
  6. Provence style living room interior

Provence in the interior of the kitchen

The best option for choosing a kitchen set is a furniture set made of wood with slightly worn facades in good old fashion. Rustic interior design in the Provence style can be recognized by the open wall-mounted dishes and cabinets with glazed doors, behind which, as if in a showcase, rows of ceramic dishes and original faience covered with colored glaze are installed.

Decorative details for the Provence style in the interior of the kitchen:

  • baskets;
  • candlesticks;
  • Wall Clock;
  • decorative plates;
  • flowers;
  • French symbols (roosters, lavender);
  • vases;
  • bird cages;
  • skeins of garlic or onion;,
  • clay pots;
  • spice jars;
  • fancy-shaped oil bottles;
  • forged kitchen accessories.
  • Provence in the interior of the kitchen

Provence style bedroom interior

In any bedroom, the main element is a comfortable bed. In village houses, it is always wide and comfortable, often a wooden structure with a canopy or a product with wrought iron decoration on the backs. The Provence bedroom interior requires furniture with smooth shapes and carved finishes. Choose an antique or aged wardrobe in this room with paneled doors and elegant handles. For rural design, it is necessary to have handmade textile details — beautiful embroidery, knitted rugs, elegant lace edging of bed linen.

We use bedspreads made of natural fabric, it is recommended to purchase solid and environmentally friendly products made of satin, cotton, chintz, linen. If you decide to purchase Provence wallpaper for the bedroom interior, then a floral-themed canvas with medium-sized drawings will do. For windows, it is better to buy curtains with inconspicuous small flowers. A bedside table with a ladies’ table should be made in the same style. In the spacious bedroom you can pick up a rocking chair, a chest of drawers made of wood, an elegant bench, a stylish chest.

Provence style bedroom interior

Provence style hallway interior

If you decide to use modern materials to decorate the hallway, then choose those options that will best display the Provence style in the interior of the apartment. Suitable textured plaster, specially applied with uneven wide strokes. We use matte paint, as if a little burnt out under the hot rays of the sun. As an alternative, imitation brickwork, decorative stone, wood panels, checkered wallpaper, flowers, stripes, peas are suitable for the hallway.

For Provence in the interior of the hallway, we make the floor from aged wood, tiles, laminate for a natural texture. Furniture in a rural setting is used without gilding and chrome details. It is allowed to use elements of their brass, bronze, forged products. The best option is an open wooden hanger, a chest of drawers, stylish wicker or rattan baskets, a large mirror in a wide antique frame.

Provence style hallway interior

Provence style bathroom interior

In bathrooms, it is always difficult to create the right atmosphere for the heart, because in rooms with high humidity, not all materials are suitable for work. For example, we must impregnate wooden panels with antiseptics, otherwise they will quickly become covered with fungi and new repairs will be required. The Provence bathroom interior is often finished with light-colored wood. The modern version is a stretch matte ceiling, but without photo printing and painting.

Traditional Provence in the interior is always presented with wooden floors, but for the bathroom, the best option would be tiles with wood texture or matte ceramics without patterns. We use grout to match the color of the coating to make the seams less noticeable. We install the furniture with a minimum set of elements — a bathtub with legs in a retro design, a chest of drawers, a table, a nightstand, wicker laundry baskets, a table or a stand for a flower vase. We select brass or bronze faucets, classical form with two valves.

Provence style bathroom interior

Provence style wooden house interior

In order for the situation inside the log house to resemble not a traditional Russian hut, but a stylish Provence in the interior of a country house, you need to use several special techniques in the design. All key elements must be painted white or beige — doors, window sills, skirting boards, window frames. On the walls we use light paint or bleached wood. In the interior decoration we use cotton, linen, silk. Against the background of wooden walls, metal forged details look great — hangers, chandeliers, sconces.

Provence style wooden house interior

Modern Provence in the interior

Romantic Provence in the interior of the house visually differs from plain and often overly rough country music with a touch of provincial intelligence. This situation is reminiscent of the life of village teachers or doctors, familiar from films of past years, who, even in the wilderness, try to surround themselves with outdated, but beautiful things. Add to the retro-style furniture the design of rooms in pastel colors, appropriate textiles and decor, we get a cute and incredibly comfortable design for the heart.

Provence colors in the interior

The feeling of the proximity of the beautiful French coast and the provincial countryside can be created using a special pastel range, which is always famous for French Provence in the interior. The furniture should stand out against this background with a slightly more saturated color, but it is forbidden to use juicy, unnatural and defiant shades.

The main colors of Provence:

  • White color;
  • cream;
  • sand shades;
  • muted yellow colors;
  • light blue tones;
  • pale green gamma;
  • lavender color.
  • Provence colors in the interior

Provence wallpaper in the interior

For the design of Provence in the interior of the apartment, the use of wallpaper is not the main type of design of the living space. In the French provinces, plaster, stone, brick and cladding were considered traditional materials. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase wallpaper with relief embossing for rough plaster, imitation of a brick wall and other natural materials. In the bedroom and living room, it is allowed to paste over the walls with a light-colored canvas with floral patterns, fruits, pets, shepherdesses, birds.

Provence wallpaper in the interior

Provence curtains in the interior

For sewing curtains, it is forbidden to use synthetics, aristocratic fabric with a metallic sheen or satin tints. The interior of the Provence room looks great with handmade curtains made of cotton or chintz, decorations in the form of ruffles, ribbons or folds are allowed. A material with a light natural color is suitable, which is an excellent background for a variety of floral motifs. A little less often in the interior of Provence there is a pattern in small cells, colored stripes, plain curtains.

Provence curtains in the interior

Provence chandeliers in the interior

It is impossible to imagine a cozy rustic Provence style in the interior without well-chosen lighting. Here you should use massive chandeliers made of bronze, brass or forged metal. Often, rustic style lamps are deliberately handcrafted with carelessly crafted details or undyed fabric for the lampshade. A common option is plain ceramic shades in white and with a floral pattern. Many retro lamps are made with lampshades or candle-shaped lamps.

Provence chandeliers in the interior

Paintings for the interior in the style of Provence

Proper decoration of the walls of a house in a provincial French style cannot be fully completed without the use of beautiful paintings. All interior items in the Provence style should correspond to the atmosphere of a cozy country dwelling, for each room you need to choose a canvas with the appropriate plot, which will harmoniously complement the overall picture. It is forbidden to use LED systems and point devices as lighting fixtures, the right choice is forged chandeliers, sconces, retro floor lamps.

The theme of the paintings for different rooms in the style of Provence:

  1. Artistic canvases for the interior of Provence cuisine — plots with roosters, chickens, still lifes, images of grapes, lavender, flowering fields and other rural landscapes.
  2. Painting Provence for the interior of the bedroom — landscapes with the sea coast, flowers in cracked old vases, peaceful streets of provincial cities.
  3. Paintings in the Provence bathroom — sea and flower themes, natural landscapes.
  4. Canvases for the interior of the Provence living room — close-up flowers, portraits of people in pastel colors, images of animals and rural household items, sea and village landscapes.
  5. Paintings for the interior in the style of Provence

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