Metal doors to the apartment — interior and entrance, with a mirror and a hidden box

Metal doors to the apartment - a practical solution for rooms

Stylish metal doors to the apartment are traditionally popular. People are attracted by ease of care, durability and high protection against burglary. With special equipment, even a rough iron sheet can be ennobled by decorating the surface with an intricate pattern or fashionable coating.

Types of metal doors to the apartment

The design style of the entrance openings significantly affects the overall perception of the situation in the room. When planning to put a metal door in an apartment, you need to take into account the purpose of the room, the design of walls and furniture, and other interior items. You can order the canvas individually or purchase a finished design. The catalogs use the following options for classifying steel doors:

  1. Purpose — entrance from the street, apartment on the landing, office, for technical premises, interior, special purpose (fire-resistant, bulletproof).
  2. Opening method — rotary, external, internal, sliding, folding.
  3. Opening width — one-and-a-half, double-leaf, single-leaf.
  4. Burglary protection class — the most resistant metal doors to class IV apartments, they are suitable even for bank premises.
  5. Design features — the number of steel sheets, the thickness of the web, additional protection methods, the presence of glass inserts.
  6. Decorative finishes — painting, veneer, MDF, leather or other types of materials.
  7. types of metal doors in the apartment

How to choose a metal front door to an apartment?

Inside the house there are no many negative factors that affect the durability of the coating — severe frosts, precipitation, scorching sunlight. In this regard, the list of finishing materials that are traditionally used for the production of apartment doors is significantly expanding. You can pay more attention to the decor, acquire a less bulky and thick design. We list the criteria by which you need to choose the best metal doors to the apartment:

  1. Resistance to burglary — resistance class, the presence of porches, anti-removable pins, deviators.
  2. The quality and design of the castle.
  3. Good tightness.
  4. The presence of a filler made of soundproofing material inside the door leaf.
  5. Nice aesthetic look.
  6. Matching the design to the environment.

Metal door to the apartment with a mirror

The standard entrance hall in city houses is predominantly characterized by an extremely modest area. Wall mirrors help to fill the room with light and visually expand the room, but often the surface is already filled with furniture. An alternative solution to this problem is to install high-quality metal doors to the apartment with mirror inserts. This will help save space and make the interior more interesting. You can purchase a finished canvas with a decorative panel or glue a reflective element of a suitable size on your own.

Options for the entrance steel door with a mirror:

  1. Metal door to the apartment with a large mirror for the entire length of the canvas.
  2. metal door to the apartment with a large mirror

  3. Entrance door with cut-in figured mirror insert.
  4. entrance door with mortise figured mirror insert

  5. Interior doors with faceted mirrors.
  6. interior doors with faceted mirrors

Sliding metal doors

The hinged design is considered the simplest, but in many cases the opening canvas causes inconvenience in the interior, blocking the passage. In a narrow corridor or a small room, a sliding internal metal door to an apartment is more convenient and practical to use. Consider several options for this design solution for interior openings:

  1. Sliding doors interroom metal compartments.
  2. sliding interior doors

  3. Metal radius doors to the apartment.
  4. metal radius doors to the apartment

  5. Door system of cascade type with several moving leaves on separate guides.
  6. cascade type door system

Metal door with hidden frame

The cassette design is a kind of sliding systems. Hidden metal doors, when opened, are hidden in the built-in inner box. The advantages of this choice are a good level of sound insulation, beautiful design, space saving, mechanisms are not visible from the outside. The disadvantages include more complex installation and high cost. Consider in the illustrations the design features and the appearance of hidden doors in the setting:

  1. The device of cassette door systems.
  2. cassette door systems

  3. Sliding design of the hidden type in the interior.
  4. sliding construction of a hidden type in the interior

Sliding metal doors accordion

Sliding canvases in this design consist of several segments, which are folded on the sides when opened. The door mechanism of this type has many advantages:

  1. When folded, beautiful metal doors to the apartment look compact.
  2. Smooth sliding folding slats.
  3. No bottom rails.
  4. Original design.
  5. Easy installation.

Cons of a metal accordion door:

  1. Bad tightness.
  2. Low level of sound insulation.
  3. According to reviews, the mechanism wears out relatively quickly
  4. In systems with a large number of lamellas, there is low reliability against hacking.
  5. sliding metal doors

Glass doors in a metal profile

To facilitate the system, the frames are made mainly of metal-plastic or aluminum. In a simple case, a solid sheet of glass is used, but more often, doors in a metal profile are produced according to the principle of a double-glazed window with several divided glasses. A strong and beautiful canvas is equally well suited for a sliding or swinging method of opening an opening. In the interior of the apartment, even with large sizes, glass door structures look stylish, they do not visually burden the space.

Examples of a glass door in a metal profile:

  1. Frosted glass sliding doors.
  2. frosted glass sliding doors

  3. Glass sliding doors to the bedroom.
  4. bedroom glass doors

  5. Transparent glass doors to the dining room.
  6. transparent glass doors to the dining room

Wooden door in a metal box

The steel frame can withstand greater loads in comparison with wood products. If a person does not like a solid metal interior door to an apartment, then you can install a wooden sheet in an iron box. The combined product made of steel and wood will last relatively longer. Consider the options for the iron box and the appearance of the door system in the interior:

  1. A box made of a rolled profile pipe is easy to manufacture, high reliability, good thermal insulation. The disadvantage of the design is a decrease in the opening by 50 mm.
  2. profile pipe box

  3. Corner box — is very durable, easy to manufacture, takes up little space in the opening. The disadvantage of the design is low noise and heat insulation qualities.
  4. corner box

  5. Bent-welded box — a bending machine is needed for manufacturing, but the finished profile with platbands is very convenient for installation and provides excellent insulation.
  6. bent welded box

  7. Combined door to an apartment with an iron frame and a wooden leaf.
  8. combined door to the apartment

Metal doors to the corridor

The beautiful decoration of the entrance portal from the inside should be combined with the design of the apartment. If the outer side of the canvas is subject to maximum requirements for durability and vandal resistance, then from the side of the corridor the metal door to the room can be sheathed with any decorative material at the choice of the owners. Depending on the style, leather, fabric, laminate, natural wood or its substitutes are used.

Examples of finishing a metal door in the corridor of an apartment:

  1. Matte painting of the canvas is the most budgetary and practical way to design.
  2. matte canvas painting

  3. Elite metal doors to the apartment, lined with white leather from the side of the corridor.
  4. luxury metal doors

  5. Facing the canvas from the side of the apartment with veneer.
  6. veneering of the canvas from the side of the apartment with veneer

  7. Metal doors to the apartment, decorated with moisture-resistant plywood.
  8. metal doors to the apartment decorated with moisture-resistant plywood

metal bathroom door

Bathrooms are constant sources of moisture, therefore materials resistant to decay, rust and harmful fungi are used for surface cladding. Well resists the listed negative factors glass, decorative PVC film, laminated coating, eco-veneer, plastic. The frame for the door to the bathroom is made of aluminum, stainless steel or metal-plastic.

Moisture-resistant alloy bathroom door design options:

  1. White metal doors to the apartment for the bathroom with glass inserts.
  2. metal-plastic doors to the bathroom with glass inserts

  3. A solid glass door to the bathroom for a shower on a metal frame.
  4. solid glass door to the bathroom for the shower room on a metal frame

  5. Aluminum door to the bathroom for the apartment.
  6. aluminum bathroom door

Metal doors to closet

A separate storage room in urban housing is extremely rare. Mostly, the owners equip the pantry in niches, above the door, separate part of the space of the room or corridor. In such cases, it is not uncommon to have to order hinged non-standard metal doors to an apartment or use various types of sliding systems. Consider examples of successful solutions to this problem:

  1. Frosted glass door to the pantry on a metal frame.
  2. frosted glass door to the pantry on a metal frame

  3. Metal doors to an accordion apartment for arranging a pantry.
  4. metal doors to an accordion apartment for arranging a pantry

  5. Aluminum roller shutters in the pantry as a convenient alternative to a narrow door.
  6. aluminum roller shutters for pantry

Metal doors in loft style

The arrangement of a cozy living space in an abandoned industrial building has its own characteristics. In this interior, an open layout reigns, unplastered brick and concrete are widely used, you can not hide wiring and other communications. Door systems are used in different types, but the design should contain features characteristic of a loft — rough finish, thick canvas, large fittings, scuffs on the surface.

Loft door design options in the interior of the apartment:

  1. Loft sliding door to dining room.
  2. sliding door to dining room

  3. Swing entrance metal doors in the interior of the loft.
  4. hinged metal doors in the interior of the loft

  5. Glass door to bedroom.
  6. bedroom glass door

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