Loft design — what is this direction, ideas and rules for decorating different rooms

Loft design - what is this direction, ideas and rules for decorating different rooms

Loft design is difficult to confuse with other styles of home decoration. Rough basic finishing materials and stylish textiles coexist peacefully in it, and framed paintings. Light colors and original forms make the interior elegant and relaxed.

What is loft style?

This design has gone from an inexpensive haven for the creative bohemians of 1940s Manhattan to an elite and popular home. After a sharp rise in rental prices, industrial enterprises have shifted to the suburbs, leaving huge empty areas. They gradually began to settle in, combining rough walls and open space with elements of furniture and textiles. The loft style in the interior gradually emerged.

  1. The loft is open plan. All communications, floor beams and even ventilation structures remained in sight and took on the role of the highlight of the interior.
  2. Concrete, plaster, brick or wood with metal — all this peacefully coexists with soft textiles and decor.
  3. Roughness and uninhabitedness is gradually balanced by light soft shades, all the filling is done concisely and in light colors.
  4. The height of the ceiling can be supplemented by stairs leading to the second level.
  5. The loft is distinguished by an amazing combination of thoughtful multifunctional furniture and antique items.

what is loft style

Loft style apartment design

Any style is rarely used in its pure refined form. The loft, depending on the accents and the choice of content, can manifest itself from different sides.

  1. The bohemian approach combines the roughness of an industrial character with the sophistication of luxury goods. Against the background of a brick wall, an expensive carved armchair with curved legs flaunts, and paintings and sculptures hang as decor.
  2. An interesting combination of colors gave birth to a glamorous loft design. Here they use a pastel spectral color palette: a tandem of gray and brown, gray and cold lilac. An important point is the decorative component of the interior.
  3. Industrial design in the loft style is considered to be a classic approach. Laconic modern furniture, a lot of metal open shelving, wood and plywood as the main facade of the furniture.

Loft style hallway design

The apartment starts with a few square meters that create the first impression of the home. An urban hallway can resemble a storage room.

  1. If space allows, an open floor plan works well. Instead of a traditional closet, a wardrobe storage system is used. The reception of using clothes as part of the interior decor is typical for the modern trend.
  2. hallway design in loft style hanger

  3. The original solution is the use of metal steps as a hanger. This direction allows the ceiling to be finished with clapboard or laminate.
  4. hallway design in loft style laminate

  5. Loft-style renovation can be concise if you use closed storage systems. However, the loft wardrobe is somewhat different in design: the doors will be made of a material resembling unfinished plywood or wood.
  6. hallway design in loft style

Loft style corridor design

When a hallway is elongated or a hallway is part of the home’s architecture, that space can be used for storage and a lot of ways to highlight style features.

  1. An interesting solution is a glamorous loft design with its characteristic use of gray and beige colors. Emphasis can be placed on bright doors or a mirror frame.
  2. corridor design loft door

  3. An industrial loft in the hallway will emphasize the tandem of a metal frame and wood. The closet will resemble a large barn door. The design will be complemented by a brick wall, as if battered by time. A soft bench with a leather seat will balance everything.
  4. hallway design in loft style barn doors

  5. The bohemian loft design looks original, what it is for the corridor, it will reveal things with classic smooth lines, white furniture will look good against the background of a dark wall.
  6. loft style corridor design with classics

Loft style living room design

An apartment designed in an urban style can be cozy and comfortable, because the roughness of concrete and metal balances the color scheme and textiles. Emphasis can be placed on one of the features of the style.

  1. In the studio apartment, the ceiling and walls are left completely unfinished in their original form — white plaster or paint. The emphasis is on the floor and upholstery of upholstered furniture to match. The reception is typical for industrial loft design.
  2. loft living room design white

  3. A softer bohemian character will emerge with the use of warm colors and furniture as a decorative element. Again we turn to the peculiarities of the direction — the absence of window curtains.
  4. soft loft style living room design

  5. If you use a loft, the design of the studio apartment can be interestingly modified with glass partitions to separate the sleeping area.
  6. loft style living room design

Loft kitchen design

This part of the house is considered to be the heart and the most comfortable place, therefore, modern trends are rarely used in their pure form, because a slight departure from the accepted rules greatly expands the possibilities and the loft-style kitchen looks fresh.

  1. The emphasis can be placed on the minimal finishing of materials: a table and a table top made of solid wood without a glossy varnish coating, a wall made of old darkened brick.
  2. kitchen design loft countertop

  3. An interesting combination of modern glass furniture and rough wall finishes, as if they had not been touched at all after the construction of the house.
  4. glass loft kitchen design

  5. If the ceiling height and scope allow, it is worth using a visiting card of style — uncovered communications and pipes.
  6. kitchen loft pipe design

Loft-style living room kitchen design

Using some features of the loft paired with a non-standard approach, you can create an interesting interior in a large and small area.

  1. The studio involves combining the living room and kitchen without the use of partitions. An island is installed between the two zones, playing the role of a dining table.
  2. island loft style living room kitchen design

  3. An interesting loft-style solution: interior design involves leaving part of the wall unfinished after redevelopment.
  4. loft style living room kitchen design part of the wall

  5. Fireplaces are also considered an integral attribute of the loft, because they heated the workshops during cold periods. However, these are not those cozy portals with stucco decoration, but laconic designs.
  6. living room kitchen design loft style fireplace

Loft style bedroom design

If in the hallway and kitchen, concrete-like finishes are used to a greater extent, filling the interior with metal structures, then wood prevails in the bedroom. Parquet, laminate or plank look like they have been used for a long time and are already noticeably shabby.

  1. An open layout does not have to be emphasized by the complete absence of walls. Glass partitions or screens with a metal frame let in a lot of light and create a mood. Industrial design in loft style is obtained by combining red brick and matching wood plank finishes.
  2. loft style bedroom design

  3. Reusing finishing materials is a great way to achieve the impression of antiquity. A bohemian loft with its vintage original pieces of furniture will be decorated with a laminate wall.
  4. loft style bedroom design laminate wall

  5. It will be difficult to do without curtains in the bedroom, but it will play the role of a color spot.
  6. bedroom design in loft style curtain

  7. A glamorous loft bedroom design is created by adding color and a non-standard approach to design. You can run wiring along the wall or hang a system of fixtures, exposing all communications for show.
  8. glamor loft bedroom design

Loft style bathroom design

The interior of the bathroom in this style is designed, depending on the desired result: techniques are used with original pieces of furniture, an emphasis on decoration or plumbing.

  1. The brilliance of pipes and plumbing is emphasized by dark walls made of brick or its imitation and white tiles in the same design. The emphasis is on plumbing, as if it came from the distant forties.
  2. bathroom design in loft style plumbing

  3. With high ceilings, the possibilities are revealed. Instead of a traditional acrylic or cast iron bath, you can install a large wooden one.
  4. tub loft style bathroom design

  5. If bare brick walls seem too boring, loft-style interior design can be made brighter. Yellow, orange or red decorative elements look great on a gray background.
  6. bathroom design in loft style accent

  7. An interesting design decision is when items from a warehouse or workshop play the role of ordinary shelves or hangers.

Design of a children’s room in the loft style

For a teenager or high school student, a room in this style will be a real gift. After all, the loft perfectly resonates with the desire to stand out, the rebellious spirit and the originality of thinking.

  1. Attention can be paid to wall decoration: give preference to wallpaper in the style of graffiti or brick imitation. The feeling of a very high ceiling will help create glass panels.
  2. kids room design in loft style wallpaper

  3. The design of a loft-style room for two children with a bunk bed made of a black metal frame will look original if you hang luminous panels on the wall, as if it were a sign on the street.
  4. kids room design in loft style bed

  5. In high school, it makes sense to equip the workplace. Here you can pick up furniture made of wood with a rough texture, use decorative beams and ceilings.
  6. design of a children's room in the loft style table

Loft style office design

Depending on the preferences and character of the owner, the office can become a creative continuation of its owner or speak of his business qualities.

  1. Warehouse shelves instead of an ordinary closet, laconic finishes and armchairs in the style of the forties create a working atmosphere.
  2. office design in loft style armchairs

  3. An unusual solution is a loft-style apartment with a touch of modern space design. All furniture is closed behind the facades, the emphasis is on the ceiling and lighting. The impression of a large workshop with a high ceiling helps to create a mirror above the closet.
  4. modern loft style office design

  5. A glamorous loft will show itself in the office with a leather chair, an aged chair and metal shelving. A bright accent will be a photo wallpaper with a graphic blurry pattern.
  6. glamor loft office design

Loft style balcony design

The non-residential part of the apartment easily turns into a continuation of the kitchen or bedroom, and can also become a separate cozy place to relax.

  1. A loft-style room can also become a place to relax if there is a table and chairs. An interesting solution is to use wooden boxes as shelves, and the chairs themselves resemble old metal barrels.
  2. loft style balcony design green

  3. A small home coffee shop will be located on the balcony, if you organize a bar counter and put a coffee machine.
  4. coffee shop loft style balcony design

  5. The conciseness of the loft and its special charm will manifest itself if the balcony is turned into a place for relaxation.
  6. loft style balcony design darts chair

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