Living room layout, how to arrange furniture, living room zoning ideas


Living room layout and interior design features

The thoughtful layout of the living room allows you to fit everything you need in the room and create a feeling of comfort. It is important to ensure comfort in this part of the apartment, because cabinets and drawers will be used daily, and in the evening there is a resting place for the whole family and often a sleeping place.

Living room layout options

There is no need for haste in this matter. The layout of the living room begins with a plan or a simple sketch on a piece of paper.

  1. Windows and their size, the presence of a balcony, the possibility of combining two rooms and functional areas — all this will be visible on the plan from above.
  2. It is not bad to initially discuss how the living room will be used. Will it be a place of rest and reception of guests, will it be necessary to allocate a few square meters for an office or desktop, will it be necessary to provide a place to sleep.
  3. On the plan of the room, it is advisable to literally outline the movement pattern with arrows, if it is a walk-through.

Large living room layout

In new buildings with large apartments or private houses, the problem of small rooms is rarely encountered. It’s worth it to do the planning on your own, taking into account some advice from experts, so as not to get a space too cluttered with furniture.

  1. If the layout of the house involves the presence of a large living room, there will almost always be a place for a fireplace. For visual separation, you can use shelving, aquariums or furniture.
  2. layout of a large living room with an aquarium

  3. An open layout option involves the rejection of the visual separation of zones in the room.
  4. large open plan living room

  5. An interesting solution is folding screens or partitions, podiums and load-bearing decorated beams. With this layout of the living room, the entire space is literally cut into pieces.
  6. layout of the large living room podium

  7. Another interesting open-plan option is zoning with carpet or textiles.
  8. large living room carpet layout

  9. In a spacious room there may be one center, around which all the filling will gather.
  10. large living room layout

small living room layout

It is difficult to fill a small area with the entire list of furniture that would fit the necessary things and objects. In many ways, the layout of the living room in the apartment depends on the shape of the room and the chosen style.

  1. If the living room can be expanded with a balcony, it will serve as a small office.
  2. small living room layout balcony

  3. The window seat remains free, the center shifts to the opposite corner of the room. A corner sofa and a TV wall form a seating area, there is room for a chest of drawers or a small closet.
  4. small living room layout corner sofa

  5. An interesting solution for an elongated room is to hide cabinets. The corner sofa in this layout faces the entrance, shifted to the window.
  6. layout of a small living room elongated

  7. If minimalism or Scandinavian style is chosen for the living room, a seating area will take its place by the window.
  8. minimalist living room layout

  9. When the living room is used only as a rest room and gathering of guests, you can give preference to the classic layout with furniture arranged around the middle of the room.
  10. classic small living room layout

Rectangular living room layout

An elongated room is a real challenge for a designer, because it is difficult to arrange furniture without compromising free space and avoiding the effect of a corridor.

  1. An excellent solution is a built-in wall from floor to ceiling. A corner sofa placed closer to the middle of the wall will help to visually shape the square.
  2. rectangular living room sofa layout

  3. A window seat with a balcony block can be set aside for a work area. Along the walls opposite each other there will be a sofa with a TV. With this layout, the living room plays the role of a study during the day, and a relaxation area in the evening.
  4. rectangular living room layout

  5. A rack or a decorative partition will help to visually divide the room and make it square. In the separated area there will be an office or a sleeping place.
  6. rectangular living room shelving layout

  7. The lounge area, when used only for its intended purpose, remains spacious and stylish. You can safely use the living room layout ideas from modern or minimalist styles. If the room is a walk-through, the layout of the living room is perfect, where the center of the composition shifts to the window, leaving the passage completely free.
  8. living room layout ideas

walk-through living room layout

If the living room plays the role of an office or a bedroom, we choose the types of layouts where the boundaries should be built literally.

  1. When the room goes deep into the house and a suitable nook appears, the resting place can be outlined with contrasting colors.
  2. walk-through living room layout orange wall

  3. If the room should have a place for a desktop, it will visually help to fence off the furniture, the window sill will replace the desktop table top.
  4. walk-through living room table by the window

  5. In the passage room, the sofa will play the role of a partition, and the carpet will mark the place of the living room additionally. This layout is suitable for rectangular walk-through rooms, it will help to divide them into regular sections.
  6. walk-through living room layout carpet with sofa

  7. If a small passage room plays the role of a living room, it will be used only as a place for receiving guests, low laconic furniture is the best solution.
  8. walk-through living room layout lemon armchair

  9. If the layout of the apartment assumes the living room as a link between the hallway and the bedroom, the center shifts away from the constant path from one part of the apartment to another.
  10. walk-through living room layout striped curtains

Living room layout with fireplace

The portal of the fireplace, depending on the type of layout, plays the role of the center of the situation or complements it.

  1. A luxurious fireplace does not necessarily gather a set of sofas and armchairs around it. It can become a decoration of the situation.
  2. living room layout with fireplace

  3. The classic solution, when the fireplace gathers the whole family near it, is suitable for a modern classic interior. This layout of the living room involves hidden storage systems that do not attract attention.
  4. classic living room layout with fireplace

  5. The fireplace can become an equal part of filling the living room: the table gathers guests for conversations near the portal, opposite the TV.
  6. living room layout with fireplace two centers

  7. The Scandinavian or modern interior of the living room changes the idea of ​​​​planning: here the fireplace becomes a decorative detail of the room.
  8. white living room layout with fireplace

Living room with bay window — layout

This feature of the architecture of a house or apartment must become a highlight of the interior. A bay window is able to decorate and complement any layout.

  1. The modern layout of the living room, if the room is square, involves space and a minimum of furniture.
  2. open plan living room with bay window

  3. A narrow room with a bay window will visually make a square carpet with stripes stretching the space. A sofa, an armchair near the window and a console with a TV form a square seating area.
  4. living room with bay window layout square

  5. Two centers can be organized in the living room: one is shifted to the bay window with soft pillows on the cabinet, the second remains in the middle of the room near the fireplace or sofa.
  6. living room with bay window layout fireplace

  7. A bay window is perfect for an office.
  8. living room with bay window layout study

  9. If the room is spacious, a classic layout with a single center in the form of a coffee table is the best solution.
  10. living room with bay window layout table in the center

Living room kitchen layout

The problem of small kitchens is relevant for old buildings. Combining two rooms, a living room and a kitchen, expands both areas.

  1. Wall and floor decoration will help separate the two rooms, all furniture can remain in the same style and color, and bright accent decor items visually outline two centers.
  2. red living room kitchen layout

  3. An unusual solution is the open-plan living room, when there is a dining table in the central part of the combined space.
  4. open plan living room kitchen

  5. Between the rooms, you can partially leave a wall, its continuation will be a laconic dining table.
  6. living room kitchen layout wall

  7. The modern open plan kitchen of the living room in the house involves placing a dining table between two areas.
  8. large living room kitchen layout

studio living room layout

A living room with a kitchen or a bedroom is turned into a studio. A powerful hood, decorative partitions and zoning with the help of light and decoration harmoniously distribute functional areas.

  1. The high bar counter and the back of the sofa cut the area into the kitchen and living area, there is a place for the desktop by the window.
  2. living room studio kitchen layout

  3. An interesting layout option with partitions is suitable for a studio, where you need to fit a bed.
  4. studio living room layout

  5. To slightly expand the space is obtained by moving the room to the balcony.
  6. studio living room layout balcony

  7. Fitting three functional zones in the studio at once is more difficult, but quite realistic. With this layout of the living room dining room, the bar counter will separate the cooking area, and the glass partition will mark the bedroom.
  8. three in one studio living room layout

living room bedroom layout

If a folding sofa as a sleeping place is not an acceptable option, the plan for arranging furniture in the living room will depend on the chosen zoning method.

  1. Floor-to-ceiling shelving or bed-length partitions separate the bedroom. Then the classic method of arranging furniture with the center in the middle of the room is acceptable in the living room.
  2. living room bedroom shelving layout

  3. It is interesting to look at the layout of the living room without separating the sleeping area. The bed in the niche near the window is decorated in darker colors.
  4. layout living room bedroom bed niche

  5. An interesting solution is the layout with a podium. During the day it becomes a study, and in the evening a sleeping place is put forward.
  6. living room bedroom layout podium

  7. The bed can be hidden behind a low partial partition. The layout is suitable for rooms with an extension due to the balcony.
  8. living room bedroom layout partial partition

How to arrange the furniture in the living room?

Classic planning techniques remain relevant forever. The symmetrical arrangement involves the arrangement of sofas and armchairs at the edges from the center, which can be a table or a fireplace. Another great way to correctly arrange furniture is U-shaped. For a large private house, the arrangement of furniture in the walk-through living room diagonally is suitable, the furniture will stand at an angle to the walls.

Living room zoning ideas

In a studio or a large house, where the living room is combined with the dining room or kitchen, you have to visually divide the entire area into functional areas. The design of the living room with zoning is planned carefully, because the harmonious filling of the room should remain thoughtful. To do this, several techniques are used: the color of the finish or texture, furniture or partitions.

Living room zoning with wallpaper

Decorating the wall with contrasting wallpaper inserts helps to highlight the functional areas of the living room, divide it and thereby give it the right shape.

  1. The walls behind the sofa are highlighted with wallpaper to outline a circle for gatherings with guests.
  2. living room zoning wallpaper sofa

  3. If the living room is complemented by a fireplace or a decorative portal, it can be decorated in light colors and played in contrast by pasting the wall with dark wallpaper with a large pattern.
  4. living room zoning wallpaper fireplace

  5. Visually divide the living room into a recreation area and bedrooms with two different types of wallpaper.
  6. living room zoning wallpaper bedroom

  7. In the living room with the kitchen, the technique with photo wallpapers works great, when a large print pattern attracts attention and shifts the focus to the sofa.
  8. living room zoning wallpaper kitchen

  9. Zoning of a small living room combined with a bedroom is carried out due to contrast. Against a light neutral background, dark saturated wallpaper draws attention to itself and accentuates it on the area near the sofa.
  10. zoning a small living room blue wallpaper

Living room ceiling zoning

Finishing, ceiling lights, different shades visually divide the area without compromising free space.

  1. To create a stylish living room interior, they use zoning with stretch fabrics and plasterboard structures, embedding spotlights.
  2. zoning the living room with a stretch ceiling

  3. Decorative beams will help highlight the dining or kitchen area. Long lamps and an elegant chandelier on the ceiling will fence off the place of eating.
  4. living room zoning ceiling lamps

  5. An interesting effect is the transition of the finish from the wall to the ceiling.
  6. living room zoning ceiling transition from the wall

Zoning the living room with drywall

Drywall solves problems with the separation of the functional parts of the room in several ways: it is used to build walls, decorative partitions or structures as an alternative to shelves.

  1. After combining the kitchen and living room, you can leave part of the wall and decorate it with drywall.
  2. zoning the living room with drywall wall

  3. A small partition-shelf is built from this material to separate the sleeping area.
  4. living room zoning plasterboard bed

  5. The zoning of the living room in the apartment looks interesting with a drywall construction for flowerpots. She will fence off an office or a bed.
  6. zoning the living room with plasterboard

  7. Drywall in combination with contrasting wallpaper or decorative trim will designate a recreation area and become an accent element of decor.
  8. zoning the living room with drywall finishingliving room zoning plasterboard wallpaper

Zoning the living room with shelving

This design helps to solve the question of how to arrange the furniture in the living room, because it is able to re-plan the entire space and divide it into sections of the correct form. Shelves will replace a load-bearing wall if you put them two opposite each other, and in a large room the shelving will play the role of a wall where you can hang a TV and equip a recreation area.

zoning the living room with shelving wallzoning the living room with a TV rackzoning the living room with shelving bed


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