LED garland — how to hang a curtain, rain, balls, icicles

LED garland - types of decoration and interior design options

Champagne, sparklers, LED garland — all these are familiar attributes of the New Year. Some people include them not only on a holiday, but also on weekdays. In order for this decoration to please for a long time, it is necessary to study its varieties, and there are a lot of them on sale.

LED garlands for home

To decorate a home or space near the house for a holiday, a photo session, you can purchase an LED garland. These decorations are:

  1. By form. The garland can consist of snowflakes, flowers, stars.
  2. Glow effects. The LED garland can change color, flicker, fade, shine constantly, create the effect of a running fire or fireworks.
  3. By color. Lights can be one color or multi-colored.
  4. By the presence of additional effects. It can be music, light music.
  5. By lenght. There should be 300 light bulbs per 1 meter of the Christmas tree. If the decoration is very long, you will need connectors for connection.
  6. By price. In the form of threads, LEDs are cheaper than in the form of a grid, icicles or fringes. Street garlands are more expensive than those for indoors. Too low price for jewelry should alert.

LED garland lamps (LED lamps) have several advantages over conventional incandescent lamps. LED lamps last longer (20-100 thousand hours), are not afraid of water, do not heat up, save energy, burn brightly, and with their help it is easy to create various effects — the lamps themselves are able to glow in different colors. By type of food happens:

  • battery-powered LED garland — convenient to use in places where there is no access to a power outlet;
  • on electricity from the network — an excellent option indoors;
  • solar-powered — a suitable option for constant street illumination, during the day such an LED garland accumulates a charge, at night it consumes.

The wires from which window LED garlands are made are different. The budget option is PVC, such decorations are suitable for indoors and outdoors, if the temperature does not drop below -20 degrees. Garlands on wire look very airy. Models made of silicone and rubber withstand extreme cold, have increased strength and resistance to moisture. It is good if the garland wire is equipped with an additional protective layer. This can be understood by the letter N in the marking. The index of protection against dust and moisture is IP, for the street it must be at least 44.

led lamps for garland

By the color of the glow, white LED garlands are cold (have a bluish tint) or warm (shine with a yellowish light). Warm light helps to relax and create a cozy atmosphere, cold light is more suitable for the street. Those who like brighter decorations should pay attention to multi-colored garlands or chameleons (in such garlands, each light bulb can change color).

LED garland-rain

Very beautiful LED garland «Falling rain» will turn the apartment into a magical place, give comfort and a sense of celebration. The wires of this decoration go down from one horizontal wire. This variety is conveniently placed on the window. The lights of this garland «flow» down like raindrops. The operating mode is set by the controller, which has several flicker modes.

falling rain led garland

LED garland-curtain on the window

According to their device, LED garlands-curtains for windows are similar to garlands-rain — they also have a horizontal wire, to which long vertical ones with small bulbs are attached. You can decorate with such a curtain not only a window, but also a doorway, facade, veranda or wall. There can be many modes of operation for the LED garland-curtains, with their help you can create both a romantic and a festive atmosphere. A garland-net is also suitable for decorating a window, which must be fixed not only from above, but also from below, but its lights will be evenly “scattered” along the window opening.

led garlands window curtain

Christmas tree LED garland

To buy the right LED Christmas tree garlands, you need to read the labels on the packaging. Not all garlands are designed for spruce and this must be indicated. If the decoration is not for spruce, then it has not been certified for this purpose and it is dangerous to use such a product for other purposes. To calculate the required length of a garland-thread for a spruce, you need to multiply the height of the tree by 3. An express garland, which can be of two types, will help you quickly arrange a Christmas tree — several threads collected in a bundle or a garland with horizontal tiers, fixed on a ring.

LED Christmas garlands

LED garland-thread

A simple LED garland on a fishing line or wire is the most common type of decoration. It can be the basis for any interesting design. With the help of an LED garland-thread, you can frame doorways, a fireplace, a balcony, decorate a railing, a wall. On the street, such a decoration can be placed on a tree or bush. In order for the length of the garland to be enough to implement any idea, you need to buy connected types (this is indicated on the package) — they are equipped with connectors on both sides, and they are easy to combine into one thread.

led string garland

LED garland-icicle

An interesting kind of decoration is the Melting Icicles LED garland. The basis of the garland is a wire on which tubes or «icicles» with LEDs inside are placed. When the garland is turned on, the lights do not light up simultaneously, but in turn, creating the effect of flowing melt water. This decoration looks spectacular on large trees, windows, facades, shop windows, creating a feeling of thaw and comfort.

LED garland melting icicles

LED garland-balls

Decoration LED garland-balls — a classic version of the New Year’s decor. The basis of such a garland is a wire on which LED elements are placed, hidden in balls. This decoration is well suited for the Christmas tree, combining both a garland and traditional Christmas balls at once. Garlands-balls are produced in a very wide range and extensive colors.

led garland balls

LED garland-fringe

Graceful LED garlands on windows, rooftops, verandas and balconies are made in the form of a fringe. This decoration consists of the main wire, to which short wires with LEDs are attached at regular intervals — a fringe. Hanging wires of different lengths make the decoration airy and delicate. Another advantage of the fringe garland is that it is inaccessible to children and animals running on the floor, because it hangs high and its threads do not reach the floor.

led lights for windows

LED garland-tape

Decoration colored LED garland in the form of a ribbon is used not only as a New Year’s decor — it is built into the design of the room, highlighting the ceiling or creating a border for the elements. LED strips often have a mount — an adhesive layer covered with a protective film. Tapes without an adhesive layer are attached with staples. The number of light bulbs per meter of tape can be different — from 30 to 120 pieces, the brightness of the glow depends on this. IP68 high protection LED strips can be used even in a high humidity bathroom.

colored led garland

LED tinsel garland

A Christmas tinsel garland is a wire to which short wires are attached with LEDs at the ends. LED tinsel lights are small, bright and come in a variety of colors. The controller supplied with such garlands changes the glow modes and helps to create the desired effect. They use a tinsel garland to decorate fir trees or New Year’s compositions, as well as to decorate individual interior elements, for example, mirrors.

led lights for string lights

LED garland-bells

Beautiful LED garlands-figures can be with nozzles of various shapes — in the form of stars, snowflakes, bells. Nozzles in the form of transparent or colored bells have been popular for many years and can already be considered vintage. A garland with such a decor will help decorate a nursery, a New Year tree or an installation and create a real fairy-tale atmosphere.

led garland figures

Tubular LED garland

To arrange illumination on the street, you need a strong tubular garland — duralight. Diodes for this type of garland are in a dense transparent PVC tube, the voids between the LEDs are filled with PVC, making the decoration very durable. They attach the tubular LED garland to glue or clips — the decoration is light and holds well in place. They sell duralight on reels, if necessary, cut the desired length on the tube there are marks in places where cutting is possible. Like other LED garlands, duralight can be connected to a controller to control modes.

diodes for garland

Frost-resistant outdoor LED garland

For outdoor use in winter, it is recommended to buy LED garlands made of silicone and rubber that can withstand frost down to -40 degrees. It is best if the street LED garland is in the form of a duralight cord, inside of which there are LEDs. This cord is very flexible and durable, it is easy to use when mounting on buildings, balconies, trees, to make inscriptions from it. To illuminate the trees, «Clip-light» garlands are used in the form of illuminated cords. Such decorations do not heat and cannot damage the plants, in addition, they are very bright and beautiful.

outdoor led garland

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