Interior in beige tones — a combination of colors in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom

Interior in beige tones - popular design techniques that are available to everyone

The interior in beige tones is a classic option for decorating an apartment that does not require a lot of design experience, thanks to the versatility of the shade. Among the neutral colors, it is considered the most popular, because it is combined with almost all shades, subject to proper use.

Beige color in the interior

By combining milky-creamy shades with light brown tones, you can get a cozy beige apartment design. Shades of beige in the interior are neutral and therefore are often used. They are of natural origin, so the designers claim that any contrasting details are in perfect harmony with them. Having given preference to this color, its owner will equip the house, conducive to rest and relaxation.

beige color in the interior

Beige walls in the interior

The use of the same shade in the design of details and large areas (for example, walls or ceilings) has significant differences. Beige wallpaper in the interior of the living room scares people who have little design skills because they seem boring and lacking personality. In reality, you can avoid this if you do not make mistakes such as:

  1. The effect of monotony. This is the most common property of beige, if only it is used alone. Dark large textured graphics will help to escape from facelessness — for example, metal lamps or twisted legs of chairs and a coffee table. A carpet with a contrasting graphic print will not hurt either.
  2. An overdose of safari style. Gray-beige wallpapers in the interior often make you want to combine them with African masks, animal prints, which look advantageous only if their use is dosed. Or the apartment will turn into real kitsch.
  3. Obsolete wall design. When homeowners choose a plain wallpaper or a floral print, this is already a reason to consider the interior of the room as completely ordinary. The same rule applies to coloring: the interior in beige tones should be complex, if only thanks to the play of shades on the walls of the housing.

Beige curtains in the interior

Curtains of this color are suitable for city apartments, because they “know how” to dose sunlight, simultaneously letting it through and preventing excessive natural light in the room. To create a beige interior with curtains, you need to consider a few nuances:

  1. They are suitable for decorating any room, except for the bathroom, where high humidity will change the original color of the fabric.
  2. This color gives a yellow tint to all surfaces in the room when sunlight passes through it, so the interior in beige tones is best combined with other warm tones.
  3. Decorating the apartment with beige curtains will help smooth out the brightness of the colors if it looks too pretentious.

beige curtains in the interior

Beige doors in the interior

Modern designers believe that light-colored interior doors and partitions fit any style and do not distract from the main content of the room. If the shades of beige in the interior are used specifically in the form of the color scheme of the doors, then they visually expand the space, making the room bright and spacious. Their only drawback will be the soiling of the color, but this is not a reason to refuse such a choice. If only because the advantages include:

  • giving a small apartment airiness;
  • the ability to decorate the doors with mosaic inserts;
  • unobtrusive zoning of space.

Beige doors in the interior

Beige furniture in the interior

The natural nature of this soothing shade implies its combination with natural materials, which must be considered when purchasing furnishings. This combination will give you the opportunity to create a modern or luxurious Art Deco atmosphere. A beige sofa in the interior, as well as armchairs, beds, cabinets or hanging shelves, should be created from:

  • tree;
  • bamboo panels;
  • pressed sawdust;
  • skin;
  • stone.

Beige furniture in the interior 1Beige furniture in the interior 2

Beige floor in the interior

The rules of «natural» origin, or at least the appearance of materials, must be followed when choosing a floor covering. The easiest way would be to use a beige carpet in the interior, but a carpet made of natural fur, a laminate with imitation of fine wood, parquet or a rattan mat would also be appropriate. Like light-colored doors, a beige floor helps to avoid:

  • monotony of a bright interior;
  • «planes» of the interior design of the room;
  • discomfort from the abundance of dark tones.

beige floor in the interior

Beige ceiling in the interior

The beige ceiling is ideal for raising the level of light in dark rooms and small city apartments. A light ceiling is acceptable for use in a room, provided that the color of the walls is correctly selected. If there is an excess of blue, blue, purple or pink, then the shades of beige in the interior will look too cold and uncomfortable. You can bring to life the idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba light ceiling covering through:

  • whitewash;
  • painting;
  • tiling;
  • production of a suspended structure from plasterboard.
  • Beige ceiling in the interior 1Beige ceiling in the interior 2

Room interior in beige tones

A feature of the use of this shade in the design of the interiors of the apartment is that it can be used for surface finishing in any room — bedroom, living room, kitchen. It gives the right to experiment with colors that do not violate the general concept of the room. It is better to create a beige interior on a combination of close tones, especially if the walls are already painted in a dark color.

Beige living room interior

Since guests are welcomed in the living room, the beige color, which creates coziness and sets up a pleasant friendly conversation, will be very out of place here. Designers offer several options for answering the question of how to use beige in the living room interior, and the most popular of them are:

  1. The combination of light beige walls with white ceiling trim. This technique will visually make the room higher. And if you leave at least one of the walls white, this will create the illusion of a large amount of space.
  2. The use of five close tones of beige in the interior. Such color transitions will not give a glut of colors, but they will not be boring either.

Beige living room interiorBeige living room interior 2

Kitchen interior in beige tones

The design of the kitchen in beige is considered a sign of good taste and synonymous with elegance. Often such a room is divided into cooking and eating areas using a combination of beige-brown with blue, white or terracotta tones. Beige interiors with bright accents of purple, yellow or pink are not advised to be used in design, because they reduce appetite. But brown, chocolate and red shades will excite him.

kitchen interior in beige tones

Beige bedroom interior

For decorating a lounge, designers prefer to select tones from light shades of this color. For example, a beige-pink color in the interior or milky will eliminate aggression and relieve stress accumulated during the day, which will allow you to get proper rest and relaxation. Recommendations will help to correctly combine it with other tones:

  1. Light brown, cream, coffee or caramel shades should be used as the main tone.
  2. Beige belongs to natural colors, therefore it is easily combined with gray, brown or green colors.
  3. The interior of the bedroom in beige tones will not be monotonous if it is diluted with color accents in the form of photographs or fluffy carpet near the bed.
  4. The atmosphere will be more textured if you use contrasting coarse knit blankets, patterned pillows and wallpapers of different textures.

Beige bedroom interior 1Beige bedroom interior 2

Hallway interior in beige tones

The entrance hall sets the tone for the design of the entire room, so beige as a base tone is highly desirable here. It will help create a corner of calm and comfort even in a small room, making it more airy and calm. The beige hallway will not disturb the interior of the apartment if the latter is decorated in the style of Provence, minimalism, classic or country. To make the interior in muted beige tones attract attention, it can be diluted:

  • forged hanger or bench;
  • using ceiling beams;
  • decorative imitation of masonry on the walls;
  • curtains and rugs made of natural fabrics.

Hallway interior in beige tones

Bathroom interior in beige tones

In a bathroom with a predominance of a beige hue, a bathtub will fit better than a shower stall, because the atmosphere of peace and relaxation is directly associated with relaxation in fluffy foam after a hard day. The interior of the bathroom in beige looks great without any foreign color inclusions, because the use of shades of different saturation will transform such a small room. The rest of the bathroom furnishings must be chosen, not forgetting such nuances as:

  1. For decoration, you should choose tiles, because beige is one of the most popular colors in the palette of this material and it will be very easy to choose the texture you like.
  2. The interior in beige tones in the bathroom should not be combined with a snow-white ceiling, on which drops of water will be too noticeable due to high humidity.
  3. Natural wood bathroom furniture should not be used for the same reason — it absorbs moisture. But stone, frosted glass and glass-ceramic with a natural print will be an excellent substitute for it.

bathroom interior in beige tonesBathroom interior in beige tones

What color goes well with beige in the interior?

Since this color is natural in nature, it will muffle the brightest neon and dark shades. The combination of beige in the interior with other tones is recommended to be selected, looking back at the advice of experienced designers:

  1. A classic option for those who are still ignorant of winning color combinations is beige with terracotta, light blue or pink. The neighborhood of beige and white is also suitable: it creates a delicate color scheme.
  2. Interior beige with terracottaInterior beige with light blueInterior beige with pink

  3. A beige and turquoise interior with mint and navy blue details is the best way to design an apartment in the style of a coastal house.
  4. Beige-turquoise interior

  5. The combination of beige and black will be a fashionable reference to the current contemporary style — eclectic, but without strict rules.
  6. Combination of beige and black

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