How to choose wallpaper for the hall?

When you get bored of the old approaches to transforming an apartment and want something unusual, you should try to use photo wallpapers for the living room or hall on the walls. A variety of subjects of the catalog given by the link makes it possible to choose the best option for your premises. Finishing will last for several years if you choose the right material, plot, palette, design and image format.

Benefits of using photo wallpaper in the interior of the hall

Today it is not customary to paste over all the walls with the same rolls, combined methods of decorating the living room are in fashion. A photograph or graphic drawing on a large surface always impresses guests and helps to create a special atmosphere.


Beautiful photo wallpapers are a great opportunity to make modern repairs and solve several problems at the same time:

  • visually expand the walls in the apartment;
  • compensate for the lack of other wallpapers;
  • divert attention from some of the shortcomings of the room (height difference between parallel or adjacent walls);
  • revive an unsuccessful solution with a one-color design;
  • use a plot drawing for zoning a one-room apartment;
  • bring more life to the urban space.

An accent wall looks interesting with an imitation of the texture of stone, decorative plaster or brickwork. This is an opportunity to replace the laborious cladding process with a simpler coating with a similar visualization.


What to focus on when choosing a plot or pattern for the hall

The basis of the catalog of wall murals is images in the living room or other room for receiving guests.

  1. For a one-room apartment where a family with children lives, a plot with cats or other pets is suitable.
  2. 3

  3. The recreation area in a spacious house without walls is traditionally decorated with picturesque wallpapers — with sunrises or sunsets.
  4. four

  5. For a single bachelor’s room, any dynamic sports story is suitable.
  6. 5

  7. The place above the sofa in the studio apartment of the newlyweds can be decorated with a flower arrangement or some kind of sensual photo.
  8. 6

  9. A romantic plot is also appropriate in the hall where the spouses sleep.
  10. 7

  11. For young people who often host guests by throwing parties, graffiti or thematic images are suitable.
  12. eight

  13. New York, London or Paris — a nostalgic theme in a spacious hall for those who live the dream of traveling.
  14. 9

  15. A large living room, with windows overlooking the industrial zone, can be decorated with panoramic photo wallpapers, and with thick curtains to hide an unsightly picture outside the window.
  16. ten

  17. The dining-living room, where you often have to receive guests, can be decorated with a still life, fruits, citrus slices, or something else that induces appetite.


Useful advice! Do not rush to buy wall murals for the hall on the advice of a designer, an expert from a popular video, or your girlfriend. Wallpaper pattern should be liked, first of all, by you and your family members.

An important point — the theme of the photo wallpaper should correspond to the general style of the room. Agree, a “fresco” in a high-tech living room or a “bare” stone wall in a private house with a baroque interior would be inappropriate.

When to Use Textured Photo Wallpaper

What catches the eye must be supported by tactile sensations. Then any wallpaper in the living room will look more realistic.


The combination of rustic surface and 3D images gives an inimitable effect. Historical themes are printed on rolls that feel like canvas, plaster or stone to the touch.

A vinyl-coated paper base is a great way to get a texture that mimics linen canvas or a stone surface. With such photo wallpaper, the interior of the living room will look like an expensive finish after a designer renovation.

An example from the photo catalog, where the pattern will look more natural on a rough surface.


Which print base is best?

Primitive photo wallpapers from the grandmother’s bedroom have long «sunk into oblivion», they were replaced by new technologies for the production of drawing. We invite you to take a look at our current offerings. This is a polymer photo printing, where harmless inks are baked under the influence of UV rays.

They are applied to different surfaces:

  • thick paper;
  • rolls of fabric;
  • vinyl wallpapers;
  • interlining (non-woven fabric based on environmentally friendly viscose).

Textured wall murals on the wall in the hall, offered in a large assortment in the online store «KLV», will be a real «discovery». Glossy paper base that reflects light is more suitable for a seascape. And here is an example of a combination of linen and stone for an accent wall under the «plasma».


A rough matte surface is more suitable for a pattern imitating a medieval fresco, a medieval street or a castle ruin.

Note! The price of 1 square meter is indicated in the catalog under each item. This makes it possible to more accurately calculate the cost of the work — the footage, the cost of the base, the method of applying color printing.

Which wall is better to stick on


The most interesting photo wallpapers are with spatial illusions or drawings that expand the space. This is the so-called «3D effect». The visual volume looks most impressive on a large wall without furniture or in a recreation area where there is only upholstered furniture with low backs.

A photo with a landscape, complemented by a frame or a curtain, will replace a false window. An open door leading into a forest or a summer lawn is appropriate on the end wall.


Panoramic wallpaper can be pasted over adjacent walls, but not every option is suitable for such a solution in the hall or living room. For such a solution, the jungle, tree branches in the morning forest, quarters of megacities or amazing views of Venice are suitable.


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