Home design — what are the styles of home decoration, design options for different rooms

Home design - what are the styles of home decoration, design options for different rooms

When planning the future design of the house, try to sketch in general terms what the ideal home fortress looks like in your dreams. Successful advice and examples of recognized specialists will help in an exciting business, which, with a reasonable approach, can be optimally adapted to their specific conditions.

Home decoration style

The owner of a private estate now has a lot of ways to effectively highlight his home against the backdrop of a series of dull standard neighbor buildings. It is more interesting if the design of a country house is not an ugly mix, but a beautiful composition, made according to the basic conceptual rules. The choice of style is a responsible decision, to narrow down the search it is worth browsing through the three main categories, carefully studying the main differences and advantages of each:

  1. Modern styles — loft, modernism, hi-tech, kitsch, minimalism, art deco, futurism, postmodernism.
  2. modern styles

  3. Interior design of a house in a classic style — Empire, Baroque, Classicism, Renaissance, Rococo, Victorian, Gothic.
  4. classic house interior design

  5. Category of ethnic styles — Japanese, Oriental, African, English, Italian, Scandinavian, Russian, Provence, Chalet.
  6. category of ethnic styles

It is advisable to immediately decide what is closer — the authenticity of ethnic design, the classical heritage or the futurism of the modern world. For example, the Gothic design of a one-story house looks pompous and aristocratic, but it will cost a lot when implemented. In a modern style, you can move away from the framework, easily implementing any ideas. Connoisseurs of natural materials and fabulous surroundings should take a closer look at the rustic design of the house, which is dominated by natural colors with floral patterns, selected in accordance with the cultural characteristics of different countries.

house design inside

The interior design of the cottage should correspond to family traditions, meeting the needs of residents as much as possible. If there are disputes regarding the decoration, you can design the design of a private house in stages, starting with the overall living room. Having completed the starting project, evaluating all its advantages and disadvantages, continue to create an atmosphere in the remaining rooms, taking into account the mistakes made. It is not recommended to mix the style, stick to the chosen direction. Even the ambiguous kitsch style has its own unique features.

Living room design in a private house

Each room has the main elements that can play the role of forming the central core in the composition. The design of the hall in a private house is mainly created around the following furnishings: a fireplace, a TV, a soft corner. The location of the window openings plays a huge role. It is recommended to single out no more than two main elements, distributing furniture evenly in space, and use mainly three colors in the design in accordance with the style.

Examples of living room interior when decorating a house in different styles:

  1. Provence living room.
  2. Provence hall.

  3. Loft living room.
  4. loft living room

  5. Empire style living room.
  6. Empire style living room

Kitchen design in a private house

For the proper organization of the kitchen space, it is necessary to take into account the location of the most important elements — the hob, sink, refrigeration unit. It is most convenient to install these items in the form of a working triangle, removing the sink from the stove by no more than 180 cm. It is more rational to place the sink from the refrigerator at a distance of 0.45-2 m. figurative or L-shaped layout of the room.

Successful kitchen layout examples:

  1. Country kitchen.
  2. country kitchen

  3. High-tech kitchen.
  4. high-tech kitchen

  5. Gothic design kitchen.
  6. gothic design kitchen

Bedroom design in a private house

The interior design in the rest rooms is formed around the main detail of the situation — a comfortable bed. It is advisable to turn the head of the bed towards the warmest wall, but avoiding a straight line with the doorway. The modern design of the house implies the presence in the bedroom of a minimum set of things — a sofa bed, cabinets, chest of drawers, lamps, a dressing table. Beware of frilly details and overly bright colors, even when using the most extravagant style of the house.

Bedroom design options:

  1. Modern bedroom.
  2. modern bedroom

  3. Chalet bedroom
  4. chalet bedroom

  5. Bedroom in scandinavian home design.
  6. Scandinavian home design bedroom

Bathroom design in a private house

Previously, this room was considered exclusively as an auxiliary bath and laundry complex, but after the installation of modern equipment, its functionality and importance have increased significantly. When developing your own design for a country house or a country estate, it is better to share a bathroom with a bathtub. Instead of a closet, use shelving from open shelves or built-in furniture. If you want to save space for your washing machine, purchase cabinets or corner bathtubs made of quality acrylic.

Arrangement of a bathroom in a private house:

  1. Baroque bathroom.
  2. baroque bathroom

  3. Provence bathroom.
  4. Provence bathroom

  5. Modern bathroom.
  6. modern bathroom

Hallway design in the house

In suburban buildings, more space can be allocated for the hall without creating dark and narrow tunnels. The design of the entrance hall in a private house is selected taking into account that this room is a «gateway» between the living rooms and the street, where a lot of dirt constantly accumulates. It is recommended to use washable wallpaper, moisture-resistant panels, artificial stone. The floor covering is made wear-resistant and minimally slippery. A wardrobe is suitable as furniture, but if the design of the house is arranged in a retro vein, then open hangers, chests of drawers, shoe shelves, benches are used.

Hallway design options:

  1. country hallway.
  2. hallway country

  3. Entrance hall classicism.
  4. baroque hallway

  5. hallway loft.
  6. hallway loft

Design of the corridor in the house

In large and multi-storey buildings, in addition to the hall, it is necessary to equip several corridors. Thinking about the design project of the house, it should be understood that this space sets the mood in the interior. With a small width of aisles, it is not recommended to use overall furniture, limiting yourself to a few paintings, wall mirrors and lamps. Figurines with accessories and large vases are more convenient to place in decorative niches. In a narrow space, instead of wall sconces, it is desirable to mount ceiling spotlights.

Examples of decorating corridors in different styles:

  1. Hi-tech corridor.
  2. high-tech corridor

  3. Modern corridor.
  4. modern corridor

  5. Arabic style house design.
  6. arabic style house design

Office design in a private house

In the simplest case, the corner of the bedroom is taken away for offices and libraries, separating the space between the windows with bookcases or partitions. For business people, it is better to equip a work area with a desk in a separate room or attic at a distance from a noisy nursery or dining room. For example, the design of a wooden house is well suited for decorating a cozy office in a traditional style. The natural colors of the finishes evoke calmness, while the pure wood stimulates intellectual activity with its unique aroma.

Ideas for a study in your own home:

  1. Empire cabinet.
  2. Empire cabinet

  3. Art Deco Cabinet.
  4. art deco cabinet

  5. Office in a wooden house.
  6. office in a wooden house

Design of a nursery in a private house

It is required to equip the child’s room with a careful approach, taking into account his character and age. Even the most fashionable home designs must meet basic safety requirements, so beware of furniture with sharp corners and fragile facades, harmful materials in decoration. The color scheme affects the desire to switch from active games to the learning process. As the main background, use a calm natural range, and rich colors in the form of splashes to create the desired accents.

Examples of interesting design for a nursery:

  1. Children’s country.
  2. children's country

  3. Vintage style nursery.
  4. children's vintage style

  5. Children’s pop art.
  6. children's pop art

house design outside

A variety of building materials allows you to equally successfully implement any projects in a relatively short time. Even the design of the facade of a private house in an expensive English style can be implemented much easier using budgetary, but quite presentable analogues of natural stone. We always take into account the features of the area and the houses located in the neighborhood so that the home building does not look like a white crow in a residential area.

Variants of interesting facades of a country house:

  1. german style. Practical and economical design, mostly rectangular in shape, the plinth is lined with stone, the roof is covered with tiles.
  2. german style

  3. Chalet house. «Shepherd’s Dwelling» is a good option for a small country cottage, the walls are made of wood, the foundation part is decorated with stone. A distinctive feature of the chalet is gable roofs with high ledges.
  4. chalet house

  5. baroque facade. Extremely expensive and difficult to implement, the palace design of the house is suitable exclusively for elite buildings. A lot of money is required to equip colonnades, complex multi-tiered domes, and beautiful stucco. Marble, mosaic, copper, carved wooden elements are widely used in construction.
  6. baroque facade

Landscape design of a country house

Even a small area can be turned into a masterpiece with a competent approach, emphasizing its advantages with the help of interesting artistic techniques. The landscape design of the courtyard in a private house should take into account the following important nuances:

  1. Architectural objects present on the territory.
  2. features of the local landscape.
  3. Composition — the ratio of colors, sizes of parts, textures, shapes.

The finished garden should not hurt the eyes with overly colorful flora. It is better to divide a large space into neat zones with clear boundaries, taking into account their purpose. The rock garden is suitable for meditation, in the opposite corner they arrange a place for receiving guests. Separately, a set of furniture is selected for decorating a children’s slide, a space by a decorative fountain or a romantic gazebo.

Original techniques for landscape design:

  1. Miniature rock garden.
  2. miniature rock garden

  3. Artificial reservoir with a bridge.
  4. artificial reservoir with a bridge

  5. Recreation area with gazebo.
  6. seating area with gazebo

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