Handles for interior doors — how to install and options for glass, wood fittings and backlit

Handles for interior doors - the final detail in interior design

Reliable and practical handles for interior doors, which successfully fit the design of the canvas, are an independent decoration of the interior. Modern fittings should be selected taking into account the design features, functionality of the product, always paying attention to the material and workmanship.

How to embed a handle in an interior door?

The technology for fastening fittings depends on the model and size of the product. The easiest way to install stationary handles-brackets, they are screwed with self-tapping screws without drilling the canvas. It is more difficult when they come with a lock mechanism or have a non-standard design. In an illustrative example, consider how door handles are installed on interior doors with a latch:

  1. The standard mounting height is 95-100 cm.
  2. If there are doors nearby with already installed handles for interior doors, then it is advisable to stick to the same level.
  3. Apply marks at a given height of the canvas, transfer them to all three sides.
  4. Having decided on the level, draw a line exactly in the middle of the end of the canvas.
  5. Pick up a pen drill according to the size of the castle.
  6. Determine the drilling depth.
  7. Fix the door, and drill holes in the marked center.
  8. Expand the hole with a chisel to the full depth with a margin of size, carefully giving it a rectangular shape.
  9. Mark on the horizontal lines the center of the hole for installing the pin that connects the handles.
  10. Drill a hole with a suitable drill bit.
  11. Drill holes for the fasteners and temporarily install the latch.
  12. Outline the contour of the front plate, and cut a groove of the required depth.
  13. Screw the lock on the door.
  14. Install and fix one handle on the pin.
  15. If the pin is long, then shorten it according to the thickness of the canvas.
  16. Install and fix handles for interior doors.
  17. Screw on decorative trims.
  18. Mark the door frame and install the striker, taking into account the dimensions of the lock tongue.

Handle with lock for interior doors

The purpose of the room affects the choice of mechanism design. In the hallway or hall, you can install simple latches so that the opening does not open with a draft. For the bathroom and toilet, it is desirable to have a latch from the inside, and in an office with important documents, a locking device with an electronic type secret or turnkey will not interfere. The magnetic mechanism is relatively quiet, but requires maximum adjustment of the main and counter parts. Consider what door handles with a lock for interior doors are now producing:

  1. Key lock on one side and lock on the inside.
  2. key lock on one side and lock

  3. Handle-latch without locking mechanism on the key.
  4. handle latch without locking mechanism

  5. Handle with lock for interior doors.
  6. handle with lock for interior doors

  7. Magnetic locks.
  8. magnetic locks

Glass door handles

The characteristics of the delicate material of the canvas require a special approach when choosing fittings. Glass door handles are used in the following types:

  1. Mortise — it is necessary to carefully drill the canvas during installation, which is fraught with chips and cracks, but these products are as resistant to breaking as possible.
  2. mortise lock

  3. Overhead — during installation, the body of the product compresses the glass on both sides, so you can do without drilling, the design of the product is U-shaped.
  4. overhead locks

  5. Self-adhesive interior door handles are very cheap and do not require glass drilling during installation.
  6. self-adhesive handles

Handles for sliding interior doors

In these systems, fittings of a special design are mainly used without significantly protruding elements, which often looks like a figured recess on the canvas. Sliding door handles are available in the following varieties:

  1. Handles independent of locking devices — magnets or simple end latches are used to fix the door in a given position.
  2. lock independent

  3. Mortise fittings with a latch.
  4. mortise fittings with latch

  5. Mortise handles for interior doors of sliding type with a full-fledged lock.
  6. mortise handles for interior doors

Forged door handles

There is a special demand for such massive and strong products among connoisseurs of retro style, admirers of Provence and country interiors. Durable and original handles complete with forged figured loops look gorgeous. For a luxurious environment, it is recommended to paint the fittings at the final stage under bronze or silver, cover with gilding using the patination technique.

Examples of beautiful forged handles:

  1. Forged mortise handle for an interior door with a lock.
  2. forged mortise door handle

  3. Forged overhead handles.
  4. forged overhead handles

Hidden door handle

Popularity is gaining «invisible interiors» with a minimum number of furnishings. An ideal option for such an apartment is the installation of handles on interior doors of a hidden type. Thanks to a practical choice, the appearance of the canvas is solid, there are no protruding elements. There are several types of these products:

  1. Fittings profile type end — the canvas is framed in a metal frame, this method of fastening is often used on kitchen sets.
  2. end profile fittings

  3. Point hidden handles — end or finger elements can come with latches or locks, they are often used in sliding systems.
  4. dot hidden handles

Latch handles for interior doors

A common variant of gate valves is fall devices with movable spring-loaded tongues that lock the opening automatically after slamming. Opening is carried out by pressing or turning the lever. Easy-to-use latch handles for interior doors with a latch, allowing you to retire, securely locking from the inside. The shape of such products can vary significantly:

  1. Handles chrome for interroom doors of the extended form with a latch and a clamp.
  2. handle chrome

  3. Handle-latch ball.
  4. handle latch ball

Pull handles for doors

This category includes the simplest fittings, which do not constitute an integral product with a locking mechanism. The bracket is fastened separately from the lock with standard self-tapping screws or bolts of a suitable size. It is easy to find matte handles for interior doors, chrome-plated, gilded, painted like old bronze. The design is required to be selected taking into account the finish of the canvas for a particular style of interior.

Examples of a beautiful handle-bracket:

  1. Stylish antique bronze bracket.
  2. stylish antique bronze bracket

  3. A modern take on the handle.
  4. modern version of the staple handle

  5. Handle for glass door.
  6. glass door handle

Wooden door handles

This natural material, unlike budget plastic, looks elegant in the setting and is suitable for any style. Wood is easy to process, so overhead or mortise door handles can be found in any shape. These fittings are an excellent choice for solid wood or veneered boards. It is advisable to select high-quality hardwood products, soft wood wears out relatively faster, losing its presentable appearance.

Beautiful wood handles:

  1. Handle-bracket in the bath with a carved inscription.
  2. handle bracket in the bath

  3. Retro brass handle with shaped wooden insert.
  4. retro brass handle with carved wooden insert

  5. Mortise door handle made of wood.
  6. wooden mortise door handle

Round handles for interior doors

Specialists call spherical fittings knobs. The round door handle looks attractive, has a compact size, it is convenient to wrap your hand around it. In a relatively small housing, a locking mechanism or a practical latch with a lock can be placed. Due to the simple geometric shape, knobs are produced from different materials:

  1. The exquisite natural stone round knob is a chic choice for a classic interior.
  2. exquisite natural stone round knob

  3. A wooden knob-knob is the simplest budget solution for a country house.
  4. wooden knob knob

  5. Glass ball-shaped handles for an interior door — there are faceted products that resemble precious stones, smooth spherical, transparent or colored products.
  6. glass knobs

  7. Round brass handle with fine engraving.
  8. round brass handle with fine engraving

Magnetic handles for interior doors

In the open position, the latch tongue is always recessed flush into the end of the web. Innovative interior door handles with magnetic locks are extremely simple to operate. The bolt is automatically extended by magnetic attraction when it enters the zone of action of the counterpart, and is removed by turning the handle. There are many advantages to this design:

  1. There are no rotating elements in the design, so the mechanism works relatively silently.
  2. High durability.
  3. Stylish design.
  4. The locking magnetic mechanism can be combined with any type of encoder.
  5. magnetic handles for interior doors

Illuminated door handles

Moving around the rooms in the dark, trying to find a switch on the wall, is always extremely inconvenient. Practical fittings for an interior door with a tiny built-in flashlight will help in such a situation. Its brightness will not disturb a sleeping person, but the glow power is enough to indicate the right direction. These lighting devices do not need to be connected by wires to the network, they are powered by batteries or charged by solar energy. The following types of illumination are mainly used now:

  1. Backlight with a motion sensor that reacts to the approach of a person by turning on a tiny flashlight. The «smart» handle is suitable for PVC doors, wooden or metal sheets, regardless of the thickness and type of material.
  2. lighting with motion sensor

  3. Light strip on the handle. An extremely simple and incredibly budgetary way to get backlight using a phosphor applied to a thin material with an adhesive layer. The accumulated energy is enough for up to 10 hours of glow. Flashlight batteries do not need to be changed periodically.
  4. light bar on handle

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