Hallway furniture: modern design solutions




The hallway is the face of an apartment or house. In order for housing to create a pleasant impression, it is necessary to think over every detail in the interior of the room. Furniture plays an important role, and so that all the elements in the hallway are combined, manufacturers offer ready-made sets.

What is included in the furniture set for the hallway?

Interior designers recommend buying hallway furniture as a set. On sale there are headsets for rooms with different sizes and layouts. As a rule, the modular set includes:

  1. Cabinets. There are models with hinged doors and compartment doors. At the place of installation, the cabinet can be straight or angular. Depending on the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, you can choose a large or more compact version of the furniture.
  2. Shoe cases. Small cabinets allow compact and convenient storage of shoes. It is also convenient to use shoe racks to place decor if homeowners want to decorate the hallway with photo frames, flowerpots or flowers in vases.
  3. Hangers. They are installed separately from the cabinets. Also, panels or shelves with hooks are used as hangers.
  4. Mirrors. An important element of the hallway, which simplifies business gatherings. Mirrors can be part of the furniture or installed separately.
  5. Pouffes and banquettes. Small interior items that visually resemble chairs. Often they play a decorative role, but in the hallways they are used as a functional element of furniture to make it comfortable to put on shoes.


In spacious hallways, you can install all the elements: a wardrobe for storing outerwear, a hanger for things that the owners wear most often, shoe racks for compact storage of shoes. In a room with a large area, mirrors that are not attached to furniture will be appropriate. To make the preparations for the street comfortable, the set is complemented with pouffes and banquettes. Functional ottomans often have space inside, and the seat acts as a cover. Such furniture can be used as additional storage space.

In small hallways, it is worth betting on the rational use of space. Individual interior items are often combined. Manufacturers offer spacious compartments with mirrored facades, which have built-in shoe racks. Swing wardrobes are divided into two sectors: closed with doors and open with hangers. The main thing in the design is to ensure that there is enough space for movement in the hallway.


The color scheme and design of furniture for the hallway: trends in interior design

To make the room look harmonious, it is necessary to take into account the color scheme. The shade of the furniture must be combined with the color of the walls. The interior items themselves are chosen in a single color scheme or tones that can be combined.

White furniture is always trendy. For families with children, this option may seem branded and impractical. However, visually, white furniture is combined with almost any shade of walls: gray, blue, green, beige. Competent decor, selected taking into account the general style of the hallway, will complement the interior.


Wood trim also does not lose ground, although this design option is almost the most common. Natural wood adds coziness and looks expensive.


Woody notes are more or less relevant in any design: in classic, art deco, country, Provence, they become the basis of the interior, and in modern and Scandinavian style, individual elements with a wood finish are acceptable.


The combination of several colors is an actual trick in interior design. Designers offer to combine shades from the same color range or contrasting tones. The combination of white and light brown looks good. The combination of light and dark looks more strictly. The combination of white and black will be too contrasting, and beige and dark brown will make the interior more “alive”.


Separately, it is worth noting the mirrored furniture. In laconic hallways, cabinets with large mirrors are often installed on hinged doors and compartment doors. This is an advantageous technique for small rooms — mirror panels visually increase the space. In addition, the presence of mirrors allows you to quickly get together on business — it is convenient and rational.


Actual design solutions for furniture in the hallway

The selection of furniture for the hallway often takes a lot of time. The room is small, so the owners think through all the details so that the space is functional and not cluttered. At the same time, the room should be harmonious and decorated in the same style. Designers come to the rescue, offering ready-made solutions in various designs. The owners can only choose in what style to decorate the room. For hallways, minimalist modern style, luxurious classics and authentic country are considered popular design solutions.

Modern style

Conciseness is the main characteristic of furniture in a modern style. In the design there are clear lines and geometric shapes. Simplicity can be traced in all details: doors, legs, handles.


An important characteristic of modern design is the combination of different textures. Designers combine glossy surfaces and wood finishes, add metal elements and mirrors. When finishing modern furniture, manufacturers use a minimum of decor. Complex textures are absent — in this design it is impossible to find surfaces with carvings, overlay panels and similar decorations.


Furniture in modern style is often monochrome. Shades are selected neutral: white, black, sand gray, beige. There are also design options in two colors, for example, white can be successfully combined with beige.


To keep the room modern, you should avoid overloaded space. It is better to choose a sliding wardrobe with versatile and functional content, rather than installing separate cabinets, shelves and hangers. An excellent choice would be built-in furniture, which leaves a lot of space for movement.

Classic style

The basis of the classical style is the symmetry of forms. Furniture can be made with right angles, rounding, but the elements will necessarily be symmetrical. A distinctive feature of the classics is the crooked legs for banquettes and chairs. Even if uneven shapes are used for decoration, symmetry can still be traced.


Unlike modern style, the classic implies an abundance of decorative elements. Monograms, patch panels, carvings make the furniture exquisite and expensive. Upholstery of upholstered furniture in a similar style solution is welcome — designers take this into account when designing poufs and banquettes with soft seats.


Furniture in a classic style is often made in dark colors: burgundy, green, blue. Natural wood finishes are popular. The dark brown shade gives the furniture monumentality. Such a style decision does not make the interior heavier, but, on the contrary, adds classic luxury.

However, a dark color scheme in a classic style is not considered mandatory. There are good examples of hallways with furniture in light colors. Interior items can be white, beige, made under light wood.



Natural materials, natural design, closeness to nature are the main criteria that are followed in country-style interiors. Their original ethnic design has grown into a whole trend and gained immense popularity among fans of original styles.


For the production of country-style hallway furniture, natural solid wood is often used. If the materials are artificial, then they perform a wood finish. The effect of aging looks attractive: the top layer of paint is wiped off so that the contrasting color of the base becomes noticeable.


The main color scheme is pastel. Soft light brown and beige shades are an integral part of the country style. To make a profitable accent, use details in brighter colors, for example, blue.


Decor for hallway furniture in country design is performed in the same shade as the base. Often there are X-shaped panels on the doors — this is the highlight of the style, which makes it unique. Handles and hooks can be called a separate part of the decor. The style of the fittings echoes the classics: copper and dark shades and heterogeneous color go well with the pastel color of the furniture itself.



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