Girl’s room — how to choose a chandelier, bed, carpet and wallpaper in different styles

Room for a girl - how to equip a bedroom for a child or teenager

A room is a whole world for its little inhabitant. Therefore, at the stage of interior design, it is important for parents to take into account that the room will shape the worldview and aesthetic taste of the child. A room for a girl should combine comfort and style and be capable of transformation without expensive repairs. This will allow you not to drastically alter it as the child grows up.

Beautiful rooms for girls

Lots of options. Ideas for a girl’s room can be borrowed from cartoons and fairy tales or anime and children’s films, nature will tell some motives, and some even take classic or modern style as a basis. The recommendations of designers will not interfere either. There are few of them:

  1. A room for a little girl or teenager should maintain harmony of shades and textures.
  2. Beautiful rooms for girlsBeautiful rooms for girls

  3. Bright accents are necessary, they are placed with the help of posters, accessories and toys.
  4. Beautiful rooms for girlsBeautiful rooms for girls

  5. The room should be «ready» for the child’s desire to change something. Over time, the girl will want to hang her drawings on the walls, and later — posters or some kind of themed accessories.
  6. Beautiful rooms for girls

  7. You can decorate the interior in a Provencal style.
  8. Beautiful rooms for girls

  9. Pop art works well too.
  10. Beautiful rooms for girls

  11. Ideal shades for decoration are tones of caramel, green and turquoise, lilac, pink and beige.
  12. Beautiful rooms for girlsBeautiful rooms for girlsBeautiful rooms for girlsBeautiful rooms for girls

Wallpaper in the nursery for a girl

The most affordable and practical are paper wallpapers — inexpensive, breathable and pleasing with a variety of designs. But if there is dampness in the room or the walls are uneven, non-woven ones are more suitable. They are also environmentally friendly, but more durable and not afraid of water. They can paste over not only the walls, but also the ceiling.

wallpaper for a girl's nursery

Acrylic wallpapers for girls in the room are chosen less often, because they do not like high humidity and do not differ in a variety of patterns. Ideal for a children’s room are natural wallpapers, which are rapidly gaining popularity. They contain bamboo, reed, straw and even algae. This category also includes liquid wallpaper made on the basis of cellulose. They are cheaper and look very attractive due to the presence of sparkles.

Wallpaper in the nursery for a girlwallpaper for a girl's nursery

Wall mural in the children’s room for a girl

They are good because they are compatible with any other wallpaper. By choosing wallpaper for girls in the room, many parents avoid high repair costs in the future. There are many variations of drawings. Among the popular images: natural themes, fairy tales and anime, fairytale castles, bright geometric shapes, animals. The downside is that the wallpaper must be glued to a perfectly flat wall and it is better to use the services of a master.

Wallpaper in the nursery for a girlWallpaper in the nursery for a girlWallpaper in the nursery for a girl

Furniture for a children’s room for a girl

When choosing it, it is important to consider everything — color, size, functionality. The room for the girl should be spacious, so there is no need to pile it up with unnecessary items. If there is a small space, it is better to choose light colors and transformer models. And in order not to buy furniture for a girl’s room every 3-4 years, it is recommended to give preference to the one that changes with the child. Adjustable models can be found in the collections of European brands, but it is quite possible to pick up products that match the style individually at a more affordable price.

Furniture for a children's room for a girl

As for materials, wooden furniture is the most suitable. Pine has insufficient strength, but oak and larch are excellent. It is also important to take into account what the tree is covered with. It is advisable to choose a water-based varnish. Those who do not have the opportunity to purchase such expensive furniture can pay attention to chipboard products. For a children’s room, products of at least class E1 are preferred.

Furniture for a children's room for a girlFurniture for a children's room for a girl

Curtains for a girl’s nursery

It is important to close the windows so that the child’s violent fantasy does not draw scary figures in the dark. Yes, and curtains make the design of the room more comfortable and warm — this is very important for a girl. But when choosing them, it is not the appearance that is at the forefront, but the material, which must be environmentally friendly (linen, silk, cotton), and safety. It is desirable that the curtains are devoid of voluminous decor, if the child is small, and perfectly fulfill their main function, that is, they are dense.

curtains in the nursery for girls


As for the appearance, the color of the curtains should be light — beige, peach, powdery, olive and coffee tones are perfect. Bright details are appropriate, but without fanaticism. When choosing a color, designers recommend taking into account where the windows go. If to the south, curtains of cold shades of blue, lilac, turquoise are appropriate. Windows that “look” to the north, west or east should be curtained with curtains in warm tones of yellow, orange, pink.

curtains in the nursery for girlscurtains in the nursery for girls

Chandelier in the children’s room for a girl

This is not only an interior detail, but also a source of lighting, so you need to take into account both the design of the accessory and its content — the type of light bulb. It is preferable to choose the most practical and modern option — models with LED bulbs. It is also important that the chandelier fits into the design of the girl’s room and matches her size. In a small room there should be a small chandelier — and vice versa.

Chandelier in the children's room for a girl

For a children’s room, models in a classic style are preferred: chandeliers with a metal frame and lampshades in the form of umbrellas, stars or flowers, products with crystal and plafonds-lanterns. High-tech products look very interesting. At the same time, it is not necessary that the style of the lamp match the design of the room — it should only be in harmony with it in shade or shape.

Chandelier in the children's room for a girlChandelier in the children's room for a girl

Carpet in the children’s room for a girl

If you buy a large carpet, its color should be approached carefully, because it will become the main background of the interior. It is important that there is a space of 20-30 cm from its edges to the walls or furniture. But today, parents more often prefer small fluffy rugs near the bed or in the play area. They give the room comfort, and add color to the interior.

If you want to cover the floor as much as possible, you can buy 2-3 rugs at once, made in the same style or tone. Children’s room for a girl with them will become more comfortable. It is advisable to give preference to a product made of safe and practical polyamide. Models based on cotton and polypropylene are suitable for a girl’s room. These materials are reliable and environmentally friendly.

Carpet in the children's room for a girlCarpet in the children's room for a girlCarpet in the children's room for a girl

Stretch ceilings in the children’s room for a girl

Such a solution has a lot of advantages, because the material does not allow moisture to pass through, maintains a favorable microclimate in the room and looks very nice. Ceiling design can be anything. Plasterboard, the basis of stretch ceilings, is easy to give any shape, apply a different print on it and even full-fledged scenes from fairy tales, while correctly mounting the lamps. The design of a children’s room for a girl can play in a new way thanks to multi-level lighting. A competent combination of the shade of the ceiling with the rest of the interior will give the room harmony.

Stretch ceilings in the children's room for a girlStretch ceilings in the children's room for a girl

School corner for a girl in a small room

When a girl reaches the age of six, the question of organizing a working area becomes acute. Squeezing an extra table and chair into the room is not an easy task, but it is quite feasible if you approach the issue wisely. The recommendations are:

  1. It is advisable to give preference to furniture-transformer. The ideal option is a loft bed with a desk on the top tier.
  2. School corner for a girl in a small room

  3. To save space, use hanging shelves or a shallow bookcase.
  4. School corner for a girl in a small room

  5. A small room for a girl requires light colors, so shades of white, beige, pink will be suitable.
  6. School corner for a girl in a small room

  7. It is important to position the work area closer to the window.

Girl’s room decor

Accessories play an important role in the design of the bedroom. And their features depend on financial capabilities, design and color preferences. If a girl’s room has a delicate, discreet interior, bright decor is necessary so that the room does not seem boring. But even in bright rooms, it plays a role, helping to harmonize tones.

Girl's room decor

Parents who want to figure out how to decorate a girl’s room should look at illustrative design examples. Printed pillows, unusual lamps, non-standard pieces of furniture, pendants, paintings and posters — all this complements and decorates the interior. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of decor.

Girl's room decorGirl's room decor

Room for a newborn girl

Psychologists advise to make basic repairs in the room, which later can be supplemented and decorated without any problems. For repairs, it is important to choose environmentally friendly and safe materials and functional furniture. The latter should be arranged so that it does not interfere with the free maneuvering of the parents. There should be a minimum of items — only the most necessary. When choosing a shade, it is recommended to use delicate pastel colors — a cream or pink room for a girl will look very appropriate. You can also choose soothing turquoise, mint or olive.

Room for a newborn girlRoom for a newborn girl

Teenage room for a girl

It is easier to arrange it, because the child himself can tell about his preferences. You can take the hobbies of a young lady as a basis. Perhaps it is music, books, painting, sports? The design of a room for a teenage girl will be non-standard and interesting if you follow this idea. But it is better to turn to a professional so as not to goof off with the selection of bedroom components.

Teenage room for a girl

The design of a room for a girl in a modern style is very relevant: hi-tech, modern, art deco. Parisian style, classic, Scandinavian and shabby chic can also be chosen. It is better to focus on the bed — the bed should be comfortable and beautiful. It is also important to equip the workplace, supplementing it with many niches and shelves — they will certainly be needed for stationery, books and accessories.

Teenage room for a girl

Room for two girls

For the sleeping area, bunk, folding or retractable models are suitable. It is advisable to separate them in a small space, setting them parallel to opposite walls or placing a ceiling screen between them. It is easy to separate a sleeping place from other areas of the room using a rack or a small podium. It is important to place the study area near the window or on the balcony combined with the room. Each child should have their own space, so a children’s room for two girls can literally be divided into parts. And in each of them it is better to install identical furniture.

Room for two girls


Room for two girls

Room for a girl in Provence style

Provence is a combination of sophistication and naturalness. The interior has neutral pastel colors — lavender, caramel, beige, mint, vanilla. And they prefer wood, ceramics, textiles and stone. Floral arrangements and elegant décor pair perfectly with specially aged furniture. Although Provence loves a soft range, it doesn’t hurt to add bright splashes to the room, because this is a room for a little girl.

It is important to choose furniture in the room from wood and with interesting elements — forged legs, graceful backs. Toys and stationery can be stored in wicker baskets. Decor plays a special role when a room for a teenage girl in the Provence style is set up. Patchwork patchwork technique, embroidered blankets, interesting accessories and ruffled curtains give the room a special atmosphere.

Room for a girl in Provence styleRoom for a girl in Provence style

Anime girl’s room

This popular cartoon trend is capturing the minds of many little ladies. Anime style in design is gaining popularity. And it is not difficult for a girl to choose the interior of a children’s room — often her favorite cartoons form the basis. Their heroes can often be seen on wallpapers and posters. An anime-style room for a teenage girl can be done in an urban or romantic format. The style has not yet developed clear boundaries, but its feature is the decor — photo wallpapers with thematic images, non-standard accessories, posters.


Anime girl's room

Room for a girl in a loft style

Characteristic features of the style are high ceilings, large windows, deliberately aged materials (wood, brick, metal), complemented by modern motifs. Such a room for a teenager girl is perfect. When decorating, use neutral tones with a combination of bright and saturated. Remembering at the same time that a room for a teenage girl in a loft style should maintain harmony.

Room for a girl in a loft style

The floor can be finished with an aged parquet board, and one of the walls can be lined with cork or decorated with a large world map or graffiti. A metal bed, industrial-style lamps, graffiti, pipes as decor, black and white paintings — these are the features of the loft.

Room for a girl in a loft style

Girl’s room in Scandinavian style

This style is chosen to create a cozy bedroom filled with light and space. The Scandinavian design is versatile and perfect even for two children of different sexes. The abundance of light shades, wooden floors, walls lined with wallpaper or clapboard, simple geometry and clear lines — these are the features of this style.

Girl's room in Scandinavian style

A room for a teenage girl in a modern Scandinavian style is beautiful and not very expensive. It is not necessary to resort to the services of a designer, because Ikea brand furniture will help furnish the room. And choosing a decor is not difficult — it is distinguished by the simplicity of lines, neutral shades and inconspicuousness. Accessories will help to dilute the design a little and give it uniqueness.

Girl's room in Scandinavian style

Harry Potter room for girls

Fans of the saga will definitely love the idea of ​​decorating the bedroom in a similar design. Since this style is not official, only your own imagination imposes a limitation. Photo wallpapers on the walls depicting heroes or the majestic Hogwarts, unusual furniture, themed accessories — all this will create a real fairy-tale atmosphere.

Harry Potter room for girlsHarry Potter room for girls

A stylish room for a girl can be furnished with Pottery Barn furniture — in the brand’s assortment it is easy to find accessories depicting Hogwarts houses, antique mirrors, tablecloths with emblems, and owl-shaped pillows. But you can create the right atmosphere in the room with the help of photo wallpapers and properly selected ordinary furniture.

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