Game wallpapers — screensavers of the best games for your computer monitor, laptop, phone

Game wallpapers - top images on your desktop

The virtual game world is a bright and beautiful universe in its sharpness, which does not leave indifferent not only gamers. Game wallpapers are popular among people who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of fantasy in all its manifestations. But not everyone knows which screensavers are especially in demand.

TOP gaming wallpapers for your desktop

The splash screen of a computer or tablet is important, although it seems to be an insignificant detail. Game wallpapers can create a certain mood. Especially if the user regularly spends a lot of time at the computer and constantly sees the same picture in front of him. Now computer games are very popular, so many people prefer images with their favorite characters. There are many options — and each is beautiful in its own way:

  1. The Witcher is the hero of the game and book series of the same name.
  2. top gaming wallpapers

  3. Characters of the game Mortal Combat, including in animated format.
  4. top gaming wallpapers

  5. Men will definitely love wallpapers with sexy Mortal Combat warriors, especially Kitana and Jade
  6. top gaming wallpaperstop gaming wallpapers

  7. Top game wallpapers also demonstrate the brutal male half of Mortal Combat
  8. top gaming wallpapers

  9. The Marvel Universe, which has gained popularity in recent years, is in great demand among gamers. Those who cannot choose one among any heroes prefer the image of several at once.
  10. top gaming wallpapers

  11. Without beloved by many for many years, «Warcraft» is also nowhere.
  12. top gaming wallpapers

  13. The elven style and fight scenes are especially charming.
  14. top gaming wallpaperstop gaming wallpapers

  15. The game God of War is also widely known.
  16. top gaming wallpapers

  17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2011 is still popular.
  18. top gaming wallpapers

  19. Noteworthy is Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.
  20. top gaming wallpapers

Gamer wallpapers

Such screensavers allow you not to forget about your favorite games and their heroes. But game wallpapers should be chosen carefully, because image quality is very important. Suitable options include:

  • Star Wars Battlefront;
  • Gamer wallpapers

  • Rise of the Tomb Raider;
  • Gamer wallpapers

  • Dishonored;
  • gaming desktop wallpaper

  • Watch Dogs 2;
  • gaming desktop wallpaper

  • Mirror’s Edge Catalyst;
  • gaming desktop wallpaper

  • Assassin’s Creed Syndicate;
  • Gamer wallpapers

  • Resident Evil 7.
  • Gamer wallpapers

Game wallpapers for your phone

The screensavers of these gadgets are very small, but it is important to carefully select them in accordance with the user’s personal preferences and the advice of psychologists. After all, a mobile phone is a device that is almost always in front of our eyes. As a splash screen for small gadgets, it is recommended to give preference to images:

  • with few details:
  • Game wallpapers for your phone

  • or in light shades so that you can easily see the necessary labels;
  • Game wallpapers for your phone

  • or in dark smoky colors, against which all the necessary programs are also easy to see.
  • Game wallpapers for your phone

Psychologists advise choosing a monochromatic color palette as a screensaver that will not burden your eyesight. Shades of blue and green are optimal. Gamer wallpaper on the phone in such colors helps to calm down, relieve tension and concentrate. In recent years, you can entrust the screensaver change to the operating system — some of them have the function of regularly changing images.

Game wallpapers for your phone

Wallpaper for gaming laptop

Changing the splash screen is a useful thing, experts are sure, because it uplifts the mood and gives a sense of novelty. The main thing is to choose a picture of a suitable size and color that is pleasing to the eyes. Bright gaming wallpapers for your favorite laptop desktop will please any gamer. Suitable options:

  • Animated graphics with seductive girls will certainly appeal to connoisseurs of female beauty;
  • Wallpaper for gaming laptopWallpaper for gaming laptop

  • Severe and gloomy characters of numerous games will not leave indifferent any gamer;
  • Wallpaper for gaming laptopWallpaper for gaming laptop

  • Fans of the online game «Allods» can choose one of the popular images;
  • Wallpaper for gaming laptopWallpaper for gaming laptop

  • Hitman and Stalker are classics of the genre that remain in demand among mature gamers.
  • Wallpaper for gaming laptopWallpaper for gaming laptop

Game wallpaper for tablet

On a tablet, as well as on a laptop, you can choose any screen saver. Preferably, its size is 1366×768. You can choose a variety of bright gaming wallpapers for your desktop — from cheerful bright screensavers to gloomy and harsh ones. Popular images from the following tablet games:

  • Kingdom: New Lands;
  • Game wallpaper for tablet

  • Clash Royale;
  • Game wallpaper for tablet

  • XCOM: Enemy Withi
  • Game wallpaper for tablet

  • World of Tanks;
  • Game wallpaper for tablet

  • minecraft;
  • gaming wallpaper for tablet

  • Vainglory;
  • gaming wallpapers for tablets

  • Among us.
  • Game wallpaper for tablet

Gamer Anime Wallpaper

Anime is a Japanese animation based on manga, that is, comics. It is designed mainly for Japanese culture, so not everyone understands modern anime. But this does not prevent him from winning the love of an increasing number of viewers around the world. Anime game wallpapers are very popular among people of different ages and nations. Most of the images have a soft gamut and are a nice background. Gamers have a special love for wallpapers with graceful big-eyed girls:

Gamer Anime WallpaperGamer Anime WallpaperGamer Anime Wallpaper

But attractive male characters of games and anime are not inferior to them. Among them are the heroes of games and films:

  • closers;
  • Gamer Anime Wallpaper

  • Hellsing.
  • Gamer Anime Wallpaper

Live game wallpapers

Animated screensavers are interesting, bright and non-standard. Although live gaming wallpapers are not new in the world of computer and graphics capabilities, many users have never chosen live pictures as their background image. And in vain, because now you can set 3D scenes or some web application as wallpaper that will show not only beautiful images, but also useful information — interesting facts, time or weather.

Live game wallpapers

You can set game live wallpapers as a background by yourself by downloading one of the paid programs. Among the most popular options are nature, space, scenes from your favorite movies or games. The setting allows you to adjust the brightness of the picture, the number of objects present on it. Such wallpaper on the PC table is a real art. But you can install them on any other device — tablet, mobile phone. Game live wallpapers show scenes of battles or important events in the virtual world. The good news is that they do not affect the performance of the computer.

Live game wallpapers

Gaming wallpaper — minimalism

These are concise and most pleasing to the eye images, devoid of unnecessary details and an abundance of shades. Gaming desktop wallpapers, whose minimalism helps to focus on the tasks at hand, are very popular among people who prefer classic restraint in everything. They often depict scenes from games or some items from them. Most of these game wallpapers are intentionally simple graphics, but there are more complex images.

Game wallpaper minimalismGame wallpaper minimalismGame wallpaper minimalismGame wallpaper minimalismGame wallpaper minimalism

cyberpunk gaming wallpaper

Cyberpunk is a genre of science fiction that reflects the decline of human culture and the disappearance of moral values. Uncontrolled technological progress is accompanied by corruption and social inequality. The mood of cyberpunk gaming wallpapers is not the most rosy. But they remind us that we need to appreciate every moment and preserve our moral character for the sake of ourselves and future generations. Yes, and such dark gaming wallpapers are very popular with the representatives of the stronger sex.

cyberpunk gaming wallpapercyberpunk gaming wallpaper

In 2020, a game called Cyberpunk 2077 saw the light of day, supposedly created to showcase the future of humanity. The main character is a character named V, who lives in Night City. This is a dark but interesting game that has become a real sensation in many ways due to the demonstration of a reality that is very similar to the reverse side of the modern world order.

cyberpunk gaming wallpapercyberpunk gaming wallpapercyberpunk gaming wallpapercyberpunk gaming wallpaper

Gamer wallpapers — car

For many years, racing has been a popular category of games that both teenagers and mature men are not averse to enjoying. Even among women there are lovers of «drive» in the virtual world. Modern games give more and more opportunities — different driving techniques, better graphics, simulators — the choice is huge. You can choose gaming wallpapers for your desktop by borrowing images of the most famous games. Among them:

  • Need For Speed;
  • gaming wallpapers car

  • C.S.R. Racing;
  • gaming car wallpaper

  • Car Driving Simulator;
  • gaming machine wallpaper

  • Asphalt;
  • gaming wallpapers mashinf

  • Hill Climb Racer game wallpapers will definitely appeal to children or those with a great sense of humor.
  • gaming wallpapers mashinf

Game wallpaper «Fortnite» on the desktop

This famous online game was released in 2017. It is a cooperative survival sandbox. The game has three modes, one of which — «Royal Battle» has become a real cultural phenomenon. In 2019, the number of players in this mode exceeded 250 million. Fortnite wallpapers with the image of heroes have been very popular for several years. Some seem a little surreal, and sometimes even frightening. This is an ideal option for users who prefer gloomy pictures with high-quality graphics.

Fortnite gaming wallpapersFortnite gaming wallpapersFortnite gaming wallpapersFortnite gaming wallpapersFortnite gaming wallpapers

Game wallpapers «Minecraft»

This indie game is loved by kids from young to old. The activity of the players is based on the construction of structures from blocks. The minimalistic design, combined with a dynamic soundtrack, gives players complete freedom of action, limited only by the player’s imagination. Bright gaming wallpapers in the style of «Minecraft» are chosen by children — real fans of this game. There are many image options.

Minecraft gaming wallpaperMinecraft gaming wallpaperMinecraft gaming wallpaperMinecraft gaming wallpaper

Game wallpaper «Stalker» on the desktop

A series of games set in an alternate universe about life in Chernobyl. The mutants, radiation, and anomalies shown in Stalker hit the hearts of both players and critics. The game has been popular for many years. Many avid gamers choose Stalker wallpaper for their desktop. Most are very dark, but very atmospheric.

Game wallpaper Stalker on the desktop  Game wallpaper Stalker on the desktop  Game wallpaper Stalker on the desktop

Game wallpapers «Assassin»

Assassins were members of a religious cult that acted cruelly but secretly. In 2007, the eponymous open-world action-adventure game was first released. One of the most famous games of our time pays special attention to parkour and stealth movement. The graphics in the game are at a high level, so even those who are not fans of the series of games of the same name put the wallpaper «Assassin» on their desktop. The romantic and cruel Middle Ages are correctly displayed in each picture.

Assassin gaming wallpaperAssassin gaming wallpaperAssassin gaming wallpaperAssassin gaming wallpaper

neon gaming wallpapers for pc

Neon shades are especially liked by the fair sex, but men are also not averse to choosing such pictures as desktop backgrounds. A variety of images with neon shades look bright, non-standard and can even cheer you up. But you should not choose acidic shades of orange, green and yellow — they will violate the perception of the integrity of the picture and distract attention to themselves.

neon gaming wallpapers for pcneon gaming wallpapers for pcneon gaming wallpapers for pc

But gaming neon wallpapers on PC more often show a night city — signs and shop windows, illuminated skyscrapers, cars. That is, they are often made in blue, purple and lilac tones, which the human brain favorably perceives. Psychologists say that bold and determined people prefer these neon shades.

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