Furniture for a children’s room for a teenage boy

Furniture for a children's room for a boy - choose the best set

Of great importance is the correctly chosen furniture for the children’s room for a boy, which should not only be beautiful, but also meet a number of important criteria. There are a large number of options for different items that differ in their parameters.

Modern children’s furniture for boys

An important and fascinating process is the selection of furniture for a room, and it is important to take into account many parameters. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of furniture, so everyone can choose the most suitable models for themselves. Choose furniture for a boy’s room taking into account such factors:

  1. Room size. If the room is small, then give preference to built-in or transforming furniture. You can buy whole complexes with all the necessary elements.
  2. Age. In order not to make repairs in a few years, designers advise choosing furniture that can change with the growth of the child. Schoolchildren and teenagers should be involved in the choice of furnishing their rooms, as they already have an opinion.
  3. Interests. Furniture should correspond to hobbies, for example, some may like robots, while others may like cars or a marine theme.
  4. materials. Choose furniture made from simple, moisture-resistant and safe materials. High-quality products will last a long time, and they will not require replacement.
  5. Peculiarities. When selecting pieces of furniture, make sure that they do not have sharp corners and protruding parts that can cause injury.

The color of children’s furniture for boys

For decorating a room for boys, it is preferable to choose contrasting colors. The most popular options are shades of blue and the whole spectrum of green. The second option helps to solve several problems at once, since green calms and brings an element of harmony into the room. In the design of the room, you can combine different shades of green. Universal is considered white furniture in the children’s room for a boy, which is suitable for any design.

boys furniture color

The blue color is common, and its main effect on the boy is to increase efficiency. You can choose one main color and dilute it with bright accents. Experts advise you to first familiarize yourself with how different colors affect the child, and then, given his character, choose the most optimal options. In addition, the color in which the design of the room is made is of great importance.

boys furniture color

Arrangement of furniture in the nursery for a boy

Before planning a children’s room, it is recommended to divide the space into the following zones:

  1. Educational. The table should be near the wall so that the child can see the front door. It is recommended to choose transformer chairs and tables so that they adjust as the child grows. In this area there may be shelves for placing books, stationery and so on.
  2. gaming. When planning how to arrange furniture in a boy’s nursery, you need to consider where the toy containers, rug and various lockers used in the game will be located. Here you can install the Swedish wall.
  3. Bedroom. In the nursery, it is important to put the bed in the right place. Being on it, the child should see the front door. The bed should not be under the window and near the battery. You can also use a small sofa.
  4. Storage. The list of furniture for a children’s room for a boy necessarily includes a wardrobe for storing clothes, shoes, toys and so on. There are many options, which may include a workspace, a pull-out bed, and other items.

Children’s cabinet furniture for a boy

The main advantage of cabinet furniture is that it can grow with the child, that is, it is allowed to add new tiers. In addition, it is light in weight, mobile, which provides convenience in rearrangement. Cabinet furniture for a child’s room for a boy in most cases includes items for storing things:

  1. Closets are needed for clothes, shoes and books. They can be wall-mounted, and there are also partition cabinets used for zoning the room.
  2. Secretaries include a folding door or a retractable board that will act as a desk.
  3. Chests with a hinged or removable lid are suitable for toys and other small things.
  4. Of great importance are the shelves where you can put books, cups and other things. Several shelves can form a bookcase or rack.

  children's cabinet furniture for a boy

Modular furniture for a children’s room for a boy

Such furniture is produced in the form of a series, which includes the necessary elements. They are combined in design, creating a unified atmosphere. Other items can be purchased upon request. Children’s modular furniture for boys is made with the possibility of transformation and regulation in height. Facades can remain open or closed. It is worth noting that modular furniture is smaller than cabinet furniture, which helps to make the space more free. Modules are easy to swap, add or remove parts.

modular furniture for a children's room for a boy

Children’s built-in furniture for boys

If there are niches in the room, then you can use built-in furniture. It can be a wardrobe, shelves and so on. The built-in furniture in the children’s room for the boy will help to properly use the free space. There are many different designs, such as pull-out tables, shelves, and so on. Separately, you should consider the options for a pull-out bed, which can be under the pedestal or lowered from the closet. Thanks to this, you can provide a working area and leave more free space for the child.

children's built-in furniture for boys

Children’s classic furniture for a boy

A versatile option for arranging a nursery that does not go out of fashion for a long time. Beautiful children’s furniture for a boy in a classic style is the pursuit of excellence, versatile and up-to-date. The main characteristic features of furniture, decorated in a classic style:

  1. Choose solid and high cabinets that would look like grandmother’s chiffoniers.
  2. Chairs should be light, elegant and not bulky. The classic style is characterized by curved legs and a sophisticated back. Tables are selected in unison with chairs.
  3. Classic furniture for a boy’s nursery includes a tall light chest of drawers, a bookcase and shelves. If there is free space, you can install an armchair or soft poufs in the room.
  4. The bed should be voluminous and bulky. The features of this classic-style furniture include: the presence of soft and voluminous pillows, a quilted bedspread, a high and elegant headboard, and an open footboard.

children's classic furniture for a boy

Children’s furniture for a boy in a marine style

A common style for decorating a room is a marine style, and it is suitable for both a baby and a teenager. For small children, a ship bed is suitable, which can have a canopy in the form of a sail. You can put a locker with doors with portholes. Furniture in light colors, for example, beige, sand and others, harmoniously combined with different blue shades, is good for a children’s bedroom for a boy. Much attention should be paid to accessories: a watch in the form of a steering wheel, an anchor, a seagull, a flag, and so on. You can equip masts for games.

children's furniture for a boy in a marine style

Children’s furniture for a boy — cars

The most common type of furniture for a boy is cars. The easiest way is to find a separate bed in the form of a typewriter, but you can also buy a complete furniture set to decorate the entire room. Stylish furniture for a boy’s children’s room can have facades printed with typewriters. In stores, you can see a wide range of beds in the form of a car, such as a bus, a fire truck, a racing car, and so on. The design may have shelves, drawers and other additions.

Such furniture for a children’s room for a boy may have other accessories:

  1. For glowing headlights, white or orange LED lamps are included in the design. They turn on and off with a special button.
  2. Decoration can be LED backlight, which can also play the role of a kind of night light.
  3. Expensive car beds may have a signal that a boy will enjoy playing with.

children's furniture for the boy cars

Children’s furniture for a schoolboy boy

Changes in the design of the room should be carried out when the child goes to school, as the workspace will need to be organized.

  1. Carry out zoning of the room, allocating a place for sleeping, playing and studying. Please note that the play corner should be at the desk so that while studying, the child does not see the toys and is not distracted.
  2. Children’s furniture for a boy made of solid wood and other safe materials should be selected according to height. Since children grow quickly, you should choose a table and chair transformers that will be adjustable in height.
  3. Be sure to have a place in the room to store not only clothes, but also school supplies.

Children’s furniture for a teenager boy

At this stage of the arrangement of the room, it is necessary to make a choice with the child, since his tastes must be taken into account. Furniture for a teenage room for a boy must meet the following requirements:

  1. Functionality. The main criterion for the selection of furniture, because a teenager has a lot of things that should find their place.
  2. Color. A suitable color scheme is light-colored furniture, since it should not put pressure on the child.
  3. Bed. Furniture for a children’s room for a boy in adolescence should be comfortable. For relaxation, you can choose a bed or a sofa-transformer.
  4. Desk. This item is recommended to be placed near the window, and parts intended for storing things can be placed nearby.
  5. Cupboard. This piece of furniture can be as large as possible and include mezzanines. If there is a niche, then equip the closet there.
  6. Rest zone. It is recommended to organize a place in the room from several items where the child can be alone, relax and go about their business.

children's furniture for a teenager boy

Furniture for a children’s room for two boys

The main parameter for choosing a design for a room in which two guys live is functionality. Use these guidelines:

  1. A popular option for sleeping is a bunk bed, which can have a different design. For two more guys, two single beds or sofas are suitable, which are best placed at an angle to each other.
  2. If two adult children live in a room, then each needs its own workplace. They can be combined by installing a wide window sill.
  3. Children’s furniture for two boys also includes a wide wardrobe, which should be divided into two equal parts so that there are no disputes between the children.

children's room furniture for two boys

Children’s furniture for a boy in a small room

When the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room is small, it is important to make the most of the available square meters. The arrangement of furniture depends on the shape of the room:

  1. All furniture for a narrow children’s room for a boy should not be placed along the wall. The bed can be located along the far wall, and it is better to buy a corner wardrobe, which will not only be roomy, but also help change the shape of the room. Shelves can be placed between windows.
  2. Furniture for a child’s room for a boy, if it has a square shape, is best placed in the corners. A great option is a corner wardrobe with a mirrored door that will visually expand the space.
  3. If the ceiling is high, then you can install a loft bed, where there will be a desk or wardrobe on the ground floor, and a bed on top.

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