English style in the interior — design and decoration of walls, furniture, curtains, wallpaper

English style in the interior - all the subtleties of decoration and furniture selection

An example of impeccable taste and elegance is the English style in the interior, which can include features of various eras. Although there are many decorative elements in such an interior, it remains discreet, elegant and luxurious. One minus — the re-creation of this style in the interior will cost a tidy sum.

English style living room design

The living room in any house is considered a calling card, because in this room it is customary to receive guests and gather with the whole family. When decorating a living room, upholstered furniture in the English style plays an important role, which should be expensive and luxurious. Furniture models should be close to the classics and stand out with good quality and richness of upholstery, and the frame of products should preferably be made of natural wood of expensive varieties.

living room design in english style

English style living room with fireplace

Whether it is a standard English-style apartment or a private house, a fireplace will always look advantageous in the reception room. However, if we are talking about an apartment, then the only option is an artificial electric fireplace. Another thing is a private house. Here the fireplace can be real, and delight guests and households with warmth and comfort emanating from the warmth and crackling of logs. The space around the fireplace is best finished with natural stone, if funds permit. In extreme cases, let’s say an option made of artificial stone.

English style living room with fireplace

Wallpaper in the living room in the English style

When deciding to make a living room in the spirit of old England, you need to know which English-style finish is preferable. It is important to choose the right wallpaper so that the atmosphere of style is conveyed as much as possible and the wall decoration is perfectly combined with other finishing materials and interior items. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should listen to the advice of designers on choosing wallpaper.

  1. Light wallpaper goes well with both dark and light furniture. If the furniture is in dark shades, then choosing dark wallpapers for it is contraindicated — the living room will look very gloomy.
  2. Light wallpaper is better to choose with curls, stripes, flowers. You can make one of the walls monophonic and visually highlight the space near it.
  3. Dark and juicy shades will look best in one of the parts, ideally in the fireplace area.
  4. A very popular version of the wallpaper is plaid, because in most cases such wallpapers contain both light and dark shades.

wallpaper in the living room in the English style

Curtains in the English style for the living room

Thinking through the details of the English style in the interior of the living room, it is important to pay attention to the choice of curtains. This style involves a large presence of textiles, so light and airy curtains are out of place in this case. The English style in the interior is luxury, aristocracy and nobility, therefore, from fabrics for curtains in the living room, it is best suited:

  • brocade;
  • velvet;
  • thick satin;
  • reps;
  • thick silk;
  • tapestry.

As for the choice of shades, experienced designers advise starting from the general color scheme of the interior as a whole. So, for bright interiors, the following shades are better suited:

  • sand;
  • coffee with milk;
  • beige;
  • cream.

For dark interiors in the English style fit:

  • Bordeaux;
  • wine;
  • dark green;
  • umber.

As for the colors, here one of the most popular are recognized:

  • English strip;
  • Scottish cell;
  • curtains with monograms:

English style curtains for the living room

English style bedroom design

In order for the bedroom to match the chosen style direction, you need to properly think over the decoration, decor and furniture. For example, wall decoration with wood in the English style will look organic, which cannot be said about painting the walls, which is more inherent in the loft or country style. When choosing a design, you need to follow the recommendations that will help you make the right choice.

bedroom design in english style

Curtains in the English style for the bedroom

When decorating the interior of a bedroom in the English style, an important element is the curtains, because they serve not only to decorate the window opening, but the quality of rest depends on them. Properly selected curtains should:

  1. Match the chosen style, that is, be made in shades that are combined with furniture and from expensive, dense materials.
  2. The functionality of the curtains should be given special attention — they must be reliably protected from prying eyes, if necessary, do not let light into the room and have noise-absorbing properties.
  3. Designers recommend combining the pattern of curtains with decorative elements, such as pillows, tablecloths, capes, bedspreads.

english style curtains for bedroom

English style bedroom bed

If in terms of design a bedroom in the style of English classics was chosen, then special requirements are put forward for the bed. The ideal option is a large hand-carved bed made of dark woods of the highest quality. More often, such beds are made to order, and the product will cost a lot of money. Decorate the bed with a variety of pillows, carved elements, blankets, blankets and, if desired, a canopy. All this will help to recreate a real English atmosphere and make the bed, as it should be, the central place in the bedroom.

English style bedroom bed

English style bathroom

A luxurious English-style bathroom should delight not only with beauty, but also with functionality. This room also needs to be given a lot of attention, because here we start the day and end it, so everything should be convenient and practical. In addition to correctly selected finishing materials, it is important to know what furniture will best fit into the chosen interior. Designers give a number of tips for decorating a bathroom:

  1. It is ideal to use natural wood treated with special moisture-resistant solutions as a finish.
  2. The walls can also be finished with wood, but in order to save money, materials that imitate wood are also suitable. Their plus is better resistance to moisture.
  3. Decorative tiles will fit well into the style, which, as a rule, are used in two types for horizontal decoration.
  4. The English style is characterized by finishing by painting the walls. The most popular option is painting in three tones, which is produced in three stages, where the bottom is the darkest and the top is the lightest.

English style bathroom

English style bathroom tiles

When choosing an English-style bathroom design for yourself, the first thing you need to pay attention to and where to start is wall and floor decoration. Now they mainly choose ceramic or tile, combining two colors and shades, using moldings. However, if one hundred percent adhere to the English classics, then the walls need to be sheathed with wooden panels and combined with either wallpaper or painting. Colors are recommended to choose in pastel, warm shades.

english style bathroom tiles

English style bathroom furniture

When considering which bathroom furniture in the English style is best suited, you need to remember that it should look aesthetically pleasing. Restraint and luxury will make both a small room and a spacious one royally refined. The English style does not mean a lot of furniture — it is important that there is as much space as possible. In this case, a small cabinet under the sink, a mirror in a massive frame and a hanging cabinet of modest dimensions would be appropriate. If space permits, you can add a cosmetic table located by the mirror.

English style bathroom furniture

English style in the interior of the hallway

Due to the fact that any house begins with a hallway, you need to pay close attention to the interior design of this room. The first impression of the house and its owners is largely formed immediately after the visitor has crossed the threshold of the house. There is not a single detail in the interior of the hallway that would not be important, and given that most apartments have small hallways, the task can become more complicated.

Design features:

  1. A lot depends on the general background, so it is recommended to use wallpaper with inconspicuous patterns for wall decoration, in the form of stripes, floral prints, monograms. Checkered wallpapers will also look good, and ideally, with a plain ceiling and floor. Wallpaper can be combined with wooden options and finished with moldings.
  2. When choosing doors, you should give preference to deaf models made of natural wood.
  3. In the hallway, forged pieces of furniture and wooden ones will look equally good. At the same time, they can be advantageously combined with each other.
  4. The brightness of the lighting should be medium, so you can get by with one chandelier, for example, in the Baroque style.
  5. The ceiling must necessarily be light, plus an antique-style border is allowed, but only if the ceilings are of sufficient height.
  6. What exactly should be avoided when decorating an English-style hallway is plastic and glass.
  7. An entrance hall with an English-style staircase should be made only of wood. A small combination of wood and forging is acceptable, but only very dosed, so that the main accent is made by wood, and forged details emphasize it favorably.
  8. If stone is conceived in the decoration, then natural options should be used, although artificial material can also be purchased in order to save money.

English style in the interior of the hallway

Studio apartment in English style

The design of an English-style apartment should be very well thought out, because one wrong detail can spoil the overall impression of the interior. If we are talking about a studio apartment, then this option is more often chosen by individuals with a creative nature. Knowing about the general rules of design in the English style, it will not be so difficult to combine different (in terms of functionality) parts of it in space.

  1. It is necessary to correctly zone the space and skillfully place accents.
  2. It is worth paying special attention to the choice of furniture so that it looks harmonious. If it is not possible to furnish the entire studio with the same furniture, you can combine all of its items using the same type of decor. For example, use the same textiles on tablecloths, napkins, curtains and decorative pillows.
  3. It is important to remember that it is not worth overloading the interior with numerous furniture, even if it is the most expensive and chic, because the main thing in this style is maximum space.

studio apartment in english styleapartment design in english style

Cabinet in the English style in the apartment

When choosing furniture for this room, whether it is English-style sofas for an office or a work desk, you should give preference to natural wood. If the furniture is upholstered, textile trim should be made of dense, noble fabrics. The presence of carved details of furniture, which must be dark, is very characteristic of this style.

What will always be appropriate in the interior of the office:

  • bookcases;
  • massive carved table;
  • soft sofa, armchairs and chairs, made to match with all the furniture;
  • paintings;
  • candlesticks and candelabra.

English-style study in the apartment

Wallpaper for an office in the English style

When decorating an office in the English style, the design is chosen based on the overall tone, which is why it is so important to choose the right wallpaper. The English classic style in the interior of the office will best match the spirit of the era if you choose the following wallpaper options:

  1. The cage will always look good in the office, no matter what size it is. This option can be called a business card style.
  2. The shades of the wallpaper should be saturated, but not bright. The nobility of color and its richness is an important attribute of the English style.
  3. Wallpaper should be only paper, but of the highest quality.
  4. A combination of striped and plain wallpaper is well suited for an office.

english style cabinet wallpaper

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