Decorating the wall in the bedroom above the bed

Decorating the wall in the bedroom above the bed - stylish design ideas

Not everyone understands why the decoration of the wall in the bedroom above the bed is so important. This space is perceived by a person as a continuation of the bed, but at the same time it does not fall into the field of vision when falling asleep and does not interfere with falling asleep, even if the design is bright and contrasting.

How to decorate the wall above the bed in the bedroom?

Beautiful decor above the bed in the bedroom enhances the mood, makes the room beautiful and cozy. The main element of the bedroom is the bed, its headboard should correspond to the general style of the room, but at the same time stand out, make an accent. What can be the decor of the wall above the bed:

  • flat — textured plaster, wallpaper, drawing, imitation of brick or stone;
  • volumetric — a niche, a shelf, a canopy, a picture, a lamp, a mirror.

Wall mural in the bedroom above the bed

Using photo wallpaper on the wall in the bedroom above the bed is one of the modern ways to highlight the headboard. Beautiful photo wallpapers help to visually increase the size of the room, create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. For example, the image of the forest, mountains, rivers will help you tune in to rest, relax. Images of flowers look good in the bedroom — roses, sakura, dandelions. Particularly relevant today are 3D wallpapers that you can “immerse yourself in”. Another plus of modern materials is that they are easy to care for — they need to be wiped with a damp cloth.

mural on the wall in the bedroom above the bed

Laminate wall in the bedroom above the bed

The practical and beautiful decoration of the wall above the bed in the bedroom with the help of laminate is combined with many other materials — wallpaper, plaster, paint. The surface of the laminate resembles wood, so the headboard made of this material makes the room more cozy and warm. Other advantages of decorating a laminate wall in the bedroom above the bed:

  • ease of installation and combination with other materials;
  • aesthetic appearance at an affordable price;
  • variety of shades on sale;
  • practicality and safety of the material;
  • minimum load on load-bearing structures;
  • reliable barrier against moisture, mold and pathogens.

wall decoration above the bed in the bedroom

Choosing a laminate to decorate the wall in the bedroom above the bed, you can not purchase a coating that differs from the floor — this technique will help to harmonize the room. It is possible to lay a laminate on the wall not only in one color, but also in two (in a checkerboard pattern, with a shift) or more shades (in a chaotic manner). Wall decoration in the bedroom above the bed:

  • for country style, you can choose a dark laminate that resembles wood;
  • for the Japanese interior — imitation of sisal or bamboo;
  • for high-tech style — gray, black, white;
  • for Provence — a light laminate with a worn effect;
  • for minimalism — black or white.

What picture to hang in the bedroom above the bed?

If the question arose of what to hang above the bed in the bedroom, the most common answer is a picture. This piece of decor can be matched to any style and color scheme. Paintings in the bedroom above the bed — decor options:

  • in a modern interior — abstraction, drawing in the style of macro photography, a modular picture;
  • in a romantic interior — a picture embroidered with beads or threads;
  • Provence in the interior — pastel or watercolor;
  • in classical or baroque interiors — paintings with biblical or traditional subjects.

paintings in the bedroom above the bed

Reiki above the bed

An unusual design of the wall above the bed can be done with the help of rails (baffles). They will help to focus on the headboard and bring a sense of closeness to nature and peace to the bedroom. The slats can be placed only on the wall or continue along the ceiling, they can be used to organize an organic niche or shelf space. LEDs can be placed between the baffles on the ceiling, which will help create a sense of relief. How to decorate a wall with baffles in different styles:

  • classic — wide slats with a small gap;
  • modern — narrow slats against the background of the same color;
  • hi-tech — playing with black and white, for example, black slats on a white background;
  • Scandinavian — slats are placed either in a continuous canvas, or at intervals;
  • loft, modern — metal slats are used, painted or laminated.

wall decoration above the bed

What material are baffles made from?

  • oak is an expensive, durable and presentable material, resistant to moisture and insects;
  • beech — a dense beautiful material, requires the mandatory application of varnish;
  • pine is an inexpensive, but beautiful material, it needs processing from decay and insects;
  • MDF — outwardly similar to wood, but cheaper material, resistant to moisture.

Shelf above the bed

A beautiful shelf above the bed in the bedroom can decorate the headboard and serve as a convenience for the owners of the room. On the shelf you can place small paintings or photographs, books, watches, as well as a mobile phone, a glass of water, a TV remote control. The shelf at the head can be simple or curly — it depends on the style of the bedroom and the desire of the owners. Experts do not advise making the shelf too massive, since hanging a large object over the bed causes psychological discomfort, and besides, it can be dangerous — a heavy product can fall.

shelf above the bed in the bedroom

Shelf options for decorating the wall in the bedroom above the bed:

  • classic — a horizontal shelf (or shelves) at the headboard at arm’s length, the decor is calm;
  • fantasy — in the form of a sea wave, a branch of a tree, very beautiful, but less functional;
  • in a niche — such a shelf will not fall over time, you can put more items on it, you can build lamps into it;
  • modular — for safety, the design is attached with anchor bolts, it is very roomy and can replace a nightstand or bedside table;
  • in the form of a rack — it is made as part of the bed, so it does not need to be hung up, it is very functional.

Sconce over the bed

Hanging a wall lamp above the bed in the bedroom is for those who need an additional source of light. A sconce is both a lamp with a soft subdued light and a spectacular piece of decor that will help create a special mood in the bedroom. Modern sconces can be with a rotating body or stationary. The first option allows you to direct the light to the desired point, for example, when reading, the second option creates a cozy diffused glow.

sconce over the bed in the bedroom

Plafonds for sconces are made in the form of flowers, pendants, lanterns, candles, various shapes, including geometric ones, which makes it possible to choose the right option for any interior. Turning the lamp on and off can be done using a sensor, cord, button, lever. The lamps that sconces are equipped with can also be different — incandescent, LED, halogen. Stylistic directions of lamps:

  • classic — discreet, chandelier-like lamps;
  • minimalism — elegant, but simple design, without ornate;
  • modern — lamps with smooth outlines, made of eco-materials;
  • vintage — products with monograms, complex design elements.

Dreamcatcher above the bed in the bedroom

The mystical decor above the bed — a dream catcher — is loved by people who believe in the power of various amulets. The dream catcher is hung at the head not only for beauty, but also for protection from everything bad that can penetrate a person under the cover of night. In addition, the amulet gives the sleeper good dreams and protects against insomnia. Such a decoration as a dream catcher is appropriate in both a modern interior and a rustic-style bedroom, but most of all it is suitable for an oriental (Indian) style room.

decor above the bed

Canopy over the bed

Another way to protect yourself in a dream is to hang a wall canopy over the bed. This interior element can be expensive — made of silk and lace trimmed with beads and pearls, or simple and concise — made of thin translucent fabric. The canopy is able to make the bedroom luxurious and original, but this decoration has its drawbacks — it collects dust, it needs to be washed frequently to make it look beautiful, ironed if the fabric is wrinkled. How to choose a canopy depending on the style:

  • in the classic palace style, luxury is appropriate, so you can use velvet, satin, tapestry;
  • in the baroque style, a canopy made of silk and satin will be combined;
  • for an oriental style, the canopy should be fringed;
  • for a romantic style, tulle and thin cotton are suitable.

canopy wall above the bed

Garland over the bed

Romantic lamps above the bed create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. This type of decor goes well with other types of decorations, for example, you can decorate a canopy or shelf with a garland. In addition to the decorative function, the garland above the bed can also serve as a lamp with diffused soft light. Another plus of this decoration is that it can be easily removed or replaced with another one.

lamps above the bed

Posters in the bedroom above the bed

The decor in the form of a photo above the bed in the bedroom should be chosen very carefully so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the room, intended for rest and relaxation. The poster for the bedroom should be liked by the owner of the room, otherwise after a while the picture will become annoying. The safest topics are nature, reproductions of classics, maps. In addition to the image, the size of the poster is also important — wide and panoramic images visually make the bedroom wider, a vertical canvas will visually increase the height of the room. Several small posters are placed with a composition that does not extend beyond the edges of the bed.

photo above the bed in the bedroom

Panel above the bed

The decorative element of the panel above the bed in the bedroom requires space and does not like being next to other types (except for lamps), as this overloads the space. Types of panels for the headboard:

  • brighter wallpaper at the head than on the rest of the bedroom walls;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • wall painting;
  • carved wooden panels;
  • textile panels;
  • a panel of several photographs;
  • stucco.

panel above the bed in the bedroom

Mural on the wall in the bedroom above the bed

Traditionally, a fresco is painting on plaster, but modern types of frescoes can also be on glass, canvas, wood, interlining, plastic or ceramics. Designers believe that the fresco in the bedroom above the bed is a universal type of decor for any style. The Mediterranean bedroom can be decorated with the image of the city, the eastern one — with endless prairies, the loft — with stylization of the city landscape or graffiti, the classic one — with a beautiful landscape, clouds, flowers.

fresco in the bedroom above the bed

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