Curtains in the office — design in the apartment, roman, roller, in the English style

Curtains in the office - new ideas and the best solutions for window decoration

Window decor is one of the important elements of interior design. All options for designing a working space, including curtains for an office, contribute to the creation of a businesslike working environment here. After all, his performance depends on how comfortable and convenient it is for a person to do business.

Curtains for an office in an apartment

More recently, an office was a rare occurrence for an ordinary apartment. Nowadays, the presence of a room that is used for work or receiving visitors is not a whim, but a necessity for many. The design of curtains for an office should emphasize the strict business atmosphere of this working room. There are many different window styles available. For this, different types of fabrics can be used, the choice of which depends on the volume of the room, the level of its illumination, as well as on the wishes of the owner of the cabinet.

curtains for office

Roman blinds for office

This type of curtain looks great in many interior styles, because Roman blinds combine the practicality of blinds and the versatility of conventional fabrics. Their conciseness and simplicity can complement and decorate the workplace environment. Such models, in harmony with the overall design, are able to emphasize the status of the owner of the office. Sometimes they can be combined with curtains. When choosing the design of Roman blinds for your home office, you should remember some of their features:

  1. Compactness — the cornice for Roman blinds is attached to the ceiling, wall or window opening.
  2. The ability to adjust the height of the lift — the canvas rises to the required level, so you can control the degree of illumination in the office.
  3. Safety — special weights are attached to the lower edges of the canvases, which hold back the curtains and prevent them from developing from a draft or a breath of wind.
  4. Easy care — the canvas can be easily removed from the eaves and washed in warm soapy water. After that, they should be hung in place, without waiting for drying, and the curtains will straighten out under their own weight.

roman blinds for office

Roller blinds for office

Such curtains in the office can to some extent dilute the strict atmosphere of the working room. With the help of this fashionable accessory, the office turns into a cozy place for receiving business partners and other guests. The design of curtains for an office in an apartment can be very different. When making a window opening in this room, many people prefer plain light canvases: sand, beige, light brown, and so on. There are two types of roller blinds:

  1. Open type — the canvas is wound onto a shaft, which can be attached both to the frame and to the wall.
  2. Closed type — in this design, the canvas moves along special guides. Curtains fit as tightly as possible to the window, providing excellent protection from the sun’s rays. The canvas does not deviate from the window even in the ventilation mode.

roller blinds for office

Curtains-blinds in the office

Curtains for the home office in the form of blinds perfectly complement the laconic business style of the workroom. On sale you can find two types of these curtains:

  1. Horizontal blinds consist of flexible aluminum slats. They are compact and perfectly save space, easy to maintain, harmoniously fit into the ascetic business style of the office.
  2. Vertical blinds are a more prestigious and solid option for curtains for a workspace. These vertical structures can visually enlarge a low room and expand the window opening. Such curtains in the office will be in perfect harmony with both classic leather armchairs and an oak table, as well as with chrome elements of modern high-tech style.

curtains blinds in the office

Blackout curtains in the office

In a modern interior, curtains in an office should be of the same style solution with other design elements. For a study in a classic style, strict curtains of soft golden, burgundy, green shades are perfect. Beautifully look curtains in the office, designed in the same tone with furniture upholstery or slightly different in shade from the color of the walls. If you decide to decorate the window opening with long thick curtains, then they will do an excellent job of protecting the room from bright sunlight.

blackout curtains for office

Curtains in an office with a hidden cornice

If stretch ceilings are installed in the office, then when decorating the window, there may be a problem with installing a curtain rod, because nothing can be fixed to the pvc film. The same applies to suspended plasterboard ceilings. In this case, curtains in an office with a hidden cornice will be an ideal option. Long curtains with inconspicuous fixtures hidden in a special niche will visually make the room taller and more spacious, which is especially important for a small office.

curtains in an office with a hidden cornice

Curtains for an office in an apartment with a lambrequin

For the design of a spacious office, the most popular style is classic. In such a room, long curtains with tiebacks and a lambrequin will look great. These curtains can be made on a lining. To avoid excessive pomposity, the classic lambrequin can be straight and hard. If desired, it can be decorated with small tassels or cord.

Another popular style for decorating a workspace is English, which implies solid restraint in everything. English-style curtains for an office are luxurious curtains made of taffeta, jacquard and other heavy fabrics with many folds. These elegant and even solemn curtains emphasize the respectability and solidity of the owner of the office.

curtains for an office in an apartment with a lambrequin

Short curtains in the office

If there is a table or a sofa near the window in the office, then in this case it would be appropriate to use short curtains as window decor. When decorating an office, curtains up to the window sill can be easily closed and at the same time they will not wrinkle, as it would be with long curtains. Austrian curtains look beautiful in the office, which give solemnity to the whole atmosphere of this working room. Such curtains can be combined with long curtains to create a complete window decor.

short curtains for office

Tulle curtains in the office

If you decide to decorate windows in the workplace with Roman or roller blinds, then you can combine them with snow-white tulle. This design of curtains for the office will fit perfectly into both modern interiors and traditional classics. Exquisite white tulle curtains will set off the texture and beauty of thick curtains. A light, simple tulle curtain will not weigh down the cabinet space. Letting in diffused daylight, it will serve as an excellent decor for a north-facing window.

tulle curtains in the office

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