Curtains in the nursery for a girl

Curtains in the nursery for a girl - beautiful design ideas

The girl’s bedroom can be different — both the princess’s abode, and look like a gym or an informal culture club, and how the curtains in the nursery for the girl will look depends, first of all, on the design of the room. But there are general important selection criteria that should be followed.

Curtains in the girl’s room

The main function that curtains for a girl should perform is to protect the room from sunlight, but the necessary degree of protection depends on which side the windows face — sunny or shady, and from the child himself — some children at an early age can even sleep during the day only in total darkness. According to the degree of protection from the sun, curtains can be divided into:

  1. Blackout — 100% opaque. The fabric of these curtains consists of several layers, they are non-flammable and dust-repellent. The only drawback of blackout curtains is the very high price.
  2. Blackout

  3. Drapery curtains — a good option for well-lit rooms, with their help the room can be well darkened. Fabrics are completely different in color and quality.
  4. Drapery curtains

  5. tulle curtains — look very light, airy and gentle. But they are suitable for decoration only if the windows face the shady side, and if you do not need to darken the room.
  6. tulle curtains

An equally important role in choosing curtains is played by their color. First of all, it should be in harmony with the overall color scheme of the room. Plain canvases in such colors are very popular:

More interesting and colorful will look like this design of curtains for a girl’s room:

  • two-color canvases;
  • two-color canvases

  • curtains with a small print;
  • fine print curtains

  • curtains with a large print;
  • large print curtains

  • striped curtains.
  • striped curtains

Curtains with a lambrequin in the nursery for a girl

Lambrequin is a great way to decorate beautiful curtains for a girl’s nursery, to complete the window decor. He especially helps out when there is a need to hide the eaves. More often it is used as a set for tulle and curtain curtains. By design, lambrequins are:

  • tough — made of dense fabric and well-kept shape;
  • soft — light fabrics from which beautiful twists are made.

Roller blinds for girls

Roller blinds for a girl’s bedroom are a very stylish and practical solution, especially when it comes to a schoolgirl’s or teenager’s room. The advantage of this window design is:

  • functionality — curtains are located along the glass, and the window sill remains free;
  • practicality — even a small child can easily cope with their opening and closing;
  • a wide range ofallowing you to choose any design of curtains for every taste.

Roller blinds for girls

The design of roller blinds depends on the age of the girl. Toddlers of preschool and primary school age will most likely like curtains with photo printing, with the image of their favorite cartoon characters, funny animals or bright flowers. The main thing is not to choose too catchy colors so as not to irritate the children’s nervous system.

Roller blinds for girls

A universal option for any age of a child and the interior of a room is plain roller blinds in a nursery for a girl, or canvases with a small neutral print. In the design of the room, they can be used both as an independent decoration of the window of the children’s room, and as additional protection from the sun under the tulle. Popular colors are white, gray, milky, pale pink, pistachio, blue.

Roller blinds for girls

Roman blinds for a girl’s nursery

This design of curtains for girls is beautiful and practical, easy to open and close, care for them will not cause you any trouble. The fabric for Roman curtains is used differently, ranging from light tulle and ending with light-tight blackout. An important advantage of Roman blinds over the roller blinds described above is that Roman blinds can also be used in classic interiors.

Roman blinds for a girl's nursery

Short curtains in the nursery for a girl

When choosing a curtain design for a girl’s nursery, you should not ignore such an option as short curtains, which from a practical point of view have advantageous advantages:

  1. Any fabric collects dust, which is not at all good for children’s health. Short curtains are a smaller «dust collector» than long curtains or tulle.
  2. If the girl is small, short curtains are safer for her — there is no risk that she will pull the fabric or run over her with children’s transport, breaking off the cornice.
  3. This version of the curtains will fit beautifully into the light and airy styles of the interior — for example, classic or Provence.
  4. Short curtains in the nursery for a girl

Curtains on grommets for girls

Modern ideas for curtains for a girl’s children’s room are very diverse, and sometimes they may seem to differ in a trifle, but the look of the window decor changes radically. These include curtains on the grommets. In fact, these are the same curtains that can be made from fabrics of different designs and qualities. Their peculiarity is that for their fastening it is not necessary to sew on a braid — rings and eyelets are embedded in the fabric, which are put on the pipe cornice.

Pleats on curtains with eyelets look stylish and original, and it is much easier to make them uniform than on curtain curtains with braid. Another important plus that the curtains on the grommets in the nursery for a girl have is convenience. Large metal rings move along a smooth cornice much easier than hooks on ordinary curtain rods, and it is more convenient for a child to use them on their own.

Curtains on grommets for girls

Curtains for a teenage girl

Choosing curtains for a girl’s teenage room is not always an easy task. First of all, it is worth remembering that a teenager is no longer a child, a girl at this age most likely already has her own taste preferences, which are unlikely to coincide with those of her parents. With all the possible eccentricity in preferences, psychologists recommend letting your teenage daughter decorate the room on her own, but your task as parents is to help her choose a convenient and practical decor.

The most popular nursery curtain ideas for a teenage girl are:

  • classic tulle with curtains in pink or lilac tones;
  • Curtains for a teenage girl

  • two-color curtain curtains;
  • Curtains for a teenage girl

  • Roman blinds, plain or with a neutral pattern;
  • Curtains for a teenage girl

  • roller blinds, neutral or themed.
  • Curtains for a teenage girl

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