Computer gaming chair — the difference between professional gaming products from children’s and massage

Computer gaming chair - the choice from comfortable to the most expensive in the world

The fact that the right computer gaming chair can help you win in a virtual battle is known to professional eSportsmen. Thanks to this piece of furniture, the player finds the most comfortable position easier, gets less tired during the game and maintains the health of the spine.

Top gaming chairs

Gamers spend a lot of time at the computer and the best gaming chairs help them to maintain a healthy back and a beautiful posture:

  1. AKRACING AK-K7012. Comfortable chair with comfortable foam filling. Wear-resistant textile upholstery, pleasant at any temperature. Sturdy frame that can withstand 150 kg. The chair is easy to adjust to your needs thanks to high-quality springs.

best gaming chairs

  1. DXRacer Formula OH/FD01. Chair with a high back and the possibility of lateral support. Steel frame that can withstand 120 kg. Comfortable textile upholstery. There is a swing mechanism.

best gaming chairs

  1. Corsair T3 RUSH. Stylish chair with racing design. Filler with shape memory effect. Breathable upholstery. Provides good support even when sitting for a long time. Wide range of customization options. Can be transferred to a prone position.

best gaming chairs

  1. DXRacer Formula OH/FE08. Armchair with two cushions. Upholstery made of high quality leatherette. Equipped with a swing mechanism with the ability to fix the back in a comfortable position. Adjustable armrests. Very high build quality.

best gaming chairs

  1. COUGAR Armor Titan. Stylish design. Reliable, stable design, withstanding 160 kg. Leatherette upholstery. Wide seat with lateral support. Great customization options to any convenient position. Armrest adjustment.

best gaming chairs

  1. Noblechairs Epic Real Leather. Premium segment computer gaming chair with leather upholstery and memory polyurethane filling. Sturdy aluminum frame. Adjustable seat and armrests. Includes pillows for the neck and lower back.

best gaming chairs

What is the difference between a gaming chair and a computer chair?

Sitting in one position for a long time is fraught with stiff muscles, pinched vessels, and pinched nerves. The player spends a lot of time in front of the monitor, so comfortable gaming chairs differ from conventional computer gaming chairs in their design and improved comfort. They have anatomical seats and backs, which maintains a uniform load on the spine and anatomically correct body position. The most comfortable gaming chairs feature breathable upholstery and a wide range of adjustments to suit users of all body types and heights.

Additional options for computer gaming chairs that are equipped with more expensive models:

  • lumbar pillow;
  • the ability to recline the back to a supine position;
  • retractable footboard;
  • blowing system;
  • built-in massager, mouse, gamepad, pedals, steering wheel, acoustics and other devices for playing.

comfortable gaming chairs

How to choose a gaming chair?

A special gaming chair can be bought even for a non-professional player — it will help to avoid many health problems, especially for a teenager. Recently, even office employees have chosen gaming chairs, since it is more convenient to work in them for 8 hours in a row. How to choose a gaming chair for your computer:

  1. Design. The chair should have an anatomical back and be equipped with armrests and a headrest. The crosspiece of a gaming chair is wider than that of an office chair — this is important so that the player does not tip over during a sudden movement. Before buying a computer gaming chair, it is better to test it — sit in it — if there is discomfort and inconvenience, you cannot buy such a model.
  2. Materials. To make the right choice of a gaming chair, you need to find out what the frame is made of and what material the upholstery is made of. A strong frame is made of metal and durable polymers, the lightest and strongest models are made of aluminum. For upholstery use leather (in the most expensive models), leatherette and textiles. In a chair with leatherette, the back can sweat, so you should opt for a combination or textile upholstery. The wheels are better rubberized — they do not damage the floor when moving the chair.
  3. Adjustment options. The best models of computer gaming chairs have ample opportunities for adjusting the height of the chair itself, the headrest and armrests, the backrest tilt, and there is a rocking mechanism.
  4. Permissible loads. If the player’s weight is more than allowed, the chair may break right during the game.
  5. Price. A good gaming chair cannot be cheap, if the model is inexpensive, then it either does not have some of the declared options, or it is a low-quality fake.

Professional gaming chair

Products designed specifically for gamers — professional gaming chairs for gamers — are highly durable and can withstand a load of 120-160 kg. The design of such a chair helps not to experience discomfort during a gaming session for a gamer of any height and weight. The back of such a chair can be translated into a lying position to relax after especially stressful moments. The quality of a professional gaming chair takes into account a long service life, the product does not start to creak and peel off.

gaming chairs for gamers

most expensive gaming chair

The cost of the best gaming chairs for gamers increases depending on the growth of the functionality of the product. One of the most expensive models, featuring innovative solutions and costing about 60 thousand rubles, is produced by WARP. The Warpath armchair is upholstered in genuine leather, leans back 190 degrees, has 3D armrests, five-arm «Flake», ergonomic design. Optionally, lighting, acoustics, ventilation can be built into the chair.

best gaming chairs for gamers

Gaming chair with monitor

The futuristic gaming chair with monitor also includes a computer, sound system and more. The design resembles the shape of a scorpion, on the tail of which monitors are located. You can spend a long time in such a computer gaming chair — the body is in a comfortable position, the legs are on a stand, the keyboard and mouse are at hand. A gaming chair with a monitor is an offer for those who cannot imagine life without a game and spend a lot of time in front of a monitor every day.

gaming chair with monitor

Children’s gaming chair

Some parents, seeing that their child is fond of games, want to purchase a gaming children’s computer chair. There are no specialized gaming chairs for children. Adult computer gaming chairs are suitable for teenagers, which need to be adjusted for their height. Young children are not recommended to play computer games for a long time, therefore, they do not produce special devices for them, but if there is a need for such a piece of furniture, you can purchase a chair with minimal dimensions and a footrest.

Gaming chair with footrest

A comfortable gaming chair with a footrest is a very popular purchase. The footrest helps a teenager or a small person to take the correct position in a computer chair. Thanks to the stand, the load on the musculoskeletal system is reduced. It is good if the footrest is adjustable — allowing you to choose not only the height, but also the angle of inclination.

gaming chair with footrest

Gaming chair with massage

Professional: a gaming chair with massage is a lifesaver for serious players, e-sportsmen who are forced to stay in a static position for a long time. Acupressure will help you relax and relieve muscle pain after a long gaming session. In addition to massage chairs, there are more budgetary massage capes. They can be used on a gaming or regular office computer chair.

Gaming rocking chair

Very often, a gaming chair for a computer is equipped with a rocking mechanism that allows you to adjust the backrest tilt, its height and distance from the seat. Advanced rocking models are able to turn into a real rocking chair. The best mechanism for deep rocking is called Deep Tilt, which is almost impossible to find in Russia. A more common rocking mechanism is the multiblock, which allows you to adjust the position of the backrest and fix it in different positions.

Gaming chair-bed

Budget models of gaming chairs have a slope of 135 degrees, which only allows you to lean back, but not lie down. Full reclining models are more expensive, but if you purchase a gaming computer chair with a 180-degree backrest, you can use it as a bed to rest after a long game. The Cougar Ranger gaming sofa is a model for those who do not like to sit in one position. In this chair you can sit, lie down, reclining.

gaming computer chair

Gaming bean bag chair

Frameless gaming computer chairs for the home — bags — are only gaining popularity. Among these models you can find chairs for teenagers and young children. The advantages of a bean bag chair are increased comfort, the presence of many pockets in which you can put the most necessary things. The special filler for the bean bag does not rustle or creak, but at the same time retains volume and softness well. The upholstery is made of eco-leather. The high quality of the seams of the bean bag allows you to play with a full load.

gaming computer chairs for home

Illuminated gaming chair

Built into the best gaming chairs, RGB lighting can take the form of a luminous tape that outlines the contours, or a block built into the back. For high-quality models, the backlight can be adjusted by changing the brightness, pulsation, color change. The backlight function has a purely decorative purpose and is found only in advanced models of computer gaming chairs.

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