Brown color in the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen


Brown color in the interior - what features of perception do you need to know when decorating the interior?

Thinking through the color scheme of a house or apartment, many tend to get away from brown, considering it too boring and even gloomy. But with proper use, the brown color in the interior can literally push the walls apart, turning even the tiniest apartment into an elegant and stylish apartment.

Brown color in the interior — features

There is no better choice for decorating your home than various shades of brown. The following features of this color contribute to this:

  1. Variety of shades. Brown can be home-warming or formally strict, warm or cold, light or dark. At the same time, all its shades perfectly coexist with both other colors of the natural range, and with bright acid colors.
  2. Versatility. The right combination of brown in the interior will be equally appropriate in the living room, in the bedroom, and in the nursery. It is suitable for interiors in various styles, ranging from country to high-tech. At the same time, any room in brown tones will look expensive and elegant, and it will be comfortable to be in it.
  3. Beneficial effect on the psyche. Psychologists assure that the brown color in the interior is not only possible, but also vital, as it gives a sense of security and stability, promotes relaxation and psychological relaxation. In this age of bright colors and loud sounds in the house, a room in neutral natural tones is necessary.

Brown furniture in the interior

There is no better way to give a room a respectable look than to furnish it with brown furniture. So that the dwelling does not look too official and dull, it is important to correctly beat the combination of brown furniture in the interior:

  1. Dark brown cabinets and sofas will look good against the background of delicate pastel wallpaper or plaster with an unexpressed pattern (blurry or small) or no pattern at all.
  2. Light brown upholstery and facades require the neighborhood of darker walls: chocolate, coffee, orange, green or red.
  3. The abundance of brown surfaces in the interior can visually reduce the room, so if the upholstery or furniture facades are decorated in dark brown, then it is better to choose textiles (curtains, bedspreads) and floor coverings in lighter colors.

brown furniture in the interior

Brown curtains in the bedroom

A night’s rest will be productive if the room is completely dark. Therefore, dark brown curtains in the interior of any bedroom turn out to be in the courtyard. Even a tiny and poorly lit bedroom with such window decoration will only benefit — it will want to quickly get under the covers and relax. But in the living room they should be hung only if there is sufficient space and lighting, otherwise, instead of a cozy twilight, there is a great risk of getting one dullness. Stylistically, curtains in brown tones fit perfectly into any room with wooden floors and furniture.

brown curtains for bedroom

Brown walls in the interior

In the design of the walls, brown should be used dosed — to finish one zone, wall or niche. If the soul gravitates towards a monochrome interior, it makes sense to play with textures: a competent combination of matte and glossy surfaces will help to avoid the “blurred spot” effect. Brown wallpaper in the interior of a small room can be used very carefully, because they tend to «compress» the space even more. At the same time, you need to take care of additional lighting: wall sconces and lights will help make the room more comfortable.

brown walls in the interior

Brown doors in the interior

Dark doors are not easy to fit into the interior when it comes to the design of a small room. They require appropriate flooring and/or skirting boards, and tend to take the most attention. A light asymmetrical insert that divides the door leaf into two unequal parts will help get rid of the unwanted optical effect of “pressure”. Light brown doors in the interior of residential premises give a feeling of comfort and tranquility. So that they do not look cheap, the finish should be as concise as possible: a small glass insert, a smooth handle, etc.

brown doors in the interior

Brown laminate in the interior

When choosing a shade of laminate, all the same recommendations work as for other surfaces: the smaller the room, the lighter the finish should be. The dark brown floor in the interior will look especially advantageous if you combine it with light-colored furniture and contrasting wall decoration. Light brown laminate will harmoniously fit into rooms of any size and style, while gray-brown will add a touch of sophistication to the design. In terms of practicality, a laminate of non-uniform coloring in light colors shows itself to be more convenient, on which dust and water drops are not so visible.

brown laminate in the interior

Brown tiles in the interior

Initially, all ceramic products and tiles, including those, were red-brown. With the development of production technology, their color range has expanded significantly, but brown ceramics have not ceased to be popular. Now it can have three types of color: one-color, wood-like, stone-like. The greatest demand is for tiles imitating a stone or wooden surface. The latter helps to create a cladding that combines the comfort, warmth of wood and the practicality of ceramics. Ceramic brown floor in the interior — a combination of:

  1. Deep dark brown is suitable for decorating spacious rooms with light walls and a white (light beige) ceiling.
  2. Tiles imitating wood or stone will be appropriate in hallways, kitchens and bathrooms of any footage with walls of almost any color.
  3. Light brown floor tiles will visually expand the room, but it will not be particularly easy to maintain.

brown tiles in the interior

Brown ceiling in the interior

Thinking through the design of the house, many do not even think about what possibilities a brown stretch ceiling can open in the interior. In combination with a well-chosen wall and floor finish, it not only does not press, but also gives a feeling of warmth and comfort:

  1. The brown color in the interior of the kitchen will evoke associations with a cup of coffee and the sweetness of chocolate.
  2. With its help, the bedroom will turn into a cozy nest that you won’t want to leave.
  3. The living room will acquire an expensive and respectable look.
  4. Such a ceiling will bring a business mood to the office.

No matter how strange it may seem, the brown color on the ceiling will not only not “eat up” the height of the room, but will even play into the hands of those who want to at least visually expand the room. For example, a narrow long room will look wider if you divide the ceiling into several equal zones using boxes of a contrasting color and chocolate film. The design looks very impressive, in which the floor and ceiling seem to mirror each other in the negative: the light zones on the floor correspond to the dark ones on the ceiling and vice versa.

brown ceiling in the interior

What is the combination of brown color in the interior?

To make the room cozy, it is important to choose the right combination of colors with brown in the interior:

  1. White. A classic color combination in which both of them have the opportunity to reach their full potential. For some, the interior in white and brown colors may seem boring, but true connoisseurs cannot fail to note the laconicism and elegance of this solution, which gives rise to associations with old photographs.
  2. Mint. Such a color duo will suit all those who are looking for the perfect solution for the realization of an interior for two: the restrained masculinity of brown perfectly emphasizes the natural softness of mint.
  3. Copper. Warm red-orange copper is what the reserved brown lacks. The combination of these colors gives rise to the illusion of restrained strength, which is best suited for outstanding and energetic natures.
  4. Yellow. A bright and unbanal combination allows you to get both a strict and boring interior.
  5. Turquoise. A very stylish duet, which is now at the peak of fashion. The interior in brown-turquoise colors will appeal to both teenagers and mature adults.
  6. Fuchsia. For those who cannot imagine a house without bright colors, it makes sense to dilute the restraint of brown with elements of fuchsia.

Interior in brown tones

In order for the brown color in the interior to emphasize all the advantages of the home, and not make it gloomy, you should be guided by the following rules:

  1. The smaller the room, the more light surfaces it should have. In rooms of small footage, rich dark shades of brown should be used only as auxiliary ones.
  2. Neutral brown wall decoration is ideally diluted with color accents: bright pillows, window textiles, decorative elements.
  3. Brown interior requires good lighting. Even if the windows face the sunny side, it is necessary to provide additional light sources: wall sconces, LED lighting for niches and furniture.

Living room in brown tones

The brown interior of the living room testifies to the good taste and self-confidence of its inhabitants. The classic solution involves the use of light, discreet wallpaper and dark furniture, an expensive parquet or laminate floor, heavy velvet or satin curtains on the windows, and several stylish elements: a wrought-iron chandelier, candlesticks, bronze door handles, and so on. The modern interior is characterized by dark walls, light furniture and floors. Bright details will help to dilute the brown environment: ottomans, pillows, panels.

brown living room

Bedroom in brown tones

The calming and relaxing effect of brown on the psyche is fully realized in the bedroom. Thick dark brown curtains will create a pleasant twilight, and chocolate-colored wallpaper will help you fall asleep faster. What will be the brown bedroom depends on where its windows go:

  1. In the south-facing room, you can use any shade, from dark chocolate to coffee.
  2. In facing north, it is better to give preference to light and warm tones: sandy, creamy, with a red or orange tint.

brown bedroom

Brown kitchen

Thinking through the design of the kitchen, do not forget that its main purpose is a place for cooking. The color solution should not cause irritation and unpleasant thoughts. In addition, good lighting is required. A brown kitchen can be implemented in two ways: dark furniture + light (neutral) walls or light furniture + dark walls. The flooring in any of the schemes can be both dark and light. But dark brown tiles (laminate) will require much more frequent cleaning than light ones — not only dust, but also the slightest drips of water or grease will be visible on it.

brown kitchen

Brown bathroom interior

In most cases, the layout of the apartments does not include spacious bathrooms. In a small room, it is unwise to use rich dark monochrome finishes that will reduce an already small bathroom. But the beige-brown interior will not only give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite color, but at the same time visually push the walls apart. It can be implemented according to the classic “dark bottom-light top” scheme or by laying out only one of the walls with dark tiles. A stylish highlight will be the floor tiles laid out in the form of a chessboard.

brown bathroom interior


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