Black and white interior — modern wallpaper, paintings, floor, tiles in design

Black and white interior - the best ideas and design options for stylish design

The magical black and white interior looks stylish, spectacular and at the same time strict. The decision to finish the room in this color is original, it will add a mystery to it, but these two traditional colors must be used carefully, taking into account the advice of experts.

Black and white modern interior

It is very convenient to use a combination of contrasting colors in the design, the black and white interior of the room will allow you to proportionally divide it into functional areas, visually adjust the shape of the home. The traditional combination of such colors is appropriate in various styles — high-tech, minimalism, techno, for classics you can add a little beige palette to it, for a loft — brick. The black and white interior of any apartment can be both sharp and soft, depending on the ratio of the basic and additional palettes involved.

Black and white living room interior

An extraordinary interior in strict black and white colors in the living room looks good, but it is believed that there should be more white color in it to make the dwelling look more spacious. You can make the hall bright, use dark furniture or decorate the sofa with graphite pillows. Black and white patterns in the interior on the wallpaper or monochrome photographs are a great way to decorate the view wall of a room — a fireplace or a sofa.

The chosen style needs to be emphasized with two or three details — posters or a crystal chandelier with a pleasant sheen. The design of the hall can be complemented with light snow-white curtains and curtains with black elements. Textile details of additional color (red, lilac, blue, beige) in the form of upholstery on an armchair or a pattern on a sofa cushion can slightly soften the austere environment.

black and white living room interior

Black and white bedroom interior

The monochrome black and white interior of the apartment is also suitable for decorating the bedroom. Its background can be made completely snow-white or black, but it is better to use an intermediate option — choose a wallpaper with a textured pattern and make the wall above the bed dark, the remaining surfaces light. You can equip the room in a modern minimalist style with laconic furniture without frills or luxurious baroque with patterned wallpaper and a sleeping bed with a chic back.

It is better to choose furniture in contrast to the walls; a black and white bed in the interior will suit any background of the apartment. In a room with a predominance of dark tones, you need to provide good lighting — install sconces, floor lamps, ceiling chandeliers and lamps. You can complement the interior with a small amount of textiles with a lace pattern or geometric patterns — contrasting patterns on pillows and curtains will enliven the design.

black and white bedroom interior

Black and white kitchen interior

To create a beautiful black and white kitchen in the interior, you need to correctly use the proportions of these two palettes. Several design scenarios:

  1. Decorate the floor and kitchen apron with a dark color, and the walls and ceiling with snow-white. It is better to buy furniture with a light top and a black bottom.
  2. Another way is to design the floor, backsplash and countertops in white, and the facades in black.
  3. Snow-white furniture on black surfaces will create the effect of a deep niche in the wall.
  4. If you make one wall black, then it will deepen, and the kitchen will look larger.

In such a room, it is necessary to create uniform lighting using spotlights from the ceiling. Monochrome prints on textiles fit perfectly into the black and white interior — stripes, zebra, polka dots, chess cage, notes, motifs of piano keys. Modern beautiful materials will help to diversify the severity of the design — glossy surfaces or countertops with a marbled pattern.

black and white kitchen interior

Bathroom interior in black and white

The smaller the dimensions of the bathroom, the more white should be present in it. Black color can be used to highlight beautiful sanitary ware, finish skirting boards, floors with a print, in furniture fronts or countertops, in the form of tinted glass for a shower cabin, in a tile pattern, wall edging. Glossy or mirror bathroom tiles are popular.

The interior of the room in black and white, when ornaments are included in it, is better to decorate with medium-sized drawings. Geometric patterns, mosaics, decorative inserts in the form of monochrome panels, panels «black bottom — white top» are relevant. In a spacious room, using dark colors, it is advisable to decorate individual parts of plumbing, storage systems, cabinets, even entire surfaces.

black and white bathroom interior

Black and white interior for a boy

The austerity of a black and white interior can be used when arranging a room for a boy; teenagers perceive it as stylish and modern. It is appropriate to arrange an accent wall in the form of a board covered with formulas, children’s drawings or monochrome graffiti, photo wallpapers with views of the metropolis. Youth posters, contrasting letters will help to decorate the bedroom.

Popular black and white interior with bright accents — red, yellow, blue. A luscious carpet on the floor, a cape on the bed, a painted niche in the wall, a catchy chair will enliven the strict design. But do not use multi-colored accents — it is better to choose one additional contrasting tone. It is better to choose a black-and-white cabinet in such an interior built-in with frosted milk doors, decorated with dark tinted glass.

black and white interior for a boy

Black and white hallway interior

The stylish black and white color in the interior of the hallway must be used correctly so as not to make the already modest room cramped. Often a light tone dominates in a room — three walls in the corridor can be finished in a white palette, and the fourth in black. The latter should be minimally decorated, and furniture should be placed along the light ones. In black gloss, you can decorate the floor and ceiling, it looks like a mirror and lifts the room.

It is recommended to choose furniture as closed as possible so as not to spoil the harmony of the black and white interior. Sliding wardrobes with light facades, decorated with dark edges or with tinted glossy sliding doors are perfect for such a hallway. You can decorate the corridor in strict minimalism with laconic furniture, classicism with the addition of silver, art deco with an abundance of lace cobwebs in the form of forged elements.

black and white hallway interior

Interior design in black and white

An unusual black and white style in the interior is able to organize a clear space in the room, depending on the predominance of a particular color, you can create a light or dark design. To soften the colors, a gray tone or bright accents are added to the color scheme. To create a beautiful black and white interior, you first need to decide which tone will prevail in it. Of great importance in the design of the room are furniture and decor elements, because with their help you can bring original contrast to the design and emphasize the style.

Black and white wallpaper in the interior

Contrasting wallpapers in the room look impressive, use them in a balanced way, given the direction of the room. Black and white wallpapers in the interior of a bedroom or living room look glamorous. For a spacious room, you can choose a black background with white patterns. In order not to overload the design, it is better to glue one wall with canvases with a large print, and make the rest plain. To soften the monochrome interior, you can use a material with a mother-of-pearl, silver coating.

White wallpaper with black patterns is suitable for modest rooms. The size of the picture affects the visual effect of the perception of the finish — the larger it is, the more the wall moves towards the visitor and «presses» on him. It is better to use black patterns on some areas of surfaces — to create accent walls, panels, to trim the upper part of the panels with them.

black and white wallpaper in the interior

Black and white floor in the interior

Contrasting black and white colors for floors are often used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway. It is better to use such a finish with plain walls so that the room does not look too colorful. A popular material for flooring is tiles, you can use monochrome tiles and lay out a checkerboard pattern or make contrasting inclusions of small ceramics in the coating with a predominance of one of the colors.

Relevant is the use of tiles with a geometric or floral pattern, with its help you can lay out a border, panels, patterns on the floor. Black and white laminate is also used in the interior — if you alternate contrasting slats and lay them in a herringbone pattern, you can get interesting patterns. The self-leveling glossy floor with black and white lace appliqué looks stylish, it is used even in the living room.

black and white interior floor

Black and white tiles in the interior

Monochrome black and white in the interior can be emphasized with contrasting tiles. Use it on the floor, walls of the bathroom, kitchen, hallway. Application options:

  1. Chess layout — straight or diagonal.
  2. Stripes, border — vertical or horizontal.
  3. accents — small inserts in the form of drawings, patterns.
  4. Zoning — with the help of one color allocate a separate place in the room.
  5. Mosaic — used to design individual zones.

black and white tiles in the interior

Black and white carpet in the interior

An achromatic carpet is easy to fit into the interior of a room in black and white, decorated in different styles — Scandinavian, art deco, minimalism. Due to its contrast, it turns the site into an island with clear boundaries. The carpet brings dynamics, rhythm, a kind of volume to the design, visually corrects the area. Products are decorated with the most pleasant patterns:

  • zebra;
  • zigzag;
  • strip;
  • geometry (triangles, rhombuses, honeycombs);
  • Greek meander;
  • piano keys;
  • waves;
  • floral print.

black and white carpet in the interior

Black and white paintings for the interior

Stylish monochrome paintings are the fashion trend of our time. Black and white minimalism, art deco interior, high-tech, loft are decorated with such accessories. On the walls, both single canvases and modular paintings or photos can be used, consisting of several parts of the same or different sizes. They hang artistic compositions in the central part of the wall, above the sofa, bed or in a niche between tall pieces of furniture. Popular Topics:

  • flowers;
  • abstractions;
  • geometric figures;
  • silhouettes of various characters;
  • inscriptions;
  • megacities;
  • landscapes;
  • aircraft;
  • retro trains.

black and white paintings for the interior

Curtains in black and white interior

Curtains in a black and white interior emphasize its style and richness of decoration. There are many window design options in this color palette. You can choose a contrasting floral pattern on a white or black background, or combine black curtains with snow-white tulle. In a minimalist design, striped or checkerboard canvases look good, and for art deco, material with an abstract pattern is suitable.

Often a light background is preferred. White curtains are decorated with dark stripes of fabric along the edges, swags, flips, tiebacks in a contrasting color, combined with black fabrics. You can complement the decor with a dark cornice, repeat the pattern used on the pillows of the bed, sofa, or duplicate it on a piece of self-leveling floor.

black and white curtains

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