Apartment design — what are the styles, interesting ideas for arranging different rooms

Apartment design - what are the styles, interesting ideas for arranging different rooms

The final stage of the repair is the design of the apartment, which involves taking into account numerous details and rules. There are a large number of styles with their own nuances that allow you to create a comfortable and beautiful environment.

How to choose an apartment design?

When deciding to make repairs, few people know exactly what they want to get in the end. To implement your desires, you need to design an apartment, it is useful to take into account the following tips:

  1. Watch TV shows, magazines and numerous photos that give a visual representation of the interiors, which will help you mark your favorite options. On such resources, they follow fashion trends, which helps to keep up with the times.
  2. Decide on technical equipment. When making a modern apartment design, you need to take into account the influence of forms: clear lines lead to minimalism, smooth ones gravitate towards the classics, and voluminous ones turn into futurism.
  3. Remember the interior solutions that you liked earlier, pay attention to the shades, accents and general mood. It is important not to use more than two primary colors and to make sure that they are combined with each other.
  4. Observe the world around you and listen to yourself. The main thing is to like all the details in the final design.
  5. three-room apartment design

Apartment design styles

Today, a large number of interior styles are known, each of which is endowed with unique features and rules. It is important to decide with which option to make the design of a two-room apartment or any other room:

  1. Modern the options are varied, they are represented by minimalism, kitsch, loft, modernism, postmodernism, hi-tech and others. It is difficult to single out uniform design rules; one common feature of these styles is complete freedom of imagination.
  2. Classic. The design of the apartment can be done in the following versions: Greek, Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance, Rococo, Empire and Classicism. General characteristics: majesty, luxury and aristocracy, which are present in every detail. They use expensive materials and luxurious finishes.
  3. ethnic. The most popular are African, Oriental, French, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Japanese and Egyptian designs. The main feature is authenticity, which helps to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere and culture of another country. Ethnic design is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors, as well as geometric, floral patterns and animal images.

Apartment Design Ideas

Everyone can think over the design of their apartment if they wish, the education of a designer in this matter is not necessary. Ideas for decorating an apartment can be listed for a very long time, but to come up with something of your own, consider these tips:

  1. Learn from nature. Use forms and color combinations that can be found in nature — this is a win-win option that will always be in fashion.
  2. Add light. Thoughtful lighting is of great importance in the final picture. You can also use mirrors.
  3. Focus. There are many ideas for this: bright wallpaper on one wall, contrasting decor elements, original furniture, and so on.
  4. Don’t use too many colors. It is very easy to oversaturate the design, so two or three colors for one room will be enough.

Hallway design in the apartment

People see this part of the apartment first when entering the room, it gives the impression of the dwelling as a whole. In most cases, the entrance hall has a small area, so the design of the corridor in the apartment is not as easy to make as it might seem at first glance. Popular ideas include:

  1. Visual expansion of space through the use of light colors, which are complemented by mirrors.
  2. three-room apartment design

  3. The minimum amount of furniture, it is recommended to remove all doors from the hallway, replacing them with arches.
  4. how to choose apartment design

  5. The division of the hallway into two zones. Do this with the help of materials and different shades.
  6. apartment decoration

  7. You can expand the space by adding a lot of artificial light.
  8. apartment hallway design

  9. In a small hallway, you can put a closet or modular furniture, removing everything that clutters up the space.
  10. apartment hallway design

Design of the hall in the apartment

The living room is the face of any apartment. It gathers guests and family members for a common pastime. The main task of the design of the living room in the apartment is the organization of a recreation area. From this we can conclude that the interior needs to combine the preferences of all family members. The win-win design ideas for this part of the apartment include the following options:

  1. You can divide the space using different materials or colors.
  2. apartment living room design

  3. The design of apartments, especially one-room apartments, often requires space expansion, which can be achieved by combining a room with a balcony.
  4. room design in the apartment

  5. The entrance hall can be zoned with furniture.
  6. modern apartment design

  7. Decorate the room, adding originality, you can wallpaper with a 3D effect.
  8. one-room apartment design

  9. Combine cold shades of wall decoration with warm colors of upholstered furniture.
  10. apartment design

Toilet design in the apartment

The main criteria when planning a toilet are the most efficient use of the entire space, practicality and aesthetics. The design of this room can be done using the following ideas:

  1. Recently, imitation of stone has been especially popular in the decoration of walls and floors.
  2. apartment toilet design

  3. Decorate the room with paintings or photo collages.
  4. room decoration

  5. Lovers of natural motifs can use from and in the design of the bathroom.
  6. toilet design

  7. You can focus on the toilet or highlight the floor and the back wall of the room with color.
  8. apartment styles

  9. Additional lighting can become a bright accent.
  10. modern bathroom design

Bathroom design in the apartment

Taking on the restructuring of this room, many have problems with a limited area. The whole problem is in the wrong organization of space. Recently, the following ideas from different styles of apartments have been popular:

  1. You can visually expand the space using light colors of decoration and a mirror.
  2. two-room apartment design

  3. You can add luxury to the room with the help of mosaics and spotlights.
  4. apartment bathroom design

  5. The dark lining of the room will look original, while the bath and sink should be of a light shade.
  6. modern bath design

  7. Lovers of lush greenery will love the idea of ​​​​designing an apartment in different shades of light green.
  8. apartment design styles

  9. You can add a little comfort with the help of all sorts of little things and nice additions.
  10. original bath design

Kitchen design in the apartment

In order for this room to become cozy and comfortable when creating an interior, it is important to correctly distribute all zones. When designing an apartment in modern kitchens, you need to think through many details, including the practical part. Ideas include the following:

  1. The combination of dark and light colors can divide the room into two parts.
  2. apartment kitchen design

  3. The use of different materials in the interior.
  4. photo22
  5. Making the design of a small apartment, instead of a table in the kitchen, a bar counter is used.
  6. small apartment design

  7. Lovers of bright colors will love the bold combination of shades.
  8. apartment interior

  9. The bar counter can serve not only as a table, but also as a way to divide space.
  10. bar counter in the kitchen

Bedroom design in an apartment

This room should be as comfortable, soothing and relaxing as possible. The design of an apartment in a modern style may not apply to this room; the interior in it may be completely different. You can use the following ideas in the design:

  1. You can expand the space with a mirror behind the bed and light-colored linens. The walls are better to make a little darker.
  2. apartment bedroom design

  3. An original idea could be to use identical material on the floor and one wall.
  4. apartment design in modern style

  5. You can highlight the area with the bed with a light shade, make the walls and ceiling darker on the sides.
  6. large bed in the bedroom

  7. A round bed and lots of light can add luxury.
  8. royal bedroom

  9. Two lamps hanging at the head of the bed will enliven any interior.
  10. apartment design ideas

Design of a nursery in an apartment

Unlike other rooms, this one has its own characteristics and well-established design rules. The interior uses bright colors and rich tones, in addition to all this, the design of the nursery should be safe and comfortable. Notable solutions include:

  1. The large area of ​​​​the room creates the conditions for the construction of a bed-house.
  2. design of a nursery in an apartment

  3. Sports fans will love the creation of a small corner with equipment.
  4. nursery design

  5. Girls may like the design in one juicy color.
  6. original nursery design

  7. The swing will complement any interior, regardless of its style.
  8. swing in the nursery

  9. You can expand the room by combining it with a balcony and putting a bed on it.
  10. balcony in the nursery

Balcony design in the apartment

Modern housing is completely different from the usual Soviet layouts. Nowadays, balconies and loggias are no longer used as pantries or a place to store unnecessary things, now they are useful meters that owners of small apartments lack so much. The following ideas are used in the design of the balcony:

  1. By adding a few details, it is easy to equip as a recreation area.
  2. apartment balcony design

  3. If the entrance to the balcony is from the kitchen, it can be made into a dining room here.
  4. bar on the balcony

  5. The design of the apartment in bright colors, along with the panoramic window of the balcony, will be an original idea.
  6. apartment design in bright colors

  7. Having put a table and a computer, the balcony turns into an ideal office.
  8. office on the balcony

  9. With a large area, you can arrange a winter garden.
  10. winter garden on the balcony

Office design in the apartment

If desired, and the availability of free meters, you can organize a workspace. The interior design of an apartment in this room should not only please the eye, but also set you up for work. In the office, you can use the following ideas:

  1. Use sliding doors to divide the space in the room. Having installed a table with an office chair in the office.
  2. apartment design ideas

  3. Two walls can be filled with book shelves. In a niche under them, install a sofa, and opposite the table.
  4. apartment interior design

  5. Making the design of one-room apartments, you can put a corner table closer to the window, and opposite to place a rack with books.
  6. office in the living room

  7. A luxurious option would be wooden furniture and leather taffeta.
  8. apartment office design

  9. You can put a table near the window to get more light.
  10. one-room apartment design

Duplex apartment design

Recently, this type of housing has begun to gain popularity. In general, such apartments are practically no different from ordinary ones, the only difference is the presence of a staircase. Apartment design can be represented by the following ideas:

  1. Under the stairs you can place a kitchen set.
  2. duplex apartment

  3. The space can be filled with shelves for books and various little things.
  4. beautiful staircase

  5. Creating the design of a three-room apartment, you can make the stairs a work of modern art.
  6. duplex apartment design

  7. To save space from below, the ladder can hang in the air.
  8. original staircase in the apartment

  9. An original idea could be a twisted clay staircase.
  10. three-room apartment design

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