How to wash sneakers in the washing machine: all useful tricks

Comfortable sneakers are loved by everyone who leads an active lifestyle. That’s just from frequent use, they quickly get dirty, there is an unpleasant smell. Manual cleaning does not always help restore your favorite shoes to an attractive look. However, machine processing is not “shown” to every couple. Some just can’t take it. Let’s figure out how to wash sneakers in a typewriter and not ruin them at the same time.

All about washing sports shoes in a washing machine

Is it possible to wash
Which products can only be cleaned by hand
How to prepare shoes for cleaning
Step-by-step instruction
— Choosing a detergent
— Select the appropriate mode
— Start the machine
How to dry properly
Possible problems

Can you wash sneakers in a washing machine?

The answer to this question depends on what material and how the pair is made. The color and degree of wear is also important. All these factors must be taken into account when choosing a cleaning method. In order not to be mistaken, we have compiled a simple checklist that will help you individually determine for each pair whether sneakers are washed in the washing machine. You just need to answer a few questions.

  • What material is the pair made of? If it is textile or eco-leather, machine processing is allowed. For natural suede, leather, nubuck, only manual cleaning is possible.
  • Does the model have inserts from other materials. The presence of parts made of natural materials, as well as applications made of fur, rhinestones, etc. involves manual cleaning only.
  • How is the sole secured? The stitched product easily tolerates machine washing, the glued one can deteriorate.
  • What is the degree of wear. Used footwear problems can get worse. For example, an “emerging” hole in textiles can increase significantly.
  • It is worth paying attention to the color. Color models can shed, this is especially unpleasant if there are inserts of different colors. In this case, low-temperature processing with special color “traps” is suitable.

We list which sneakers can definitely be washed in a washing machine. They are made from these materials.

  • Eco-leather, artificial suede and leatherette.
  • Tarpaulin, canvas, thick cotton textiles, viscose.
  • Mesh and membrane fabrics made of elastane, nylon, polyester, mixed textiles.

Combined models are well washed if they are made from the fabrics listed above. Genuine leather inserts become discolored and rough after machine processing. For washing in an automatic machine, it is permissible for the model to have natural inserts no larger than a third of the entire area. If this is not the case, manual cleaning is recommended.


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Which products are hand-cleaned only?

Natural nubuck, leather or suede shoes cannot be machined. However, many housewives are sure that leather sneakers can be washed in a washing machine. In some cases, this is indeed the case. There are models that can easily withstand it, but the rest will be hopelessly damaged. The skin «dubeet», decreases in size. It will be impossible to return it to its previous state. So it’s hardly worth the risk. The washing process will certainly damage the reflective inserts and photocells, fur applications, sequins and rhinestones. Such models are best cleaned manually.

How to prepare shoes for washing

Before you put your shoes in the drum, you need to prepare them. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to household appliances, and the quality of cleaning will suffer. The preparation is done like this.

  • Inspect the pair, carefully read the labels. If there is a pictogram prohibiting machining (it looks like a crossed-out square with a circle in the center), it is better to clean the product manually.
  • Remove the insoles and unlace your boots. Wet the laces and lather with laundry soap. If there are stains on textiles, treat them with special products or lather them.
  • Clean the sole of sand and adhering dirt particles. Be sure to remove pebbles stuck in the ribbed surface, even if they are very small. Wash the light sole with a brush and soap. You can use a melamine sponge.
  • Fasten all Velcro, if present on the boots.
  • Put your shoes in a special mesh bag. Lower the laces there, it is better to wash the insoles separately. Close the bag with a zipper.

If there is no special bag, it can be replaced with an old pillowcase or fabric bag. Their size should be such that the upper part can be tied with a knot. Then the pair will not fall out during processing. It is better not to wash more than two pairs at the same time. This negatively affects the state of the automatic machine. Together with the boots, it is advisable to put an old sheet or duvet cover in the drum. This will balance the drum and increase friction so that the product washes better.


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Instructions on how to wash sneakers in a washing machine

We have prepared detailed instructions that will help you clean your sports shoes without damaging them.

1. Choose a detergent

It is best to take a capsule or liquid preparation. They dissolve well, and then rinsed out of the product. The powder in this case is undesirable — it is much more difficult to rinse it out. In addition, colored granules-blotches can leave stains on the material. The type of detergent is selected depending on the color of the product.

For light and white materials, the appropriate preparation is suitable. In addition to it, the use of oxygen bleaches is permissible. Chlorinated products are prohibited. For colored and dark colors, a product for colored linen is selected. It prevents the destruction of the dye. Conditioner is not needed: it will not soften the product.


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2. Choose a mode, how to wash sneakers in a washing machine

Some machines have “sports shoes” in the list of modes. This is the best option. In this case, select it and activate the equipment. The device itself sets the processing time, temperature and spin speed. If there is no such function, choose the most suitable conditions.

Let’s figure out how many degrees to wash sneakers in the washing machine. The mode should be low-temperature, not higher than 40˚С. For a dark pair, 30 degrees is optimal. Processing time is no more than an hour. Spin — at 400-500 rpm. Drying, if any, must be turned off. We list the possible processing modes.

  • Manual or delicate.
  • Wool or silk.
  • Thin cloth.
  • Kids’ things.
  • Sports or sportswear.
  • Blanket.

3. We start the device

Choose any of the modes described above, if necessary, adjust the temperature and spin speed. The dryer must be turned off. After that, the device is activated. If necessary, set a delayed start time. At the end of the cycle, the washed shoes are removed from the drum, straightened and dried.


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How to dry the washed product

To get a good result, you need to not only know how to wash fabric sneakers in the washing machine, but also how to dry them. If done incorrectly, the shoes may become deformed or stained. Dry properly.

  1. Open the bag and take out the boots.
  2. If necessary, pour water out of them and blot each with a clean, soft cloth.
  3. Stuff the pair with dry paper so they don’t warp and dry faster. Newspapers are not suitable for this, as the printing ink will stain the inside. You can also add silica gel sachets. It is advisable to change the paper several times, this will speed up the process.
  4. Leave the boots to dry in a warm place in the shade. Unwanted direct sunlight or exposure to heating appliances. Put the insoles and laces next to each other.

After the steam is completely dry, the paper is removed. The insoles are put in place and the shoes are laced up.


How to fix problems that appear after washing

Sometimes after washing unpleasant problems appear. Let’s figure out how to deal with them.

  • The occurrence of divorce. Most often these are traces of detergent remaining on the material. It is necessary to rinse the pair well again, then dry well.
  • The appearance of yellow spots. Happens on white shoes. To clean, you need to wash them again and add any oxygen bleach.
  • Creaking when walking. You can get rid of annoying sounds if you pour silicone into all the cavities available for this in the sole and lubricate the rest of its parts with soap.
  • Loss of form. This happens if the couple was dried incorrectly. To return the shape, it is moistened with clean water, stuffed with paper and dried.

Even a washing machine will not be able to return the shoes to an attractive appearance if the pollution was too strong. Therefore, «sports» should be washed regularly. Stubborn stains must not be allowed to appear. Getting rid of them is almost impossible. It is easier and easier to remove fresh dirt that has not had time to eat into the material. If you clean the pair as it gets dirty, it will always look “like new” and will last a very long time.

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