5 types of berries you can grow on your windowsill


one Strawberry

In a city apartment, it is best to grow remontant species of this berry, as they can produce crops all year round. Under favorable conditions, strawberries begin to bear fruit after a couple of months. The soil for planting can be bought ready-made or made independently. The substrate is sold in stores, usually it is a soil for flowers or vegetable crops. If you plan to cook it by hand, you will need earth from the forest, sand and humus.

Grow a berry from seeds or a finished bush (you can buy it in a nursery). Strawberries feel most comfortable in well-lit places. These include, for example, southern window sills. If there is not enough light, it is better to make additional illumination with a phytolamp. In total, daylight hours need to be brought up to 8 hours. Normal room temperature is fine for this plant, but if the batteries are flooded, the air will probably need to be further moistened. Strawberries like regular watering, but they do not tolerate waterlogged soil, so it is important to provide drainage in the pot. And water is needed only when the topsoil dries up.


2 Blueberry

Blueberries grow on small bushes. In order for them to start, cross-pollination is necessary, so for harvesting you will have to start several seedlings of different flowering periods.

Not all soil is suitable for blueberries. You will need special heather compost — in it the plant will feel best. You can also use soil for azaleas and camellias. Be sure to lay a moisture-proof layer of compost and tree bark (preferably pine) on top. The bush needs good and regular lighting, at least 6 hours a day. Therefore, if you do not have enough light in the apartment, stock up on a phytolamp. For blueberries, standard room temperature will be comfortable — about 22 degrees. When the plant bears fruit, it should be watered regularly, especially on warm sunny days.


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3 strawberries

Strawberries, like strawberries, should be chosen remontant, so that it yields several times a year. It is better to buy this berry for seedlings in specialized nurseries and avoid markets with incomprehensible seedlings. Alternatively, you can grow a bush from seeds. It takes longer, but it’s doable.

In the apartment, you need to choose the most illuminated window sill for seedlings. Ideally, if it is the south or southeast side. Otherwise, provide additional lighting to the strawberry, and it will feel great. It is important not to plant this berry in small pots: at least a three-liter pot is required for one bush.


four Raspberry

Raspberries are not often grown in apartments, but it is possible. Choose dwarf varieties for your home garden. The berry loves good lighting, so a south-facing balcony or window sill is best. If there is not enough light, you will need to put a fitolamp. Raspberries feel great at room temperature and even a little colder (up to 10 degrees).

In order for the bush to develop well and bear fruit, it must be watered regularly. Raspberries love water, but during the formation of fruits it is important to ensure that the earth does not become waterlogged. Also periodically loosen the soil so that the soil is better saturated with oxygen.


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5 Physalis

At home, physalis is grown from seeds. First, they are sown in small containers, and then, as they grow, they are transplanted into full-fledged boxes or planters (a pot with a diameter of about 20 centimeters is enough for one plant). Physalis is unpretentious, he feels great in an apartment. It needs to be watered regularly, but not too often, and fertilized about once a week and a half.




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