one Make retractable hangers

Some headsets can be equipped with retractable structures with several hangers. They will help solve the issue of storing kitchen textiles, which is sometimes too much. The same can be done in any closet: household, linen or wardrobe. This simple hack allows you to store twice as much things in the storage system, and with a pull-out design, it’s easier to find what you need without rummaging through the depths of the closet.

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2 Make custom sections

If you are making a custom kitchen, you can fill the drawers with whatever you want. For example, equip them with a retractable bread box. This option will save you space on a shelf in a cupboard or countertop, help you avoid visual clutter, and at the same time optimize the storage of baked goods. In the same drawer, you can put high cutting boards or organize the storage of oils for cooking.

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    Storage in the kitchen: general rules and 6 life hacks, thanks to which there will always be order (95 photos)

3 Store towels on the wall

The simplest thing you can think of is to hang a railing shelf and put towel rolls on it (and some models are also equipped with hooks). So you can significantly unload the chest of drawers, because towels usually take up a lot of space. The lightweight design of the shelf allows you to place it even in a very small room: for example, in a bathroom in Khrushchev. And it will also show the beautiful texture of the towels, which will make the interior of the bathroom more comfortable.

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four Divide high shelves

Spacious cabinets are great, but sometimes shelves that are too high can’t be used to the maximum. As a result, part of the space is empty, and there are not enough storage compartments. The solution to this problem is in additional accessories. These can be special dividers for the cabinet, organizers, boxes or inserts that divide the box in half. Thus, an additional storage plane appears, and the upper part of the shelf is no longer empty. For the same purposes, an insert container for the upper crossbar is suitable, hanging which, you can allocate a little more space for things.

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5 Hang «under the ceiling»

Storage of oversized accessories like ladles or whisks is conveniently organized on a hook attached to the top of the cabinet. So they will not only be at arm’s length, but also leave a little space in order to put on the shelf, for example, a couple of flat plates. In addition, the area at the top of the drawer, which often remains empty, will be usefully used.

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6 Use the ends of the furniture

Some types of furniture have a very comfortable end surface. Organize in it the storage of any necessary little things: books, small jars or gadgets that often take up extra space in the closet, etc. For example, in a bedroom it can be a headboard with narrow shelves mounted on it. Complete them with organizers to get rid of visual noise and make storage more tidy. In other rooms, you can use the ends of cabinets and shelving.

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7 Choose products with internal storage

When choosing between standard furniture and multifunctional models in a small apartment, always give preference to the latter. Even mini-shelves or shallow drawers will not be superfluous. There you can remove various little things that usually litter surfaces or take up useful space in cabinets.

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