It’s beautiful: 6 indoor plants that bloom in autumn

The video listed flowering plants in the fall

one Decembrist

The Decembrist comes from the tropics, so its flowering period falls in autumn and winter until February. In order for the plant to feel comfortable, you need to create the appropriate conditions for it. Caring for the Decembrist is not difficult, since it belongs to the cactus family, and they are known to be unpretentious. The plant needs to be watered regularly and protected from drafts — this is where the main care ends. The Decembrist does not like too bright sun and feels great on the windowsills, where there is little light.

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2 Azalea

Azalea is a shrub that blooms very beautifully and fragrantly in the autumn-winter period. The number of flowers and the general condition of the plant at this time directly depends on the efforts of the owner. Azalea is quite capricious, it requires ideal conditions for the formation of buds. During the flowering period, in the place where the azalea planter stands, it should not be too hot — otherwise the flowers will fall off. The plant loves good lighting, in some cases it needs to be illuminated with lamps. Regular watering and irrigation of the petals will be very helpful, as the azalea does not tolerate dry air. It is also necessary to periodically feed the flower so that it feels good.

3 Cyclamen

Two types of this plant are grown at home: European and Persian. Cyclamen blooms from early autumn until spring, but requires a special attitude and the creation of ideal conditions for growth. It is very important to choose the right place for the pots: there should not be too bright sun, but good lighting is required. It is impossible to place a flower near the battery, as it does not tolerate too dry and warm air. Ideally, if the temperature in the room is cool. Cyclamen must be watered regularly, as well as irrigate the leaves of the plant. To ensure sufficient moisture, you can put the pot in a tray of water.

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four Orchid

The orchid is quite capricious and demanding in matters of care. But if you manage to create the necessary conditions for her, she will delight you with wonderful flowering, which lasts almost all year round. This plant is native to tropical climates, so it needs a lot of light and frequent watering. Probably, you will have to install an additional phytolamp for highlighting.

5 Colchicum autumn

Colchicum is usually planted in the garden, but potted varieties can also be found. They will be comfortable in the conditions of the apartment: for example, on the balcony, where it is not as warm as inside, but not completely cold either. The air temperature should not be below 10°C. The plant is suitable not only for experienced flower growers, but also for beginners, because it is extremely unpretentious: watering once a week is enough for it, no other special care is required.

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6 Camellia

Camellia is a difficult to care for, but very beautiful plant. It blooms from November until spring. When the camellia forms buds, it cannot be rearranged from place to place. The air next to the plant should be humid. Water the flower twice a week. Camellia loves cool temperatures, so it can be placed on a glazed balcony if it is not colder than 12 ° C.


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