5 reasons why you can’t achieve minimalism in the interior

There are obvious mistakes that spoil not only minimalism, but also any other style: visual garbage, clutter, ill-conceived colors and poor lighting. Everyone knows about them, but even if these errors are successfully avoided, it is still not always possible to achieve ideal minimalism. In this case, the problem lies in a misunderstanding of the values ​​and features of style at a deeper level.

For what reasons do you not get a minimalist interior? Told in video

one Minimalism is not the absence of things

The most important illusion that you need to say goodbye to: minimalism is not just well-designed storage systems where clothes and household items are hidden. In the same way, it is not the absence of some elements of furniture or decor. Minimalism is a way of life that is reflected in the interior. This atmosphere will not be achieved if, for example, the wardrobe is full of clothes that are not worn, and the kitchen set is full of jars and boxes with unknown contents. A laconic hallway with empty surfaces will not make sense if for this you load the balcony with everything that does not fit in it.

How to be

To adhere to minimalism in everyday life will help various techniques of decluttering, conscious consumption and storage. If you are close to the philosophy of the reasonable acquisition of things in life, then the house itself will be minimalistic. So one, but original and full of meaning poster will appear in the living room. In the kitchen there is a small set of favorite and pleasing to the eye utensils. In the closet — a limited number of clothes that you want to wear every day.


2 Textures also play a role.

Sometimes it turns out that they left enough free space in the room, picked up furniture of a laconic form, added a little decor — but this interior still cannot be called minimalistic. In this case, you need to calculate how many different textures are typed in space. Consider everything: the pattern on the laminate, the wood pattern on the front of the cabinet, glossy and matte surfaces, the ornament on the wallpaper, the upholstery of the sofa and decorative pillows. Perhaps there are too many textures in the room at the same time.

How to be

It is important to observe the golden mean. For example, if everything is matte or glossy, the interior will turn out boring. And because of the overabundance of different surfaces, the feeling of minimalism will disappear. If the repair has already passed and nothing can be done with the finish, work with textiles. Opt for curtains, chair upholstery, or carpet in light-colored, textured cotton instead of a combination of linen, silk, and other fabrics. You can also use decor from one material (for example, wood or ceramics), rather than mixing everything at once.


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3 Different lines in the same space

Another important visual anchor that is responsible for diversity in the interior is shapes and lines. They can be rounded, with sharp corners, straight or changing direction. If you put the TV on a rectangular cabinet, put a carpet with a zigzag pattern next to it, and place a round coffee table on it, in such a small area there will already be three anchors that catch your eye.

How to be

Decide which lines are more visually pleasing to you: strict straight lines or soft rounded ones. Keep this in mind when choosing furniture and decor, patterns and images. This small effort will give a great long-term result in creating a minimalist environment.


four Technical details must be hidden

It is easy to store spices in the same glass jars and teach your family to put their shoes in a shoe rack. It is much more difficult to solve the issue with wires from computers or a TV, a router, a pipe from an exhaust hood, an ironing board and other things that are impossible to live without, but at the same time they are difficult to hide.

How to be

Minimalism requires a certain pedantry. Leaving the technical details as they are will not work, even if in other styles they interfere, but do not play such an important role. Take a look at each area in the apartment and tell yourself if they fit your idea of ​​minimalism. If not, consider how to fix it. Be sure to read the forums and blogs on the topic — surely someone has already solved a similar issue. For example, at the repair stage, the pipe from the hood can be closed with a cabinet or sewn into drywall. And the wires — to collect in neat bundles, hide behind the plinth or furniture.

Design: Vladimir Karpenko. Photo: Vasily Khurtin

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5 It is important to study the range of furniture and decor

Interior brands adhere to different styles. There are pronounced representatives of scandi and classics, boho and loft. If you go shopping with bright eclectic accessories and look for something that can fit into a minimalist interior, then the result will disappoint you.

How to be

Be interested in minimalism, leaf through magazines on this topic, subscribe to manufacturers of finishes, furniture and decor that work in this direction. In this way, observation will develop, which will help in the design of your own home, and it will become clear where to go for a new chair or vase.


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