Storage room in the apartment: how to make it comfortable, stylish and keep order (67 photos)

Not a dark closet, but a comfortable and stylish storage space. What do modern pantries look like, what solutions do interior designers offer for their design and arrangement, and how to make a pantry in an apartment if the developer did not include it in the project? We will talk about all this in our article. We will also give you some ideas and tips on how to easily ensure order once and for all.

All about how to equip a pantry in an apartment

Choose a place
— For household supplies
— dressing room
— Storage of sports equipment
— Laundry room
— Office or workshop
— Kitchen pantry
Design and layout
Storage systems
Tips: what is important to consider
We establish and maintain order

Where to make storage

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Not always in the apartment there is a ready-made storage room. If this is your case, and you need a closet, you can equip it yourself. Suitable for this.

  • Dead-end part of an elongated corridor. It can be separated by a plasterboard partition. Or just a thick curtain.
  • Part of one of the rooms. The principle is the same as in the case of the corridor. If the room is elongated and large enough, you can redevelop and fence off part of it.
  • Niche. Niches in different rooms are quite common. For example, in rooms or hallways. Such recesses will allow you to build a compact pantry in the apartment with your own hands.
  • Corner in the kitchen. If the apartment has a small corridor and rooms, there are no suitable niches anywhere, you can install a deep vertical corner cabinet in the kitchen. In this case, it will be part of the headset.
  • If you are a happy owner of a two-level apartment, a storage room can be equipped under the stairs.
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How to use the pantry

This question will largely depend on the location of the room. There are such options.

Closet for household items

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Usually, this is a small room in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe corridor or hallway. Here they store a vacuum cleaner, a mop, detergents and cleaning products, an ironing board, and any other household utensils.

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A pantry near the bedroom or hallway can also be used as a small dressing room.

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On the far shelves and hangers — remove things out of season, suitcases and travel bags. Closer to place what you wear often. This will eliminate several separate cabinets. Typically, such a pantry also involves the presence of a mirror.

Sports equipment storage

Usually, in an apartment it is difficult to find a place for bicycles, snowboards, skates, scooters, balls and other sports equipment.

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If your family leads an active lifestyle, it may be rational to give a pantry just for these things.

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Laundry room

If it is possible to carry water into the closet, you can organize a laundry there.

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There you can install a washing machine and dryer, ironing table, racks for linen. And thus unload the bathroom.

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Office or workshop

When one of the family members works at home, it is very important for him to have, albeit small, but personal space.

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A compact desk and armchair or a small work area, for example with a sewing machine, can be placed in the pantry.

Pantry at the kitchen

The classic option is a closet next to the kitchen.

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A place where pickles, canned food, other preparations, cereals, groceries are stored. Here you can also transfer some of the dishes.

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Pantry design with photos of successful solutions


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It is important that the pantry does not turn into a dump of unnecessary things, it is convenient and comfortable to use. To do this, you need to think about the layout of the room. It will depend on the purpose. For example, for large sports equipment, you need to leave more free space, abandon some of the shelves and cabinets. And for food storage — on the contrary, provide more storage places.

It is also important to leave enough room to move around inside the pantry so that you can freely get the right thing and not touch the adjacent shelves. For example, between two rows of cabinets it is better to leave a passage of at least a meter. When planning the height of the shelving, consider the height of family members so that it is convenient to reach the topmost shelf. Or immediately provide a place for a ladder.

The depth should also be comfortable. Usually, it does not exceed 50-60 cm.

If you want to place bulky items, such as an ironing board or a vacuum cleaner, they will require custom-sized sections. This also needs to be taken into account at the planning stage.


As a rule, a pantry is a small room and without windows. That is quite dark and cramped. Therefore, for its design it is better to choose light, pastel colors.

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They visually expand the space, add volume to it. For example, take a look at the photo of the closets in the apartment, this is the design that the designers offer.


For the same reason, lighting should be carefully planned.

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Especially when it comes to the workplace or workshop. But in other cases, it is better not to be limited to a light bulb under the ceiling. Make several light sources, including a side light. For example, lighting shelves with LED strip.

Decoration Materials

The pantry is still an economic, utility room. Of course, I want her to be beautiful. But it is equally important that the finishing materials are durable, resistant to damage, and easy to clean.

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Depending on the purpose of the room, decorative plaster, PVC panels, tiles or porcelain stoneware, washable wallpaper or paint can be used for wall decoration. For the ceiling, a stretch fabric or ordinary whitewash is suitable. Linoleum, quartz vinyl, tile or porcelain stoneware can be laid on the floor.

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Storage systems

The easiest way to organize storage in a closet is to install shelving along three walls. You can buy ready-made. For example, metal. And you can make your own. To do this, you need bars, boards and fasteners. The main thing — do not forget to treat the tree with a flame retardant and a composition to protect it from moisture.

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However, shelving has one significant drawback: they “eat up” space. Therefore, for small spaces, shelves are better suited. They are attached directly to the walls. Usually, special metal brackets are used for reliability.

For small spaces, you can also use ready-made modular metal structures on a metal frame that is attached to the walls. They include shelves, mesh baskets, hangers, rails, shoe modules.

For spacious pantries, cabinet furniture made of chipboard or MDF is also suitable: cabinets, shelves, drawers. For the lower tiers, roll-out or drawers can be provided: it will be more convenient with them.

Hinged organizers for small items and hooks will allow you to use the door.

An interesting way to organize storage is the pegboard. This is a perforated panel for wall storage of small and medium-sized items. It is especially relevant for workshops and offices.

What is important to consider in the arrangement

  1. The pantry must be equipped with ventilation. Especially in the place where the products are stored. Otherwise, there is a risk of mold and mildew. Additionally, you can increase the ventilation of the room with a non-hermetic door. For example, louvered design.
  2. When filling a closet, it is important to consider: you can not store food next to household chemicals, automotive parts, and more.
  3. Do not store flammable, flammable, toxic substances in the pantry in the apartment. As well as perishable products.

How to keep order

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It is not enough just to equip the utility room with furniture. It is also necessary to correctly and accurately distribute things so that a feeling of chaos and disorder is not created.

  • Use baskets and containers. Neatly distributed in boxes, boxes, containers, boxes or baskets, things will not go missing or get lost. And the room will be in order. In addition, such storage greatly facilitates cleaning. After all, it is much easier to move one box than to clean, and then return each item to its place individually.
  • Maintain uniformity. A sense of order in the pantry can be created by using the same storage containers. For example, select several types of containers and baskets and arrange them in a specific order. It looks more aesthetically pleasing than piling up all sorts of boxes and crates.
  • Sign up. If opaque boxes and boxes are used for storage, it is better to sign them. Apply stickers or just use a marker. So you will seriously save time looking for the right item.
  • Group. Choose the principle of sorting things that is convenient for you and stick to it. So you will always know where and what lies. Items are sorted by purpose, alphabetically, size and even color. Or, for example, by frequency of use. Things that are rarely needed in the household can be put on the topmost shelves.

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