On a real example: 9 cool ideas for storage in the refrigerator


one Sign shelves

Signing food containers is a popular and well-known idea. So it is more convenient to search for the necessary products in opaque containers or packages, and in general, the refrigerator inside will look neater.

We suggest a little change
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We propose to slightly change the format of signatures and mark not individual containers, but entire shelves and compartments. This will make it much easier to fill the refrigerator: it will look tidier, and you will get into the habit of putting everything in its place.

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2 Get rid of the factory packaging

To make the shelves in the refrigerator look aesthetically pleasing, get rid of visual noise. It is mainly created by the factory packaging of products — and after opening, multi-colored nets and plastic bags look completely untidy.

It's best to get rid of them...
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It is better to immediately get rid of them and shift the food into the same containers. If you have a handy shopping bag, some categories of products may not be packed at all in the store: for example, hard fruits and vegetables are perfectly transported without bags. So you immediately get rid of excess garbage and contribute to sustainable consumption. And in the refrigerator, store food in neat transparent containers.

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3 Choose a single style

Just as you decorate the interior, decorate the space of the refrigerator. Try to ensure that all the containers and other accessories that you use when storing and packaging products match each other in style and palette.

The easiest way is to use
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The easiest way is to use neutral white containers and dividers, which are available in any store and go well with each other. In addition, the white color will visually make the refrigerator neater. You can choose wicker, as in the photo, or any other design options to your taste.

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four Store in stacks

Vertical storage of flat packs will save you a lot of shelf and freezer space. In this way, you can add anything: stocks of vegetables, tomato or fruit puree frozen in a bag, greens, etc. In the main section of the refrigerator, you can put into containers and stack packaged cuts of meat and cheese, small puddings or sauces.

To make the most of
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To make the most of the shelf space, use dividers or choose a narrower container for the stand. With this way of storage, it will be easy for you to find the right package, and there will be more space in the refrigerator.

5 Use spinning stands

In order not to delve into the bowels of the refrigerator in search of the desired product, arrange all the containers on the rotating supplies. This is especially convenient on the upper shelves, which are not always easy to reach.

Round coasters are easy to turn
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Round coasters are easy to turn to the desired side and get what you need. So you will not touch other products, nothing will fall out of the refrigerator and will not break. In addition, such an organization of sauces and bottles looks very neat and beautiful.

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6 Prepare food immediately

It is much more convenient to get already washed grapes, disassembled into berries, or chopped vegetables from the refrigerator. All these blanks can be stored in jars or containers, prepared in advance for use.

By preparing fruits and vegetables immediately...
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By preparing fruits and vegetables immediately after purchase, you will not waste time cleaning and slicing every time. Such jars look very attractive, and if you want to give up harmful snacks, then ready-made fruits and vegetables will be a great help in this matter.

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7 Do not fill the refrigerator to capacity

To make the space inside the refrigerator look neat and beautiful, give up the habit of filling it to capacity. Especially now there is an opportunity to buy or order products as needed. Therefore, it is better to buy only what you will definitely eat.

Half empty refrigerator
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A half-empty refrigerator maintains temperature, air circulation and food storage better. In addition, the half-filled space makes cleaning easier. Agree, it is much easier to wash a shelf when there are fewer items on it.

eight Do not store in cooking utensils

Replace pans and pots in the refrigerator with containers and other containers designed for storage. First of all, it’s so beautiful. Secondly, grease and soot from cooking utensils will stain glass shelves.

I take pots and pans
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Pots and pans take up a lot of space, and the refrigerator immediately becomes «cramped» for other products. Get in the habit of transferring prepared food to containers and storing it in this form.

9 List products by sector

Group the same types of products and put them side by side. So it will be easier for you to navigate in the refrigerator and find what you need.

Products sorted by &...
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Products sorted into groups look prettier, which creates a sense of visual order. You can group as you like: by product categories, sort into favorite and unloved, lay out by the color of the package.

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