Interior in green colors: design rules, 10 most successful combinations and relevant styles


He is not subject to fleeting trends and fashion changes. It is suitable for decorating any room and creating all popular styles. In this article, we have prepared ideas for using green in the interior, as well as a selection of inspiring projects!

Green in the interior

The psychology of color
Basic shades
— light green
– Olive
— Pistachio
– Mint
— Emerald
Combinations with other colors
— White
— Black
— Grey
— Pink
— Red
— Brown
— Blue
— Violet
— Yellow
— Orange
Ideas for different rooms
Use in popular styles

Why do we love green so much?

So familiar to the human eye, for many it is associated with nature. The forest thicket, tree leaves and soft grass are something that is so rarely seen when living in a concrete jungle.

Surrounded by a natural palette, we feel more comfortable and cozier. It has become simply necessary to create such an atmosphere in the apartment in the conditions of the modern rhythm of life. When you come home after a hard day at work, the right palette of walls and furniture helps you calm down faster and tune in to a positive mood.

In any room you can decorate the interior in green colors. In the bedroom, muted shades of green will have a relaxing effect, helping to better prepare for sleep. In the home office, they will improve productivity and concentration. They can also be organically fit into small rooms — the hallway and bathrooms. And they will not look gloomy in the absence of natural light.

Main shades

light green

The most juicy tone, looks very fresh and cheerful.

Instagram @mayav.interiors

It is not worth creating a completely light green interior. Most often, this tone is used to create neat accents. If applied to all walls, surfaces may give yellowish reflections on furniture and flooring.


A pleasant and serene shade, which many associate with warm countries and relaxation on the seashore.

Instagram @bureau.slovo

You can safely paint all the walls with olive or highlight large functional areas — a muted tone will not get bored over time. It will help create an atmosphere of calm and tranquility in the room, as well as in a bright achromatic space. But compared to the base white or beige, olive will look more interesting and emphasize the refined taste of the owner.

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    Colors in the interior

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Another warm tone — it is a little lighter than olive, but muted light green.


The pistachio color in the interior looks calm and not defiant, but still constantly attracts attention. It practically does not change depending on the lighting: it looks the same both in natural light and with the lamps on.


The tone of purity and coolness is in great harmony with all pastel colors — powdery, beige, peach, etc. Most often, mint is used to decorate a bright room as a base tone.

Instagram @boytsova_design

It visually «cools» the room with windows on the sunny side, looks good in both modern and vintage styles — Provence, shabby chic, etc.

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The most unusual and mysterious color. In certain lighting, it can cast a little blue — like a gem of the same name.

Instagram @shpak_jenya_interior

In dark design, it is used to add a bright accent and maintain a noble concept. Next to black and anthracite shades, the emerald color in the interior looks the most advantageous, fully revealing its beauty.

The combination of green in the interior with other colors

Watch our video about successful color combinations:

Or read on for more details.


White slightly neutralizes the bright tone, and olive and emerald look especially impressive next to it. In combination with mint, a pleasant and soft interior is obtained, which helps to relax better and visually makes the room more spacious. This combo is especially popular in the Scandinavian style.

Instagram @shatokhina_buro

It is interesting to use not only pure white, but also decorated with some kind of texture, for example, a vein pattern of marble or stone. All together, this is great in common with the concept of naturalness, reminiscent of a forest or mountain landscape.

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Black harmonizes with all shades of green, enhancing their brightness. And they enliven the dark design, eliminating its gloom and isolation.

Instagram @mayav.interiors

The smaller the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room, the more carefully you need to use this combination. The best solution is to dilute it with a light palette. It can be furniture, decor, textiles, etc.


An elegant and win-win combination for any room. Gray is a wonderful backdrop against which even bright accents look restrained and concise. Wall decoration in such a palette does not irritate the eyes and looks quite neutral.

Instagram @bodes_studio

Despite the fact that this combination seems simple to perform, the gray tone should be chosen carefully. Cooler tones are suitable for emerald green, and gray with a warm undertone harmonizes better with mint and pistachio.


A soft and delicate combination that reminds of spring and a fragrant bouquet.


In the bedroom and nursery, light shades of green are taken as the basis, combining them with pastel versions of pink — light coral, peony, etc. This palette looks elegant and calm, helps to relax better. For other rooms, you can use brighter and more saturated combinations with green in the interior. For example, emerald and fuchsia.


Being close, they emphasize the saturation of each other. Designers use this bold combination for the interiors of temperamental and creative individuals who are open to experimentation.

Instagram @tsaunya_design

Also, for many, red and green are associated with the New Year and Christmas holidays. They resemble the main attributes: a Christmas tree with scarlet toy balls, a holly, coniferous wreaths with berries, etc.


Another classic tandem that underlies eco and other styles, where naturalness and naturalness are in the first place.

Instagram @pugachevich_studio

In the photo, a green interior with brown details seems especially pleasant to us, because this is a natural combination. That is why all green tones look so organic with solid wood and veneer furniture, popular wooden slats and wood flooring.

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It is included in the base of mint and emerald. Together with blue, they create a beautiful play of halftones, so this combination can be used as a base for designs in a cold palette.

Instagram @ostrovskayamarianna

Light blue or sky blue will help make the space light and airy. They will add peace to it, cool emotions and soothe after a hard day. So that the room does not seem dark, it is better to use this combination in small proportions or dilute it with white, beige, gray and other neutral tones.

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With it, you get a magical and expressive combination, which takes on a different character depending on the specific tones.

Instagram @design.vera_sheverdenok

Pastel colors are often used in Provence-style interiors — mint accents and a small bouquet of lilac lavender. Looks very soft and light. Another thing is deep purple with emerald. They convey a completely different mood, look spectacular and noble together.


Yellow will make up for the lack of light in the room on a cloudy day or a cold season.

Instagram @svoi_design

If you complement this combination with warm shades of wood, you get a very sincere and cozy interior. And white furniture and decoration will make this composition more fresh and “cool” the blazing yellow.

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Another bright and energetic combination that will also make the interior of the room on the shady side more joyful. And if the sun shines outside the window, such a palette will sparkle with bizarre colors.

Instagram @alexey_volkov_ab

For many, it is associated with a contrasting autumn range, when on some trees the leaves have not yet changed their pigment, while others have already turned gold.

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Green color in different rooms


In the kitchen, shades of greens greatly improve appetite and cheer up. The scope of color here is quite extensive, because in this room there are various types of finishes and textiles.

Instagram @berg.interior

Different shades can be used in mass — on the facades of the kitchen set. At the same time, green will be in harmony with any surfaces of the countertop, backsplash and flooring, including the most popular textures of stone, wood, marble and concrete. If the kitchen is very small, and such cabinets will visually overload it, only an apron can be made bright.

In the dining area, color can be used in detail. This is a great option for those who want to add a bright accent that is easy to change or remove according to the mood. For example, removable seats on chairs or a tablecloth on a dining table. You can also use whole sets in the same style — potholders, napkins and towels.

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Living room

Even more possibilities for applying shades of emerald, mint or olive — in the living room. In a spacious room, you can safely paint all the walls in monocolor, and then put furniture and decor that will emphasize the elegant design. In a dark green interior, it is important to think carefully about lighting options so that the room does not look gloomy.

Instagram @mayav.interiors

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In a small living room, you can decorate only one accent wall — behind the sofa or TV. If there are several functional zones in the room, it is easy to single out one of them in this way. For example, a workplace with a computer desk.

If the wall decoration is done in a neutral palette, it will be diluted with bright textiles — curtains and pillows under the back. A large emerald sofa in the center of the living room will always attract all the attention of guests.

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Calm green in the bedroom helps to better prepare for sleep. It sets you up for relaxation, calms your thoughts and does not irritate your eyesight. Therefore, in such a room it will be easier to fall asleep and more pleasant to open your eyes when you wake up.

Instagram @mayav.interiors

Here you can also make all the walls colored or select only one — behind the bed. In this room, on average, we spend less time than in the living room or kitchen (not counting sleep). Therefore, the finish, even in rich colors, will not get bored over time. In furniture, green can appear as a headboard or upholstery of an ottoman at a dressing table. Another equally popular application is bed linen or bedspread.


The natural color is suitable for a bathroom in different styles and will be combined with all popular textures and black fixtures.

Instagram @tsaunya_design

Even dark shades will look neat in a small room. It is not at all necessary to decorate all the walls with them, it is enough to highlight only one — behind the cabinet with a sink, bathtub or toilet bowl.

Another option is to use green as small details. For example, choose a tile with a tropical ornament, which features ferns or palm leaves.


Green for children is one of the most versatile. It will look equally good in the room of both the boy and the girl.

Instagram @anastasia_svistovich

Many designers find unusual uses for it here, for example, they paint minimalist landscapes on the walls that will not leave any kid indifferent. Psychologists say that all shades of green are a little restraining children’s activity. This is one of the reasons why they are used for wall decoration in kindergartens and schools, creating interiors in pistachio or mint colors.

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Even in a small hallway, green can decorate an entire wall. For example — with the front door.

Instagram @alexey_volkov_ab

If there is not enough natural light in the hallway, choose light shades, such as mint or pistachio. They will invigorate and cheer you up when you are going to work or returning home in the evening.

In a neutral hallway, you can use a bright ottoman — even one small detail will significantly transform and decorate the familiar space.

in popular styles


Here shades of green are style-forming. Without them, it is impossible to imagine an eco-interior, which is based on a craving for everything natural and natural.

Instagram @maria_letnikova

Moreover, the use of natural color is not limited to living plants in pots. In such spaces, “live” accent walls, decorated with moss phyto-pictures, have become popular.

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    house plants

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Scandinavian style is not only beige and gray shades. Any natural tones are appropriate in it, including green.

Instagram @d_gulkova

Muted mint and olive tones will not violate the overall light concept, but on the contrary, they will harmoniously complement it and add vitality.


In industrial style, green is like a breath of fresh air.

Instagram @maria_letnikova

It slightly neutralizes and softens the brutal textures of building materials that decorate the walls, floor and ceiling. Dark gradations are in harmony not only with the textures of concrete, but also with raw bricks.

Green color

olive color

mint color


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