If you are bored with the standard Scandinavian style: 5 scandi-chic interiors

The traditional Scandinavian interior style has gained such popularity all over the world that its new forms have gradually begun to appear. One of them is scandi-chic. Bright colors were added to the original light minimalist space with the help of textiles, paintings were hung and art objects were placed on the shelves. There was even a place for a couple of luxury items!

one With mint accents and a spectacular chandelier

This dining area in a scandi-chic apartment looks airy and flirty. The designer used mint candy-colored pillows that echo the hue of the walls, and hung a voluminous chandelier above the table. She became the very bohemian accent that maintains the overall atmosphere of the style.

What can be adopted

When creating a scandi-chic space, choose eye-catching lighting fixtures. They make the interior more interesting and more expensive. Also, do not forget about working with color — one accent shade should run like a connecting thread through the whole house.

2 With pictures all over the house

The «chic» direction is characterized by the use of a large number of art objects: designer posters, paintings or figurines. In this apartment, they did not limit themselves to one or two wall accessories, but placed them everywhere. Even in the kitchen near the work surface.

What can be adopted

Feel free to add a large number of paintings and posters within frames: make galleries and hang them one by one. Moreover, it is important to use different formats so that dynamics can be felt in the space. Do not forget about non-residential rooms: kitchen, bathroom, hallway. It’s great if all the images belong to one artistic direction, for example, abstract art. Also in the frames, yellowed pages with illustrations from books about plants or anatomy look interesting.

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3 In a playful color palette

The bedroom in the photo differs from the traditional Scandinavian direction with its multifaceted color scheme. The hostess uses a variety of textiles for the bed to set the mood. Please note: the color of the bedding echoes the pouffe by the bed, the clock and the posters on the wall.

What can be adopted

When decorating your bedroom in a scandi-chic style, don’t be afraid to pick up bright patterned linens. But do not forget that the pattern should be elegant, and its shades should also be found in other parts of the room.

four With textured textiles

This living room looks sophisticated and expensive thanks to a simple technique: the use of textiles with different textures. A deep pile carpet, assorted cushion covers, textured upholstery on the sofa and a throw inside the basket coffee table create a voluminous space.

What can be adopted

Even if you want to decorate your home in a neutral palette without bright accessories, carefully consider the choice of textiles. It can be all in gray tones, but from different materials, with different patterns. So the design of the room will become deeper and more elegant.

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5 With vintage furniture

The living room in the photo gives a sense of chic to an old oval mirror in a wooden frame. You can see that it has darkened and clouded over time, and the paint on the frame has worn off in places. Complement this mirror with a black and white picture.

What can be adopted

Another easy way to make the usual Scandinavian style scandi chic is to add vintage classic accents. It can be a chest of drawers, a picture in a large frame or a coffee table. Surround your chosen item with matching accessories to emphasize the antique and originality.

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