Interior design is also subject to fashion trends — some styles come, quickly gain popularity, but then quickly leave. At the same time, there are directions “for centuries”. But there are those who, having become a hot trend, remain with us for a long time — we will talk about them in the article.

What styles are in fashion now and will remain in trends for a long time? Listed in video

one scandinavian chic

Everyone knows about the sensational Scandi. He became so in demand and showed himself so well in apartments of different sizes that he could not help but get into our selection. However, these common directions change slightly over time. The usual Scandi style has absorbed several new features, acquired a variety of textures and shapes, and freedom in choosing shades. This is how Scandi-chic appeared, it will remain with us for a long time. This style allows you to layer more interesting details on a discreet cozy interior, making it individual. There are light shades, natural materials, comfortable furniture, an abundance of plants; bright color accents, vintage elements, modern prints appeared.

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    Interior styles

    If you are bored with the standard Scandinavian style: 5 scandi-chic interiors

2 Minimalism

Ever since minimalism first began to appear in apartments, this style has become more than design — a real philosophy. Getting rid of excess, no visual noise, the pursuit of environmental friendliness will never lose relevance. Restrained palette, simplicity of forms, increased functionality, abundance of light, open spaces make the style trendy and long-lasting at the same time. At the same time, you should not be deceived by the simplicity of minimalism — high-quality repairs in this style require investments. Invisible plinth, concealed doors, built-in lighting, perfectly even painted walls give the impression of accuracy and require skill.

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    Interior styles

    Interior style guide: a detailed list with photos and features

3 Neoclassic

The classic style, despite its name, fades into the background a bit — it is difficult for ornate lines, complex shapes, pompous details to keep up with the current pace of life. However, the stylistic core of the classics remains in demand, and it is complemented by relevant accessories and materials, lighter solutions. This is how neoclassicism appeared — a hybrid of classical solemnity and modern simplicity.

In a sense, this is a simplified subspecies of the classics, but only more vital. Thanks to this combination, neoclassical interiors will be created for a very long time. The symmetrical arrangement of furniture and accents looks neat, natural and often expensive materials bring the situation to a new level, moldings and smooth lines decorate the interior. The neoclassical palette also influences the popularity of the style: the beige-brown range and various pastel shades are not boring, but universal.

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    Neoclassicism in the interior: how to create a timeless design

four Ecostyle

There is no doubt that eco-style has gained popularity for a long time. After all, the desire to be closer to nature even in a big noisy city and the desire to join the eco-friendly trend are also only gaining momentum. An eco-style apartment gives all the possibilities for this: a light beige-green palette, natural textures, natural materials and fabrics, a lot of light and indoor plants. At the same time, many solutions can turn out to be quite budgetary — unlike, for example, neoclassical, there is no need to create the effect of luxury and wealth. Home-made furniture and other hand-made elements look appropriate in the eco-interior.

5 art deco

Art Deco is perhaps the most feminine style on this list. In the best sense of the word! The degree of solemnity here is reduced compared to neoclassicism, but complexity and elegance remain. Art Deco is ideal for creative people or those who are tired of restrained gamut and simplicity. The combination of thin lines, glossy or metallic surfaces (gold, steel, brass — in the top), animal prints, noble deep colors make Art Deco a style that will not go out of fashion soon.

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    How to Create an Art Deco Interior: 6 Cost-Effective Ways

6 Modern style

The interior in this style can be called the golden mean. Not as complex and pretentious as the classics, it is at the same time far from the simplicity of minimalism. The neutral basis of the palette is complemented by rich colors. The dominance of a small amount of comfortable furniture does not exclude art and other decorations. This compromise is precisely the secret of the direction’s success. Spacious layouts, the use of multiple levels of lighting, and the flexibility to add new elements make modern style trendy.

7 Eclecticism

The eclectic style has no chance of leaving the trendy top any time soon. Now, both in clothes and in the interior, I want more freedom, to combine the incongruous and include everything you love in it. If minimalism promotes the absence of unnecessary details, then eclecticism denies the concept of «superfluous» in general. No detail can be superfluous, each is part of a complex space, an important link in the interior as a whole. At the same time, when combining pieces of furniture and accessories of different styles, it is worth considering their color, shape or texture. There should still be non-obvious connections so that the situation does not visually “crumble”. You can combine different types of finishes — stone, wood, paint, brick, as well as different prints and colors.

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    Interior styles

    7 universal rules for creating an eclectic interior

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