7 Cool Pantry Storage Ideas You Can Replicate


Even a couple of small accessories will make storage in the pantry more convenient and ergonomic. And yet — will allow rational use of the entire available area. We’ve rounded up some cool and simple ideas that will come in handy from a spacious pantry to a small kitchen cabinet.

What ideas for organizing a pantry to consider? Told in video

1. Leave some drawers closed

Open storage in the pantry always makes cleaning difficult and adds to the hassle of maintaining a tidy appearance. If you’re not sure you’ll have enough time to deal with the visual noise on the shelves, make at least some of them closed.

There you can store the product &...
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There you can store groceries, small household appliances, country stocks, or simply “temporary” items that you don’t know where to distribute yet. Also, in closed boxes, you can put something for which you have not yet found beautiful containers in the same style.

2. Store vegetables in wooden containers

Wooden crates are ideal for storing potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. If before that you always kept them in plastic, it’s time to change it to a natural material. In it, your products will feel better and stay in good condition longer.

In containers made of natural material...
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In a container made of natural material, air exchange takes place better and moisture does not stagnate. In addition, such boxes simply look stylish and meet the latest trends: minimalism and care for nature.

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3. Use bottle organizers

If the lower part of the pantry (for example, under the shelves) is empty, and there is almost no space left on the shelves themselves, remove all the bottles from there. They can be placed in boxes or baskets directly on the floor. Better yet, buy special organizers with dividers.

This is how you free up spaces.
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This will free up shelf space for more fragile items, and bottles of water or other drinks will feel great in bulky baskets.

4. Move equipment to baskets

Cardboard boxes from used appliances take up a lot of extra space on the shelves in the pantry and immediately reduce the storage capacity. That is why it is better to get rid of the factory packaging. Where then to keep small household appliances? For example, put the appliances in beautiful identical baskets.

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Soft walls will take the shape of the thing that is in them, so they can be placed close to each other. Send the baskets to the very top or, conversely, place them on the lower tiers of the storage system in the pantry. The central shelves are best left for those items that you use most often.

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5. Stack drawers on top of each other

Special transparent showcase boxes that do not hide the contents and at the same time are conveniently built in several tiers will save the situation when there is not enough space in the pantry.

Vertical storage, organi
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Vertical storage, organized in this way, will allow you to fill even high shelves to the maximum. Thanks to this, you will not have unused space on top, which is usually empty.

6. Hang bananas on a hook

An unexpected way to store bananas (few people know, but it is undesirable to keep them in the refrigerator) is in the pantry on a hook. To do this, you can use a special stand or attach the suspension to the wall or door from the inside.

So bananas won't take too much space...
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So bananas do not take up extra space on the shelf with fruits and vegetables. And yet — they will always be in sight, so you definitely will not forget to eat them on time.

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7. Open product overview

Ladder stands, on which each next row is located above the previous one, greatly simplify the use of the pantry and make storage more visual.

They will be especially useful if...
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They will be especially useful if there are many items of the same size on the shelves at once: for example, spices or sauces. To maximize the overview and easily navigate your stocks, use such multi-level organizers.


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