How to organize storage in the dressing room? Told in video

one Make room for decorations

The most compact «inhabitants» of the dressing room deserve as much attention as the rest of the filling of the cabinets. Do not store jewelry and accessories in the same box or bag without dividers and other identification marks. Firstly, this directly affects the quality of jewelry: they break and deform faster. Secondly, it is more difficult to put together a single image, and you will spend more time looking for the right earrings or necklace.

Provide for decorations and...
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Provide a separate drawer and organizers for jewelry and accessories. It is better to choose boxes sheathed with soft felt — so fragile glass and precious materials will not be scratched.

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2 Store laundry in drawers

To keep your underwear tidy and not lose its shape during storage, get special drawers with dividers. Place one item in each cell.

So your laundry will be in good...
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So your linen will be in good condition, and you can immediately assemble the desired set. In addition, this storage option in the dressing room looks neat and beautiful, which creates the impression of a well-thought-out, ordered space.

3 Put your bags on an open shelf

To keep bags from losing their shape, do not put them in drawers or cramped boxes. It is best to display them on open surfaces: for example, on shelves.

Bulky bags when folded...
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Bulky bags, if folded into a drawer, take up all the space at once and make the storage system in the dressing room much less spacious. Instead, turn your collection of accessories into a full-fledged interior decoration.

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four Use the same hangers

Storage in the dressing room should be not only functional and roomy, but also beautiful. To do this, try to design the space in the same style, as well as select suitable accessories. For example, the same clothes hangers look beautiful.

It doesn't matter what material it is...
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It does not matter what material they will be from, the main thing is a complete visual identity. Different hangers create a sense of chaos and look ugly, visually overloading the closet.

5 Use «smart» hangers

Multifunctional accessories for storage and organization will expand the possibilities of your dressing room and increase its capacity with the same volume. One such helper is a vertical hanger.

It allows you to store many...
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It allows you to store many trousers or other items of clothing at once, while not taking up extra space. In addition, it will be easier for you to find the right thing than if it was stored in a pile.

6 Hang the barbells at different levels

To make the most of your closet space, hang two clothes rails at different levels, one above and one below. On the top hanger you can store sweaters and shirts, and at the bottom — trousers.

First, the vertical organi...
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First, organizing your closet vertically will save you a lot of space. Secondly, things will be stored in a more accurate form, because they do not have to be hung close to each other.

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7 Use tags to organize

Use visual cues to better navigate your closet space. One of them is rod tags, with which you can separate things into groups.

For example, this way you can...
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For example, in this way you can separate the clothes of different family members hanging on the same rod. Also, with the help of such an accessory it is convenient to distribute things according to the seasons or to allocate clothes for some specific purposes and events.

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