one Living room with floral wallpaper

The love for floral print wallpaper has been around for a long time in England and is evident even in modern interiors. Blue wallpaper with a floral pattern became the main accent in this living room, and the whole color palette was built around it. The ceiling was painted in a rich green hue that matches the pattern on the walls. A green chair was placed in the corner and several plants were placed throughout the room. A few more traditional English accessories were added: a classic floor lamp, fabric curtains with ties, elegant sconces and a mirror above the fireplace in a large decorated frame. It turned out to be a cozy and elegant space for a family holiday.

2 Bright minimalist kitchen

This old English house has a spacious bright kitchen, which has a lot of air and light. Picked up a kitchen set in a powdery pink shade that beautifully echoes the old stone floor. The furniture is complemented by golden handles, a faucet and lamps on a long cord. With the help of a large island, the cooking area was separated from the dining table. Its legs have been painted bright yellow, which playfully echoes the golden accents. Plenty of daylight and thoughtful soft colors make this kitchen-dining room a pleasure to be in.

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3 Living room in blue

This neoclassical living room also looks spectacular thanks to its clever color palette, which is all built on different shades of blue. For the walls, the door and the doorway, a dusty blue tone was chosen, on which the shadows fall beautifully. The sofa is upholstered in a textured dark blue fabric with a slight green undertone, so it stands out organically from the general background. The inside of the fireplace, which no longer makes a fire, was tiled with dark blue tiles — the vertical “boar” looks non-trivial. For contrast, a plant with large leaves in a straw basket was placed in this niche.

four Kitchen with a bright suite and an accent wall

In a walk-through kitchen, as in the project in the photo, it is very important to grab attention and make the space separate, avoiding the effect of a corridor. To do this, the designers used bright accent wallpaper and a color set. At the same time, the turquoise facade exactly matches in tone with part of the pattern. But the wall around the window was left white — so the interior looks lighter and brighter.

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5 Living room with burgundy ceiling

Colored ceilings are not uncommon in English interiors, they are often used as the main accent, as, for example, in this living room. To visually expand the space, the upper part of the walls was painted in the same burgundy color. Light fabric curtains that hang just under the ceiling lift it up. Another highlight of the interior is a vintage painted wardrobe. It stands in a recess near the window, so it does not overload the room.

6 Kitchen-dining room with glass doors

In this house, they decided to take out the dining area from the kitchen. To keep the two spaces still connected, sliding glass doors were installed between them. They let in daylight, but at the same time zone the room well. Large posters of a square format were placed on the wall — they echo the square sections of the doors, and a rhythm is created.

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7 Living room with home library

You can create an accent on the wall not only with the help of paint or wallpaper, but also by filling it with bookshelves. This bookcase has become the center of attention in the living room, so a lot of free space was left around it. A small workplace and a reading corner with an armchair are decorated nearby. It creates a smooth semantic transition to a soft seating area with a TV. And already from it you can get into the dining area and kitchen. This interior is a great example of how you can divide a spacious open space into four independent parts without the use of partitions.

English style

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