It’s unusual: 5 small apartments where bright colors were used


one Apartment with a blue wall and a green kitchen

In this 38-square-square studio, bright colors were used both in the decoration and in the furniture. Part of the walls are painted in a rich blue, which is combined with more neutral shades and light high ceilings. Thanks to this, it does not press and does not make you sad, as is often the case if you go too far with blue in the interior. The floor in the kitchen area, balcony and hallway is tiled with colorful patterns.

Bright solutions continue in furniture. So, for the kitchen area, an emerald shade, atypical for small spaces, was chosen. Some of the upper cabinets were made white to make the suite seem lighter and more airy. The bright accents don’t end there: the sunny yellow chest of drawers in the living room echoes the bottle drawer in the kitchen. And the blue shade of the walls complements the indigo sofa.

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    Colors in the interior

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2 Odnushka in pink and blue tones

And here is an example of a completely different approach to using bright colors. In this apartment, they play the role of not accents, but the basis of the palette. Two saturated shades — dark blue and pink — are used in the decoration of all rooms, except for the bathroom. Even in a small dressing room! They pass through the apartment as a common leitmotif, changing saturation and shape, flowing either to the ceiling, or to furniture and appliances. This technique creates a visual effect of a holistic space, not fragmented into separate zones. And so that there is no overabundance of color, bright shades set off neutral whites and grays.

3 purple balcony apartment

This one-room apartment with an area of ​​35 squares looks unusual thanks to bright colors. There are accents in the kitchen, in the living room, and in the bathroom, but perhaps the balcony has the most unusual look. A small loggia (4 sq. m) is painted in a delicate lavender shade. Due to the fact that the tone is light, the space looks at the same time bright, but not overloaded.

Deep shades of green were also used in the apartment. In the living room, this is a beautiful accent armchair against a general neutral background; in the kitchen, there is a bright set. It is organically combined with the texture of wood and natural gray-beige tones. In the bathroom and bathroom, rich blue and orange colors were used. Completely different shades in mood, but both give a wow effect in tiny spaces.

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four Small studio with bold solutions

This compact apartment is part of an apartment that was divided into two cozy studios with the help of redevelopment. Despite the small area — only 18 squares — they were not afraid of either rich colors or active patterns. Orange was chosen as the main shade for decoration and even some furniture. This is a non-standard and bright solution, since small-sized rooms (and especially studios) are usually decorated in neutral colors. But that’s not all: part of the wall behind the head of the bed was covered with accent wallpaper with a large tropical print. Boldly? Definitely!

5 Bright three-room apartment with yellow furniture and a green bedroom

Despite the fact that this is a three-room apartment, all the rooms here are very compact. In the living room area of ​​​​only 9.5 square meters. m the main color accent is a yellow sofa. Matching pillows were matched to it and it was diluted with a neutral color scheme. It turned out very bright and sunny. In the bedroom, green was used for wall decoration. It is balanced by wooden panels and a calm white color. Therefore, this finish looks harmonious and is great for the bedroom.

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    Colors in the interior

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small apartments

Bright colors


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