How to get rid of flies in the house and apartment: 9 most effective remedies

Flies are not the most pleasant neighbors for humans. In addition to being able to annoy for hours with their buzzing, insects can be dangerous to health. Despite the fact that they do not live long, about a month, during this time they manage to deliver a lot of inconvenience. To understand how to get rid of flies in the house, you need to determine where they come from and what will help destroy unwanted neighbors.

How to quickly get rid of flies in the house

Where do they come from
What are dangerous
Folk methods
— Traps
— Repellent odors
store funds
— Ribbon
— Fumigator
— Spray
— Smoke bomb
— fly swatter
— Poison
— Disinfection
— In the apartment and house
— Location on

Where do they come from

The most obvious way for pests to enter a home is through ventilation, open windows and balcony doors. In the warm season, they can fly in through the ventilation holes and even from the entrance, entering through the window in the stairwell or flying out of the garbage chute. Due to the mesh structure of the eyes, insects do not see a glass barrier, so it is much more difficult for them to fly out than to fly inside the house. Therefore, they remain in the apartment and begin to multiply.

The most active penetration into apartments and houses usually happens in late summer and early autumn. At this time of the year, the temperature outside begins to drop, and the nights become quite cold. Pests are looking for a warm place to overwinter and fly in through windows. At the same time, they may well get inside even through a small gap or a small hole in the grid. Sometimes they get into housing by accident — but due to the peculiarities of the structure of the eyes they cannot fly back, because they do not distinguish glass.

Once in the house in the fall, insects look for secluded places, lay eggs and hibernate. They come out in the spring. Therefore, you may well find them flying around the room at a time when it is still very cold outside.

Flies can be brought with you from the dacha along with the products. For example, they often lay their eggs in overripe spoiled fruits. Chances are you won’t notice them when harvesting. At home, in the warmth of the masonry, full-fledged individuals will quickly develop.

Insects also like to live near landfills, compost pits, outdoor toilets and animal sheds. If the house is nearby, then pests will definitely actively penetrate inside.


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Why are pests dangerous?

Insects feed through the proboscis only liquid food. Therefore, first of all, in the kitchen they will look for the remaining tea, compote, jam and honey standing in bowls. However, in the process of searching, they touch other food with their paws, and flies can carry dangerous and even fatal diseases on them: typhus, cholera, tuberculosis, helminthiasis, conjunctivitis and many others. On the products on which they sat, bacteria begin to spread rapidly. In addition, insects can lay eggs not only in the bin, but also in food. Such food can cause very strong poisoning.

Also, many representatives of this species of insects bite, thereby causing allergies, severe irritation and itching. Given that they carry diseases, bites must be disinfected. For these purposes, you can use a conventional sanitizer.


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How to get rid of flies folk remedies

Before you run to the housekeeping department for store-bought supplies, try what you have on hand. Often, folk remedies help get rid of flies in the house just as effectively.

Make a trap

There are several ways to build a trap. Each of the options listed below is easy to manufacture and effective in practice.

  • Take a glass jar or a plastic bottle with a cut neck, put some sweet object inside, for example, it can be jam, honey, and even plain water with sugar. Then roll a cone out of paper, secure it so that it does not unfold. Insert it into the jar with the narrow side, make sure that the tip does not reach the bottom and is not closely leaning against the bait. The principle of operation is as follows: the flies will be interested in sweetness, fly inside, but they will not be able to get back through a narrow hole.
  • Another option for an effective trap, when hit in which pests die. Take a jar or bottle, pour table vinegar inside and drop a little dishwashing detergent into it, mix. Then cover the container with cling film. Make a hole in the top of it, into which insects will fly. They will not be able to get back through the film and will fall into the liquid in which they will die.
  • You can not buy adhesive tape, but make it yourself. To do this, cut the paper into strips. Take a sticky base (resin or rosin will do), bait — honey, glycerin and sugar, you will also need castor or linseed oil. All ingredients must be melted in a water bath, and then applied to the prepared strips. The tape can be hung in any room, insects will stick to it in the same way as to the store.

Use repellent scents

So that insects do not fly into the house or bypass the summer cottage, you need to understand what the flies are afraid of. There are several strong scents that will help repel flies at home.

  • Vinegar. Its smell repels pests. Therefore, you can fill a container with it, put it near a window, balcony door or porch. The smell acts even on those individuals that have already flown into the house. They will try to leave the premises as quickly as possible.
  • Various herbs. The pungent smell of various plants also repels flies. You can use fresh herbs, dried herbs or essential oils based on them. In the latter case, the aroma lamp will enhance the efficiency.
  • Flies will be scared away lavender, clove, fern, eucalyptus, mint, fresh basil. Choose the smell you like and combine the useful with the pleasant by planting fragrant spices on the site.
  • Living plants. In the country house and on the windowsill, you can keep plants that the flies do not tolerate. Thanks to such green helpers, insects will fly around your house and garden beds. help in this case wormwood, elderberry, bird cherry, tomatoes and even nettles. And in the fall they can be dried and placed at home in vases.

Shop remedies for flies in the house

If folk remedies for flies in the house do not suit you, you can get rid of insects in other ways.


Special tapes and baits are usually placed on window frames, attached to chandeliers or doorways. The principle of operation is simple: flies sit on a sticky surface, get stuck in it and die. Attracts their composition, which is impregnated tape. Manufacturers offer a variety of options.

Sticky tapes are inexpensive, often sold in sets of 4-10 pieces. They need to be changed as dead flies accumulate on the surface. The only disadvantage of this method is an unaesthetic appearance. You need to either put up with this (especially since the measure is temporary), or try to place traps in a place that is not in the most visible place.



Fumigators for the home are plugged into the outlet and regularly change the plates. They spread an odor that is almost imperceptible to humans, but unpleasant for flies, which repels them.

It is important to keep the windows closed and, if possible, close the doors — so the operation of the device will be much more efficient. It is also desirable that at the time of operation of the fumigator, there were no people and pets in the room. After the time indicated on the package has passed, you can ventilate the room.


Insecticides are one of the most effective and fastest-acting home remedies for flies. Special sprays or aerosols are sprayed on surfaces where a lot of pests usually gather.

However, this method has its drawbacks:

  • Single exposure — insecticidal agent will kill those flies that are in the house, but will not prevent the appearance of new ones. As soon as they reappear, the poison will have to be sprayed again.
  • Danger — do not use such products near food and hygiene products, as well as in the presence of people and pets. This is quite difficult, because most often the flies appear in the kitchen. Also, during the procedure, all people and pets will have to leave the apartment for several hours.

Smoke bomb

Smoke bombs emit smoke that repels pests. They are advised to use outdoors: in a summer cottage, in a chicken coop, in a barnyard. For an apartment or house, this method is not suitable.

At the same time, a big plus of such a checker is that it will save you not only from flies, but also from many other pests: horseflies, strings, cockroaches, fleas, ticks. Also an advantage is the coverage area: smoke penetrates into those places where a person cannot reach. For example, in cracks, narrow ventilation ducts, inconspicuous cracks where pests can nest.

fly swatter

You can also destroy pests with a banal physical impact. This method is suitable if several flies have flown into the room, which can be dealt with pointwise.

There are two types of fly swatters:

  • Classic — plastic «cracker», a simple and inexpensive device. You can find models in the range of 120-150 rubles. The main disadvantage is that you need to kill the flies manually, and the corpses may leave marks on the walls or furniture.
  • Electric — an improved version of the standard fly swatter. An electric current is passed through the grid, which kills flying pests even with light contact with metal rods. These models are a little more expensive, but greatly simplify the process of getting rid of flies.


The same insecticides can be bought not in the form of a spray, but in the form of a powder or liquid mixture. A small amount of the substance is poured into saucers or small lids from cans, placing them around the room or throughout the apartment. You can also smear poison on the edges of the dining table. The consistency of jam works especially well.

This method can be dangerous only if there are pets or small children at home who love to try new tastes. Be careful that they do not get to the insecticides, but rather use another, safer option in this situation to get rid of the flies.


As a rule, it does not come to calling a professional, but in some cases this is the only way out. Exterminators treat the premises by spraying special means. They kill insects, but are safe for humans: you can usually return to the apartment in a few hours, after which it is good enough to ventilate the room.

The help of specialists is needed when the apartment is dry and clean, the garbage chute (if you live in the city) is in order, protective nets are installed on the windows, and the flies are still getting more and more. Most likely, a nest has appeared on your territory: for example, in a gap under the windowsill or a ventilation duct. In this case, you need to eliminate the source — and it is better to entrust it to professionals.



If there are no unpleasant insects in your house or you have already got rid of them, then you should take care of prevention so that later you don’t have to think about how to get rid of flies again.

In apartment and house

  • The house must be kept clean. This is especially true of places where you eat and store it. Wipe down crumbs regularly, wash dishes, and don’t leave unfinished food on the table.
  • To prevent pests from getting to the garbage, it is worth storing it in a bucket with a lid. It is also important to regularly take it out and wash it with a disinfectant — crumbs and sticky stains inside will also attract insects.
  • Organize the proper storage of food: put the half-eaten food in containers, close pots with compote, take them to the refrigerator. For food that you need on the table, buy a special mesh umbrella: it is easy to cover a bowl of jam, cookies and other dishes with it. Such an accessory will be especially relevant for summer residents.
  • Make it a habit to regularly clean the apartment: the less dirt there is at home, the less likely it is that insects will linger in it.
  • Wipe the drains of sinks and bathtubs: flies are attracted to water because they drink it. Moreover, this habit will help to avoid the appearance of other pests: for example, cockroaches also live in places where there is access to water.
  • Hang mosquito nets on windows, balconies and front doors. It is important to close the latter in the country, where there are especially many flies.

The problem of getting rid of flies in the country is also relevant, so preventive measures should be taken at the site.

Location on

  • Do not place garbage cans and compost bins near the house where you live.
  • If the toilet is outside, keep it clean.
  • Watch for places where water can stagnate: artificial ponds, watering barrels and other containers. They can also harbor insects. Still water is also an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • If you keep animals and birds on the site, then try to clean the barn regularly and clean out the paddocks in time.

Country house

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