6 best plants for a poorly lit window sill

What plants to place where there is little light? Listed in video

one Anthurium

Anthurium feels comfortable at a temperature of 20 to 26 degrees in the summer, and in the winter season the air should not be colder than 15 degrees. This flower loves a humid climate, so it needs to be sprayed frequently and watered regularly. But he is indifferent to the light: the anthurium does not tolerate direct sunlight, it is more pleasant for diffused lighting or partial shade. This flower is perfect for poorly lit window sills.


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2 Aspidistra

Aspidistra is a very hardy plant. It tolerates the lack of sunlight and takes root on the most poorly lit window sills. You need to water the plant regularly, but not abundantly. To know when it’s time to add water to the pot, check the soil. If it’s dry, it’s time. Aspidistra likes to take a «shower», so wipe and spray her leaves often. This plant can do without top dressing, but if you want not only to keep the flower alive, but to ensure its beautiful and lush growth, it is still worth making nutrient mixtures.


3 Fern

The fern has been gaining popularity in recent years: it can often be seen both in landscape design and in interior design. It’s all about his naturalness and unpretentiousness. The plant easily copes with any uncomfortable conditions, whether it is poor lighting or irregular watering. Ferns love shady places in natural conditions, and in the apartment they feel great on poorly lit windowsills. In an apartment, it is necessary to provide the plant with good moisture and regularly spray its leaves. In addition, the temperature in the room should not be lower than 15 degrees.


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four Ivy

A miniature indoor vine does not need a lot of sun. You can place ivy on a northern or simply poorly lit windowsill. A beautiful climbing plant will look under the ceiling in a hanging planter, but you can just put it on the window. Despite the ease of care for ivy, the owners will still need to carry out some procedures. For example, pinching fast-growing branches or periodically arrange a shower flower, fertilize and monitor the regularity of watering.


5 Sansevieria

This is one of the most unpretentious houseplants, which can be placed both in drafts, and on a brightly lit windowsill, and where, on the contrary, there is little light. Sansevieria looks very fashionable in the interior and is suitable even for beginners in matters of floriculture. If you are looking for a plant for a poorly lit window sill, choose varieties that are evenly colored green. Variegated varieties of sansevieria can lose their beautiful color if there is little light.


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6 ficus benjamina

Since this plant does not like direct and bright sunlight, you can place it on a poorly lit window. Ficus Benjamin is undemanding in care: it is enough to provide it with regular watering, sometimes fertilize it so that the flower actively grows and develops, and periodically spray it. But the plant does not tolerate drafts and frosts, so it is better to put it in a quiet and well-heated place.


Cover photo: Pixabay


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