The interior of a small kitchen in an apartment and its formation



The kitchen is one of the most frequently visited corners of the house. Here we start the morning with a cup of fragrant coffee, and during a delicious dinner we share the moments of the day with our loved ones. It doesn’t matter how big your home is, the cooking area must be set up properly. However, if you settle in an apartment, designing the interior of a small kitchen can be quite difficult. So what ideas make the interior of a small kitchen look best in an apartment? Tips and information can be found here!

Why is it important to properly equip a compact kitchen?

A beautiful and aesthetic kitchen really doesn’t have to be big. After carefully considering the interior design, furniture arrangement, the most suitable color and the details that enliven the atmosphere, you will create a cozy environment where it is good to spend time with your family and receive guests. A properly equipped space ensures that you can move around in the kitchen not only comfortably, but also safely. If you pay attention to your and your loved ones’ daily habits, the interior of a small kitchen in an apartment will definitely meet your expectations.

The interior of a small kitchen — the most effective ideas

Are you a newbie looking to install a kitchen in a small apartment? Use our carefully selected ideas and the interior of your small kitchen in the apartment will look perfect.

Kitchen style


It doesn’t matter how big your kitchen space is, the first thing you need to do when planning your kitchen interior is to choose a style. Do you value modernity? Or maybe you admire Scandinavian minimalism or classics? With these descriptions in mind, you will never ask for:

  • Classic cuisine. Classics will always remain fashionable. You can achieve the impression of sophistication in the kitchen by using light shades and high-quality materials. Also, this style is dominated by regular lines and decorative details, so by adapting antique furniture you will give the space uniqueness. However, if you want a touch of modernity, strategically placed stylish appliances such as fryerswill be perfect for that.
  • Minimalist kitchen. Since newbies living in a small apartment have limited space, a minimalist style is one of the best choices. Essential furniture, essential kitchen appliances and a few decorative accents are all you need for a cooking space in this design.
  • Traditional cuisine. Want a timeless space? Choose attributes belonging to the traditional style. Light tiles, ceramic surfaces, thin glass cabinet doors will give the room a feeling of coziness and cleanliness. However, the traditional design is best fulfilled by quality wooden furniture.
  • Industrial kitchen. This style is best suited for compact loft kitchens with natural light sources. In such a space, combine dark tones with strict lines and large motifs of metal, wood or concrete. For those looking for a more unique design solution, industrial style is highly recommended.
  • Scandinavian style kitchen. If you are looking for a design that combines minimalism with modernity, choose this style. Light wood furniture and static lines create an interesting contrast. The Scandinavian kitchen will be enlivened by modern household appliances, for example, with a strict design blenders.
  • Modern kitchen. Artistry with modern details — this is the most accurate description of modern kitchen style. Shiny table tops and contrasting colors are perfect for such a space.

Kitchen form


One of the most important ideas, which depends on the maximum fulfillment of the kitchen space, is the properly chosen form of the kitchen. Take a look at the «L», «I», «II», «U», and «G» layouts, which will take into account the placement of furniture, kitchen appliances and decorations. Choose the wall-mounted («I») and parallel («II») forms if the apartment is extremely small, and residents of slightly larger spaces, such as lofts, are advised to consider the «G» and «U» layouts that allow efficient rotation in the kitchen. And if you are looking for a versatile option, the space of the corner «L» layout will suit you perfectly — the kitchen of this model will fit both the largest and the smallest appliances.

Kitchen colors


The color of the walls and furniture is one of the most important aspects of design, if you want to create the impression of a larger space. To equip a kitchen in a compact apartment, choose light, pastel colors that will make the space cozier. Most of the time, settlers choose earth tones — soft green, pastel pink and brown. These colors never go out of fashion and give space harmony. In addition, it is a good idea to choose three main materials that you will use in your kitchen, as repeating motifs also add spaciousness. Consider the color of household appliances as well — a soft tone will fit perfectly into the overall design kitchen scales.

Kitchen lighting


The main rule when installing lighting in a small kitchen is not to limit natural light. The sunlight entering the space will give the space coziness and warmth. Visually open the windows in the room and avoid massive curtains, dark blinds and decorations that burden the windowsill. And the interior of a small kitchen in an apartment will reveal itself even more aesthetically with the help of stylish lamps. If you like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, install effective cold-colored lighting above the worktops, and use a warm shade for the dining table.

Kitchen furniture


Properly selected kitchen furniture not only visually fills the space, but also helps create the desired atmosphere. Consider the interior of a small kitchen in an apartment that meets your needs and match the furniture to the chosen style. And if you are looking for more unique design solutions, take a look at retro-style furniture. For example, a deep red vintage refrigerator would really liven up a modern cooking space. Or maybe you are a fan of industrial style and would like narrow, tall and compact stools? Large families will definitely benefit from an original notice board, on which you can leave short messages to loved ones. Do not limit your imagination and you will create a kitchen that meets your expectations.

Household appliances


Kitchen appliances are an integral part of room design. To save space, carefully consider what small and large household appliances you absolutely need. Also, take care of the appropriate arrangement of appliances — by using the triangle rule and placing the sink, stove and refrigerator next to each other, you will make maximum use of the kitchen area. And if there is extra space, a small one will fit perfectly on the tabletop toasterwhich will delight you every morning with a delicious breakfast.



When installing a compact kitchen, do not overdo it with decorations. If you have limited kitchen space, choose functional design details, such as colorful spice boxes or gracefully designed flower vases. Or maybe a modern kitchen interior would be enlivened by a vintage style popcorn machine? Also, you can make use of empty walls by decorating them with decorative plates or family photos.

Planning the design of a small kitchen is an easy but tiring task. We hope that our carefully selected information will help you to find a sea of ​​options, and the interior of your small kitchen in the apartment will meet the expectations of the whole family. However, if you run out of ideas, you can always find the details that liven up the cooking space in our online store.


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