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The kitchen is the heart of every home life is constantly boiling here, so modern cooking spaces are constantly improving and adapting to the changing needs of people. The kitchen room is increasingly becoming a place for receiving guests and working, so we spend more and more time here. For this reason, modern kitchens must meet the expectations of every member of the family. So what is a modern kitchen and how to install it? The best ideas and tips can be found here!

Recognizing a modern kitchen is not difficult. Modern kitchen interior 20th century an early to mid-century design scheme that broke away from the standard styles that predated the Industrial Revolution. By combining elegant yet strong lines with natural materials, the contemporary kitchen design has created a unique look.

Modern kitchen — the best ideas

Installing a modern kitchen is not difficult, you just need to get inspiration from reliable sources. We present the most relevant interior design ideas that will help you create a beautiful and functional kitchen.

Spacious kitchen


If you have a spacious room for the kitchen, you can use various furniture layout methods, colors and decorations. For example, this large cooking area has an island in the middle that functions not only as a dining table but also as a cooking area. In addition, here you can not only receive guests, but also perform daily tasks by turning the island into a comfortable work desk. Furniture is arranged along the walls and built-in dishwasher arranged very functionally such a layout allows for quick and efficient rotation in the kitchen. As for the colors of the space, the light tones chosen for this space visually enlarge the room and add coziness, which is further enhanced by the vase with flowers placed in the middle of the room.

Compact kitchen


Don’t let the compact space limit you A modern kitchen doesn’t have to be big. A modern cooking area can be set up even in the smallest loft. In this example, you can see one of the best ways to save space installation of a hob and a dining table in one place. Guests and family members sitting on high, stylish stools will be able to watch the cooking process and participate in the cooking. Also, the cabinets and shelves attached to the walls will help to store all the necessary things. Glasses, glasses and containers for bulk products.

Kitchen layout


A modern kitchen will perfectly reveal itself in any type of layout. Wall mounted (I) and parallel (I I) shape will look best in a compact space, and choose it for a larger kitchen U at G layouts. However, for those looking for a versatile option, we recommend the angled «L» layout that you can see in the example. In such kitchens, various furniture, for example built-in refrigerators, stoves and cabinets are placed against the wall in the corner of the room. This layout not only looks stylish, but also saves space.

Interior style


Not sure which style will make your modern kitchen look the best? When installing a modern design of the cooking space, you can apply fragments of various styles. For example, in 2022 it is becoming popular rustic A mixture of (rustic) and modern styles, combining quality wood furniture and simple shapes and a soft color palette with bolder, more modern accents. Also, if you have a compact kitchen, minimalist or industrial style motifs would look great in it. And if you want to create an oasis of peace, choose Scandinavian-style furniture and light colors. In the presented interior, you can see a mixture of modern and classic kitchen styles. High-quality wooden cabinets and light colors create the impression of a refined and luxurious space, while the hob built into the island adds modernity.



Let your imagination run wild when planning the color of the kitchen. Choose light tones if you want to visually increase the space, and you can use bolder colors for a larger kitchen. In 2022, blue and pink tones and unique patterns that become the accent of the room are extremely popular. In addition, you can cover the selected kitchen wall with multi-colored tiles, thus giving the room vitality. For example, in this kitchen, the contrast between blue and yellow colors is created with the help of decorations and furniture. A soft blue sofa gives the impression of coziness and peace, while a yellow vase, chair and lamp act as an unexpected accent.



A modern kitchen should be not only comfortable, but also functional. Kitchen layout has the greatest influence on work efficiency. In the right kitchen, the most important appliances (fridge, sink and stove) are arranged in a triangle shape to make cooking go more smoothly. In addition, you should take care of wide countertops and spacious drawers that can fit neatly platesglasses and eating utensils.

Household appliances


In the modern kitchen, you can find household appliances made according to the latest technologies. Consider what devices you need the most so you don’t overcrowd the space. In this example, you can see the cleverly fitted oven with hob and built-in fridge and dishwasher that seem to blend in with the cupboards. Also, those who like to start the morning with a hot drink will definitely like the modern ones coffee makers or teapots.



You can enliven the interior of a modern kitchen with the help of furniture of the colors and materials you like you just need to use your imagination. Setting up a modern, contemporary kitchen really doesn’t require an abundance of things choose a unique armchair, lamp or table that will become the accent of the room. The interior designers behind this kitchen gave the modern space a classic feel by combining a light-colored armchair and a massive, wooden lamp with a brighter yellow cushion. Also, pay attention to the materials, because the modern kitchen is characterized by high-quality, refined furniture.



Proper kitchen lighting makes the space cozier. In a modern kitchen, not only the quality of light sources is important, but also their design, as the stylish appearance of various lamps complements the interior of the room. In this kitchen we see two types of lighting LED lamps above the cabinets and three stylish lamps above the island. By combining the design of the lamps with the style of the room, you will never ask.



A modern kitchen is unimaginable without the accessories you like after all, things that are pleasing to the eye liven up any space. If you like plants, place small pots in the cabinet above the sink or decorate the dining table with a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Those who value coziness are recommended to take a look at vintage figurines, decorative plates and other accessories that not only look great, but also reflect a sustainable lifestyle.

Equipping a modern kitchen is really not difficult, you just need to take into account the advice of interior designers and use your imagination. Taking into account the ideas presented by us, you will easily create a kitchen design that you like. And you can find furniture, household appliances and decorations for the kitchen area in our online store.


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