Bathroom design: how to choose the right one?



The design of the bathroom is of great importance — it depends on the arrangement of furniture, objects, the prevailing mood, colors, even ease of handling, speed and simplicity. For this reason, the design of the bathroom must be extremely well thought out. And, of course, in harmony with the prevailing interior of the house. What should you pay attention to when choosing the design of the bathroom?

Create a lasting interior


The design of the bathroom often stands out from the whole interior of the house — many of us are not afraid to choose colored tiles, patterns, pictures. However, it is no secret that colored interiors become less and less relevant over time. For this reason, the design of the bathroom, according to specialists who create long-term interiors, should be even, bright, monochromatic. Well, to give it uniqueness, it should be done with the help of details — a brighter one will work perfectly for that laundry basketa black faucet, a bath mat with an interesting design and other accessories.

Also, do not forget that a bright interior visually enlarges the room — this is especially relevant for those with a small bathroom.

Follow the longevity rules


In the photo, you can see a great example, which was created with the rules of durability in mind — the walls and bathroom furniture are light, the floor pattern is classic and timeless, and the black details matched to the floor give it a special touch, which nicely completes the overall picture.

When such an interior is ready, it will be enough to change the cabinet and shower handles, the soap dispenser and the light. It will not require much investment, but the picture will change dramatically.

Choose naturalness or Balinese style


If the bright design of the bathroom is not the option that interests you, pay attention to another classic, timeless and never boring option — naturalness, Balinese style. This interior style is dominated by the dark colors of stone and wood, which is found in nature.

It doesn’t matter what details and surfaces you choose from wood, and what you create from stone — this design has no strict rules. In it, you will rarely meet extremely strict forms, lines, rules, after all, this does not happen in nature either.

The most ideal highlight of this interior is a bath carved out of stone. It is true that this pleasure is quite expensive, but it is possible to find very good quality bathtubs that look as if they were carved from stone, but in reality they are created from other, cheaper and easier to process materials.

Use the platform


Want luxury in your bathroom? The rise will help to implement that. We recommend building a bathtub on the platform — this will emphasize its size, impressiveness, significance, and make it the main focus. Of course, in this case, the bath should be worthy of becoming an accent — a messy, small bath will only spoil the whole picture.

If you are looking for even more luxury, install LED lighting in front of the platform. It will emphasize the podium even more, visually raise it. You can also use this lighting while bathing — it will add mystery and sexuality. This is especially relevant when you are not bathing alone.

A combination of dark colors and wood


If you like the interior of Bali, but you like strict forms, don’t give up the combination of dark color and wood. It looks just as great in naturalistic shapes as it does austere.

The design of the bathroom, which is dominated by a combination of dark colors and wood, has its own disadvantages and advantages. One of the main disadvantages is that it is difficult to find the right parts. For example, clothes hangers it should be either black or kept in another room, since an incongruous light detail will be very conspicuous against a dark background.

Also consider that even washing machines you won’t put it anywhere — designers recommend installing or hiding the washing machine in a closet with a good ventilation system so as not to spoil such a luxurious interior.

Pay attention to the choice of mirror


A mirror is a necessary item in the bathroom — for brushing teeth, facial care, shaving, coloring and other beauty procedures that are hard to imagine without a mirror. However, do not forget that the mirror must also match the environment. True, it can not only match, but also become an accent and perform several functions. In the photo you can see an example where the mirror performs both the functions of a mirror and a light.

Every woman will agree that lighting is very important when painting — uneven lighting and shadows make everyday preparation very difficult. Such direct, even lighting, coming from behind the mirror, eliminates all shadows and helps paint, trim eyebrows, beards, mustaches and perform various facial procedures. Such lighting is also relevant at night — it dazzles less than ordinary lamps, so when you get up to use the toilet, you can avoid thinking about which is better — darkness or blinding light.

Use open shelves


Some bathrooms may have open shelving. Objects stored in open spaces create visual clutter. For example, even if all hygiene and cosmetic products are arranged according to type and are used, they will still look messy — bottles of different colors, heights, thicknesses, sizes, and shapes disrupt the uniform image.

Monochromes will help to avoid color noise storage boxes — put your used items in storage bins and you will immediately notice the difference. It is true that, although in all other rooms it is recommended to put things in storage boxes according to the type of things, in this case we recommend putting all cosmetics and hygiene products that are used at the same time in one storage box, so that you don’t have to pull five storage boxes with different things when you get ready for work in the morning.

Support integrity and minimalism


If you have a narrow shelf or wall cavity where you can’t or don’t want to put storage, use this space wisely. Do not load it with colorful bottles, maintain integrity and minimalism. A candle or a home fragrance will give coziness, and uniform bottles or dispensers — a feeling of luxury.

A smaller amount of things will not only look easier, but also will not visually reduce the size of the room and will not complicate the cleaning and dusting process.

Choose naturalness


At the moment, naturalness, turning to nature is returning to fashion. This can be seen in all areas, including the home interior. In the bathroom, it is easiest to realize naturalness with the help of wooden details and dark glass — wooden toothbrushes, soap trays, soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and face, body and hair care products stored in tinted glass packages will look not only beautiful, but also fashionable. And, of course, such a choice is good for nature — choose cosmetics that are already sold in such packaging, thus reducing the amount of pollution.

Marble in the bathroom


A popular solution in the interior, which cannot be overlooked, is marble. Recently, more and more people are choosing marble tiles and countertops. This solution does not move away from the classics, fits into many interiors and does not get bored as quickly as a bright, colorful bathroom design. Choosing a marble imitation design, you can not worry about the details, because the marble itself plays the role of design, image filling. If you want a bit of exclusivity, combine different marble imitations — for example, light wall tiles and a dark table top.


Bathroom design is an important issue when furnishing a home. Take enough time to solve this issue — every interior can be comfortable and beautiful, the most important thing is to choose the right tools for its implementation. In the online store you will find exactly such tools — comfortable, stylish, easy to maintain and even easier to use.


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