Which bath to choose? Information and advice


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Are you getting ready to renovate your bathroom? If you want to liven up the atmosphere of the room, start by replacing the old bathtub with a new one. However, whether you are looking to change the design of the space or add functionality to the bathroom, it is useful to consider the different characteristics of the bathroom. The most relevant information to help you decide which bath to choose is waiting for you here!

Why is it important to choose the right bathtub?

We could single out more than one reason why it is important to carefully choose the most suitable bathroom device. The bathroom is one of the most important corners of the house, where it is nice to relax after a long day of work, so choosing a new bathroom device is undoubtedly an important decision. Appropriate bath can liven up the appearance of your bathroom, increase the beauty and functionality of the space — who wouldn’t want a bath that not only gives the interior a distinctive look, but also lasts a long time?

Which bath to choose and what to consider?

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Looking for a new bathroom fixture? Before deciding which bathtub to choose, find out what type, shape, material and other features of the bathtub meet your expectations.

Bath type

  • A free-standing bathtub. Have a spacious bathroom? Then you can choose a free-standing bathtub, which will become a real highlight of the room. Elegant bath rugs and other decorations will further enhance the effect of luxury. Families with small children will also like this choice, as this type of bath is extremely functional. However, if you have a compact bathroom space, we advise you to choose a wall-mounted bathtub.
  • Built-in bath. This type of bathtub is usually placed against the wall, so it takes up very little space and looks great in small bathrooms. Choose a built-in bath option that matches the dimensions of your room.
  • Corner bath. Built-in corner bathtubs differ in size and capacity, so choosing this option will allow you to adapt it to both compact and spacious bathrooms. In addition, corner bath units have wide edges to fit on soap dispenser or a small vase with flowers.
  • Massage bath. The type of massage bath allows you to create a spa atmosphere at home. The powerful jets in the device turn a simple bath into a real hydromassage. Additionally, well-placed and privacy-enhancing help to create a calming feeling shower curtain.

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Bath shape

  • Rectangular bath. This shape still remains at the top of the most popular bathroom fixtures. The installation possibilities of a rectangular bath are unlimited, so you can adapt such a bath to any space layout. In addition, due to its popularity, a rectangular bath does not require a large budget. However, depending on the shape of the interior, it can be difficult to clean the corners of this bathroom.
  • Asymmetric bath. It is an intermediate option between the shape of a rectangular and a corner bath. Adapt the shape of the bath to the layout of your room and create a bathroom interior that matches your individual taste.
  • Right and left bath. Choose the right and left bath taking into account the layout of the space. In this way, you will create a comfortable bathroom where you can comfortably perform daily rituals and pleasantly relax after the day’s work.
  • Ovals smell. An oval-shaped bathtub will become a real highlight of the interior. A bathtub with a non-standard design will give the room uniqueness — use your imagination and choose a colorful bathroom device if you are looking for a non-standard option.

Bath material

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  • Stone bath. Those looking for a low-maintenance bathroom device are advised to choose stone mass baths. The non-porous material perfectly maintains the temperature of the water and does not absorb moisture, so you can remove the stains quickly and easily. In addition, these baths are durable, so you can be sure that the stone mass unit will last a long time. However, compared to acrylic baths, this option is more expensive, but the advantages of a stone mass bath outweigh all the disadvantages.
  • Acrylic bathtub. If you do not know which bathtub to choose and you are looking for a universal model, consider this option. Acrylic does not absorb excess water, retains heat and is resistant to mold. Despite these features, the surface of the acrylic bathtub is easily scratched, so you will have to pay attention to maintenance after purchasing this bathtub.
  • Steel bath. If you are on a tight budget, steel bathtubs are the perfect choice. However, keep in mind that the surface of this bath cools down quickly.
  • Cast iron bath. This is perhaps the most durable bathtub on the market. Easy cleaning will allow you to spend less time on maintenance, so you can calmly enjoy the benefits of the bathroom. However, it is good to note that this type of bath is extremely heavy, so you must consider the support structure of the bath.
  • Composite bath. These acrylic and fiberglass bath units are among the most popular. Simple installation and stable construction will allow you to enjoy this type of bath for a long time. In addition, the composite is resistant to scratches, so you can use the bath without fear of long-term stains and dirt.

Bath size and capacity

Are you considering which bathtub to choose, but do not know the most suitable size and capacity? These aspects depend on the layout and size of the room. First of all, consider how many people will be using the bath and choose an option suitable for the whole family. Also, think about the volume of the bath and how much water you intend to use.


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A properly selected bathtub is a meaningful investment, so it is important to carefully review the key aspects so that you can enjoy the bathtub of your dreams. The design of the device is one of the most important features, because bathtubs of different types, colors and shapes can transform the interior of a room. If you are a fan of modern style and do not know which bathtub to choose, we advise you to consider asymmetric and oval-shaped bathtubs, which will give uniqueness to the design of the room. And if you like minimalism, you will definitely like classic rectangular baths.


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