Trendy kitchen colors — 10 ideas for your dream kitchen



The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. After all, you spend a lot of time here — cooking, creating recipes, communicating with friends and family, and often hosting guests. Everyday life boils in the kitchen, so how you feel in it and with what mood you leave it is extremely important. Properly selected fashionable kitchen colors can help create the desired mood kitchen furniture. We present as many as 10 ideas for the kitchen of your dreams — all you have to do is choose!

Fashionable kitchen colors: how to take advantage of trends?

Trends define what is most popular at the moment, but not what is right for us. Therefore, you should not blindly rely on them, but a detailed list of colors can provide inspiration and new ideas for creating the interior of your new kitchen. If you are interested in this season’s fashionable kitchen colors, you should first answer the question in which kitchen you would like to spend the most time. Is it a cozy, subtle space where the main focus is not on the interior details, but on the food prepared there? Or maybe this space is a stylish center of the everyday life of the home, where people are bustling and there is no lack of life? The answers to these questions will help you discover the color that suits you best, and we’ll share your inspiration.

Dark green


If you want to bring life to your kitchen, you can never go wrong with green. Dark green tones will not only revive the space, but also give energy to you and your family members — every morning when you enter the kitchen, you will wake up easier, you will feel like you are having breakfast on the terrace, surrounded by lush vegetation. No less important is the fact that the dark green color will give this home space not only life, but also luxury — it goes well with dark wood decoration, and rich brown kitchen furniture can complement the whole.

Pastel tones


For those looking for peace and delicacy, a kitchen in pastel colors will be the most suitable. Soft pink, blue, yellowish colors, their accents, combined with traditional white, create a cozy space that invites you not only to enter, but also to spend as much time as possible in the kitchen. Pastel tones are a great choice for owners of small kitchen spaces, as light, light colors visually enlarge the room.

Earth colors


Recently, the noticeable trend of searching for naturalness has not bypassed the kitchen interior either. Warm shades of gray, milky white and cream — these fashionable kitchen colors combined with natural light wood and leather accents create a special image. Kitchen in warm earth colors — cozy, yet delicate and elegant. Playing with different shades and textures allows you to create an individual interior that matches the mood of your home.



Forget the stereotype that gray is a boring, pale color without temperament. This is no longer the case. Today, both light and dark gray tones are among the most popular in kitchen interiors. And certainly not in vain. If you want a subtle, classic, yet impressive kitchen, don’t hesitate to choose a rich, warm gray color and combine it with white, black or blue. The gray kitchen cabinets will go well with the white decoration of the room and the marble-patterned countertops.

Dark wood


Fashionable kitchen colors are increasingly associated with naturalness. So, what we previously hid under layers of paint, now becomes the most prominent accent of the interior. The tones and texture of dark wood, its natural pattern will give your kitchen delicacy, luxury and elegant aesthetics. For a more modern design, combine wood with white and gold details and glass accents.

Mustard yellow


A vibrant, inspiring color that not only lifts your mood and gives you energy, but also stimulates your appetite. Mustard yellow turns the kitchen into a fun, cheerful, but no less stylish space. The most important thing is to choose the right shade of yellow and if you tend to its brightest tones, don’t overdo it! A part of the wall lined with yellow tiles, a decorated kitchen island or part of the kitchen furniture will become a great accent. Fashionable kitchen colors are bright this season, so give them freedom!

Light blue


A light blue kitchen looks fresh and cozy. Although this color usually reigns in children’s rooms, you won’t regret choosing it for your new kitchen. The soft blue space is filled with silence and peace, and when these tones are combined with white open shelves and Scandinavian-style light wood furniture, you will give the home the feeling of a seaside hut. If in the morning you want to feel like you are walking barefoot on the sand with a light sea breeze blowing, a light blue kitchen is exactly what you are looking for.

Black and white


It is said that white kitchens are an old trend. However, the timeless combination of white and black, which we can confidently call an eternal classic, is something else. A bold, contrasting, timeless color combination will allow you to create a luxurious, sophisticated kitchen space. This combination is particularly attractive for those who want to match the kitchen equipment to the interior. Such devices as a food processor, juicer or multifunctional pot can be available in stylish black or white colors and perfectly complement the interior.

Olive green


Any kitchen will become modernly cozy if you choose olive green furniture or interior accents. This color is the perfect solution for those who want a romantic, warm home space that invites them to enter. You will definitely want to spend most of the day in the olive green kitchen — you can give it even more comfort by choosing cotton curtains, light wood furniture and natural-looking floorboards. This color will make your home feel like a summer house.

Burgundy red


Although many people associate burgundy with Christmas and the winter season, its uses extend far beyond the big holidays of the year. This shade of red is bold, luxurious, but no less warm and cozy when matched in the right way. Reinvent your kitchen with a new selection of burgundy red kitchen furniture, natural wood floorboards and white tiled walls. Other trendy kitchen colors like dark green would also add an extra touch of charm! Interior details, kitchen appliances or where will make you look at this space in a new way.

We hope that these color trends will give you the drive and inspiration to create your dream kitchen! And all the kitchen furniture required for installation, Kitchen cupboardstools and decorations can be found in our online store


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