Interior of a small living room: ideas and tips



Practical ideas for a small living room can change a space from crowded and messy to cozy and calm, so we invite you to get acquainted with as many as 12 clever tips that will inspire you and show that a stylish interior of a small living room is not so complicated!

Why is the interior of a small living room important?

The living room is undoubtedly the most important room in the house when it comes to decorating. Even if your living room at home is small, its decoration should bring coziness and positive emotions so that every moment spent in this room brings joy and comfort — after all, it is a room where you share impressions with guests and relatives, and also spend most of your time with your family right on the site!

Small living room interior: TOP 12 ideas

We invite you to familiarize yourself with 12 practical and useful ideas that will provide you with many different ways to make the most of your living room space and advise you on what tricks can help you create an optical illusion or save space.

Color palette


To choose the right color for your living room, think about the mood you want to create. Will you use the site for recreation? Or maybe you want to turn it into a fancy room in your home? In almost all cases, pastel and soft colors (for example, cream, ivory, white) will work, but don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colors, such as red or yellow — they will add exceptional elegance, energy and luxury to one of the most important rooms in your home.

Interior style


Before you start decorating the living room, decide on one main interior style and stick to it — this way you can easily focus and find decorations or furniture in stores without difficulty. Also, if you don’t know what style you might like, check out some of the most popular ones:


Modern design is an interior design style characterized by a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials and natural light.


Classical interior design is a combination of ancient Greek and Roman interiors, which is characterized by perfect harmony, balance and order.


Scandinavian interior design is an increasingly popular minimalist style that combines textures and soft tones to create a sleek, modern interior that is warm and cozy. This type of interior is dominated by clean lines, simple and practical furniture.

Living room furniture


The interior of a small living room should be characterized by functional furniture that has a purpose and is often used. When choosing furniture, be sure to take into account the general style of the room, find out what colors go well with each other and choose furniture of the right size, which will be large enough to store things, but will not turn the room into a small storage room.



If you want to have a TV, game console or other electronics in the living room, it is recommended to also make sure that it fits in the room TV table — it will help cover the wires and create additional storage space. Also, it is recommended to place the available electronics in one place, as this can make the room look even smaller and make the use of electronic devices quite difficult.



In a small living room, lighting is very important to create a cozy environment, so consider using both ceiling and table lamps, such as floor lamps or lamps — this will provide more light and make guests look and feel better. Most importantly, try to place the lighting in different parts of the room — so that the light can spread nicely — and avoid table lamps in the middle of the room, which may restrict your mobility and burden the room.



Rug, pillows, Wall clock and artwork can help set the mood of a living room, be it modern, contemporary or relaxing. When choosing decorations, it is important to pay attention to the color, size and purpose of the decorations — large, bright and sharp-cornered decorations will fit perfectly in a modern living room, while small, colored and soft accents will give the room a relaxing tone.

Hidden storage for items


Wall or closet storage can help keep a small living room tidy and ensure you have a convenient place to store things. If you plan to store documents, glasses or other small items in the closet, then it is most important to provide a sufficient number of small and medium-sized drawers and shelves, while for larger items, towels or bed linen, it is recommended to install a spacious section with a closet.



It is recommended to choose light or even transparent curtains that will not block the light and give the feeling of a larger space. Also, try to choose curtains of light fabric and straight cut — the interior of a small living room looks best together with them.

Mirror and other reflective objects


If the living room seems extremely small and you want to create more space, an old trick will help you — hang a mirror on the wall. Using this trick will create the illusion that the room is bigger and often brighter. This illusion can also be done with other reflective items such as decorative silver plates, figurines and other accents.

The table


The size of the table is extremely important, as it is one of the most noticeable accents in the room. Choose a table that is smaller than the carpet and sofa — a table in a small living room should be enough for afternoon tea, but not for a full family dinner. Also, for the maximum effect of maintaining space, experts recommend choosing a glass table, however, if you avoid this type of table, a wooden or other material table will be perfect.



The interior of a small living room is often decorated with a stylish carpet, as it is not only a great and cozy design solution, but also protects the floor from scratches and provides a safe surface for children’s games. In a small space, it is recommended to choose a carpet with shorter bristles and not covering the entire perimeter of the room, which, ideally, is limited to the size of the sofa and ensures that the tea table will fit.



Flowers and other plants can instantly liven up your living room, so if you can’t find the right accent for your living room, try getting some plants. Both live and decorative plants can be considered, which are compact, but bright enough and easy to notice as soon as you enter the site.

A tasteful and space-efficient interior design for a small living room is quite a difficult task, but with a few tips you can make it much easier to implement design ideas and finally create the living room of your dreams. In the online store, you can start your search for the parts you need — here you can find an exclusive and wide range for various design and repair work, so don’t wait and try it now!


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