Interior design. Design of balconies and verandas


All those who live in large cities often want to take a break from their bustle somewhere in nature, away from noisy cars and polluted air. However, not all people can afford to change their environment overnight. Therefore, it is best to create a small garden directly in your apartment, using the space of a balcony or loggia for this. Currently, designers give these rooms the most amazing forms, using the latest architectural developments in their work. The reason for their careful attention to the design of these premises is that at present, real estate buyers pay much more attention to these elements of an apartment or house, and housing without a balcony or loggia costs much less. It is the space of loggias and balconies that allows a person to create a real paradise in his own apartment.

Balcony design

The first architectural structures similar to modern balconies appeared in Kievan Rus. In medieval Europe, wide balconies were used to organize entire dinners. Years and centuries passed, but the arrangement of balconies and loggias almost did not change: all the same metal lattices are decorated with flowers and various plants. And today, modern housewives strive to get around one another in creating the most elegant and comfortable balcony. Some time ago, the attitude towards loggias and balconies was divided into two radically opposite points of view. Some of the housewives considered them exclusively as a pantry for unnecessary items, while others, on the contrary, sought to decorate them as beautifully as possible. The number of people who see loggias and balconies as an opportunity to embody the designer’s own fantasy began to increase after they began to be glazed. Protecting the premises from moisture and other manifestations of bad weather made it possible to calmly spend time and money on creating a cozy interior. And the possibility of warming turned them into the same rooms that require design approaches and solutions.

When choosing an interior for a loggia, keep in mind that it is the same part of an apartment or house as other rooms, and therefore must comply with the overall design of the home. You should not assume that creating a cozy corner is possible only in a large room — on a small balcony you can also create an elegant miniature garden. Ceramic tiles, brick or natural stone are best for covering the floor of the balcony, this will make the situation most similar to a real garden. Carpet for the garden should be made from natural materials — reeds, seaweed, etc. Cork flooring can also be a good solution, which not only has a spectacular appearance, but also makes the surface warm and environmentally friendly.

At present, it is not possible to use natural wood for wall upholstery. It is better to finish them with a material that imitates the texture of what was used to cover the floor — natural stone or brick. If you do not like this solution, you can paint the walls with paint — naturally, the surface must be well plastered before that. The white color of the walls will set off the elegance of the flowers especially brightly.

The best furniture for the loggia and balcony is wicker and wood. More recently, furniture made of multi-colored plastic has become appreciated. Its main advantages are ease of use, strength, light weight and bright design. In order for the furniture not to clutter up the entire balcony, use its folding options, and use a hanging board for the table.

It is convenient to use sun loungers on the balconies, which can be folded and unfolded if necessary. Thus, you will create comfortable conditions in order to relax on a sun lounger, and do not take up much space.

Be sure to cover the plants from the sun if the balcony is located on the sunny side, as direct sunlight does not tolerate even the most heat-loving plants. This can be done with blinds or decorated curtains. Nowadays, there are many different types of blinds, so you can easily choose among them what you need.

If you are a happy owner of a loggia with a large area, you can install a sofa, armchairs, a table and even a small closet on it. To create comfort, cover the furniture with pillows made from natural fabrics — burlap, tapestry, textiles.

loggia design

For a glazed balcony, it is imperative to make additional lighting, which can be used as a floor lamp, bronze candlestick or sconce. The choice of lighting source depends on the interior of the room.

If you have designed a Japanese-style loggia, then you can emphasize its image with a small fountain or a composition in the style of a Japanese rock garden.

The interior of a balcony or loggia may differ markedly from the design of the main space of the apartment, but in this case it is necessary to separate it from it with thick curtains. Large glass doors, on the contrary, unite the loggias with the main space of the apartment.

Verandas are most often attached to country houses and cottages. If you make the veranda fully glazed, it will look especially impressive. Another stylish combination is wood and glass. If the area of ​​​​the veranda is large enough, you can place a sofa, armchairs, a dining table on it. Wicker and folding furniture is a great solution for a porch, but if you prefer a modern style, install bright plastic furniture on the veranda, which will be a great addition to a sunny day. The interior of the veranda can be made in any style. When choosing it, be guided by your own wishes and financial capabilities.

Design of loggias and balconies

An equally important part of the architecture of any country house is the courtyards, which can rightly be called part of the culture of the people. Looking at how the patio is decorated, one can draw conclusions about the character of its owner. Indoor patios are especially popular in countries with a warm climate, but we also have many options for decorating them. Such patios can be used for organizing meetings with friends, and for your own privacy. In order for its appearance to be the most attractive, plant its space with a variety of shrubs and other plants. If you are particularly sensitive to the design of the patio, seek the help of professionals in creating its design.


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