Projects of one-story houses — 120 design photos. Overview of the best options for country houses

Since the second half of the fifties of the twentieth century, a comfortable small apartment in a five-story building of any city has been considered a symbol of comfortable housing in our country. Subsequently, for a long time nothing changed in this matter, except for the number of storeys of houses. There were more and more floors, and the apartments remained the same small.

Today, a symbol of prestigious housing is a separate one-story house with an attic, located somewhere in the suburbs of the metropolis.

The advantages of such a dwelling are indisputable, since today there is no problem with the laying of engineering systems, such as sewerage, water supply, etc. Even if it is not possible to connect to centralized systems, all this can be done on an individual basis.

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Master of your home and your destiny

The indisputable advantage of a separate house is the presence, albeit a small, but its own land plot on which this house stands, in order to be convinced of this, it is enough just to look at the photos of one-story houses.

A person living in his own country house has a completely different attitude than that of an inhabitant of a multi-storey building, he becomes more solid, in his every movement one can trace the bourgeois firmly on his feet.

Perhaps that is why a trend began to appear for the relocation of people from cramped city apartments to country houses, where their inhabitants feel like the true masters of their destiny. It cannot be otherwise, because, in practice, each such house is built taking into account the wishes of the future owner, that is, he is settled in exactly the house he dreamed of.

The owner of a city apartment lives in the habitat that was created for him according to a standard project that does not take into account all his wishes.

Wood, brick and foam concrete blocks

Another thing is owning a house. The one-story building market today offers multiple options for planning a one-story house, both internal and external.

Firstly, it is proposed to decide on the building material, which can be wood, traditional for Russia, and brick, which has already become familiar, and, relatively new to us, foam-aerated concrete blocks.

Secondly, when planning to build a modern one-story house, the developer needs to decide how much money he is willing to spend on it.

The most economical options, of all possible, will be those that offer to opt for wooden houses. A brick will cost a little more. The most expensive of these building materials are foam-aerated concrete blocks.

Wooden house

However, what seems expensive today will eventually turn into savings and very significant ones. A log house is the cheapest, and it is pleasant to live in it.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that has a beneficial effect on human health, but, unfortunately, is short-lived. It is subject to absolutely all natural disasters, including such common ones as a fire.

In the event of a fire, the house can be saved only in its initial stage. Once the fire takes hold of the logs, no fire brigade can put it out. The charred log house will stand where it was placed, but it will no longer be possible to live among the firebrands.

Even if a fire does not happen, over time the logs will begin to rot, as soon as the process of decay starts, it will be impossible to stop it without a major overhaul. However, if there is no fire, life in such a house will be very comfortable, at least for one or two generations.

brick house

Brick houses are not so afraid of fires and they do not rot at all, so they will stand for more than one hundred years, although they still have to be repaired from time to time.

A significant drawback of this material is its relatively high thermal conductivity, so in Russia the walls of brick houses are never laid out in one brick, but at least two, two and a half. This allows you to ensure the safety of heat indoors in winter and not suffer too much from the heat in summer.

The need to build thicker brick walls makes the process quite time consuming and, perhaps, the longest.

block house

Foam-aerated concrete blocks are perhaps the most expensive building material on our market, but expensive, far from always, means unprofitable. Foam-aerated concrete blocks are similar in shape to bricks, only their sizes are somewhat larger, therefore, fewer of them are required to build a house, they have a lower thermal conductivity than bricks, which also contributes to greater efficiency of their use in the construction of residential buildings.

Just as with brickwork, the binder mortar connecting the blocks to each other is a sand-concrete mixture. The most important element of any building, including one-story, is the foundation.


The heavier the house, the more powerful the base on which it has to stand should be. Building the foundation is perhaps the most crucial moment of the whole process. If the foundation is built with errors, the house on it will not stand for a long time.

Since even a log house is a rather heavy structure, the depth of the foundation should be below the level of freezing. If this rule is not observed, freezing of the soil can lead to its rise in winter and lowering in summer. At the same time, under the weight of the house, an insufficiently deepened, weak foundation will gradually collapse.

Exterior of the house

Having decided on the cost of materials and construction work, you need to think about the appearance of the house. Where and how the windows will be located, what will be their size, whether a veranda will be attached to it and what will be the roof of the house.

The roof of a one-story house is no less important element of the structure than the foundation. In general, it has several functions. Its main function is to be, in fact, a roof, only one of them. The second most important decorative function is also of great importance.

In order for a roof to perform both of these functions, it must at least be gabled, and there will be no special achievement in this.

Paying tribute to fashion, today many developers, developing the design of one-story houses, prefer houses with a hipped roof. A house under such a roof will look much more presentable.


Next, you need to decide on the general plan of the house, including determining which extensions will stand next to it. The most important extension of every modern house is, of course, a garage.

The plan of a one-story house with a garage can be developed independently. If this task is too tough for you or, simply, there is no time for this, then it would be advisable to look for something on the Internet, there is a great variety of various plans.

In general, a garage is not just an extension to the house where the car is. A significant part of the life of a modern man takes place in the garage, although, of course, if the garage is next to the house, there is no point in making it some kind of house 2, where a person comes to relax from his family and meet friends.

The main function of the garage next to the house is to store the car. Consequently, there is nothing reprehensible in the fact that it will look, respectively, like a squat hangar with a shed roof covered with slate or roofing iron.

If you are already building a country house, then it would not be right not to put a traditional Russian bathhouse near it, the presence of which does not at all eliminate the need for an ordinary bath or at least a shower in the house. Taking a bath or shower is a common daily procedure for washing off dirt from the body, while a bathhouse with steam and a broom is a rest for the body and soul, arranged infrequently: once a week no more.

Photo of one-story houses

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