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A suburban dacha is a place of rest for urban residents who, after a working week or during vacation periods, prefer to spend time in nature, equipping the local area, growing a crop of vegetables, berries or flowers that please the eye.

For a certain period of time, such buildings were designed according to the principle of increased functionality and were a place for practical storage of old and unnecessary things, garden and garden tools and the necessary tools for working with the earth.

Modern photos of the design of a country house prove that when arranging such buildings, more emphasis is placed on aesthetic and harmonious design, it is pleasant to spend time in such houses, relax and gain strength before a new work week.

Being a symbol of a serene and unhurried holiday, dachas are comfortable and convenient housing. The most modern ideas and spectacular options are used to select interior solutions.

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Interior transformation of a country house

The arrangement of any residential building cannot be treated condescendingly, a stylish and beautiful interior design contributes to a good rest, and a functional arrangement of interior items helps to increase the comfort of living.

Spectacular arrangement and modern country house design ideas make it possible to transform housing, turn it into a cozy quiet haven, where adults and children, invited relatives and friends will spend time with great pleasure.

The main concepts of interior design planning are based on practicality, convenience and increased comfort, using a number of tips you can turn a house into the best housing that will become an alternative to a city apartment:

The selected interior design in the country should be as comfortable as possible, the created calm, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere will ensure a calm and optimal rest for all family members.

Avoiding duplication of urban housing design will help make the interior special and original, where bold ideas will be implemented, there will be a place for things that have been given a second life.

Soft and subdued, artificial lighting will be pleasing to the eye, it is better to provide diffused light with lamps or sconces with fabric or openwork, matte lampshades and shaded shades of the original style.

The fabrics used in the interior solution must be natural and match the color scheme to the decoration of the walls, upholstery of upholstered furniture, armchairs, sofas and chairs, combined with curtains or curtains.

To finish the ceiling in rooms and walls in all rooms, when choosing a floor covering, it is better to choose natural finishing materials or those that perfectly imitate natural textures, color and pattern.

A calm and peaceful atmosphere is easy to recreate using projects with light colors, a combination of warm shades, a play of colors and a harmonious combination of colors in furniture, wall decoration and other surfaces.

The interior solution and design of modern houses is not complete without the use of bright accents and decorations, which can be living plants and flowers, decorative compositions or hand-made installations.

The best solution for furnishing a country house is wooden furniture in a classic style, using old designs it is better to repair them, open them with varnish or repaint them according to the general interior solution.

You should not buy plastic materials, furniture with metal elements and shiny lacquered surfaces for arranging a house in a summer cottage, which will depress the overall design composition.

A real and working fireplace, which can be built into the wall, attached to it or located in the center of the hallway, will be a magnificent decoration of the home and provide heating during the cold seasons.

Well-chosen and sweet little things, accessories and decorations, such as decorative paintings, vases with fresh and dried flowers, mirrors with original frames, will help to dilute the interior composition.

Tablecloths for tables located in the kitchen, in the living room or in the dining area are selected from natural materials, linen fabrics can be decorated with elegant lace, ribbon inserts in muted light colors.

It is better to provide upholstered furniture chosen for furnishing with covering materials, blankets or capes, which will not allow dust to accumulate on the upholstery during airing, and pillows of various shapes will complement the atmosphere of comfort;

The functional and aesthetic interior design of country houses makes it possible to combine different styles and directions of design, combine classics and country or Provence, for which the use of natural finishes is relevant.

Independent production of functional and beautiful jewelry allows you to bring a touch of originality to the interior composition, dilute it with exclusive inclusions that focus on the little things and details.

Children can be involved in the design process, who will be happy to participate in the stages of making collages and installations, will be able to express themselves in creative stages and will be proud of their own contribution to the design arrangement of the dacha.

Exterior design of a country house

The stylish design of a country house outside can be designed using a variety of building materials in a large assortment on the market, it is better to give preference to those that imitate the color and texture of natural finishes.

To increase the presentability and status of housing, the comfort of living and pastime, an open veranda or a wooden terrace, a gazebo with a roof and carved balusters can be attached to the country house

Wooden paneling of the outer walls of the house will help to play with the architectural features of the house in an original way, tin plums and forged flower beds on the windowsill will complement the overall concept of the design composition.

The exterior is emphasized by a harmonious combination with the concept of landscape design, flowers grown in flower beds can be planted in ceramic pots or wooden boxes, which are placed next to the house.

Small country house — great opportunities for interior design

The effective and functional design of a small house is designed in the same style, for this you can use different directions, for the implementation of such projects you can follow these styles:

  • vintage decoration with antique furniture in a modern style;
  • a rustic chalet-style house with wood paneling and floors;
  • eco interior with elements of antique design in design;
  • light and original Scandinavian country with special restraint;
  • a New England-inspired country house with updated furniture and a fireplace;
  • stylistic Russian dacha with authentic motifs and decor.

The most compact room can be decorated and perfected with a thematic and conceptual interior solution that can be traced in all rooms and functional areas.

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